Friday, May 29, 2015

Draw Mo rides again

I see that there is another one of those draw Mo contests.  This one is being sponsored by a armed bikers and will take place outside the mosque where the two Garland, TX Islamo-Terror-Fascist shooters attended.  The location should save on travel costs for any more ITF shooters.

In the past I’ve thought that such things were unnecessary.  I didn’t like Pee Christ or Dung Mary.  To be consistent, I shouldn’t like draw Mo contests.  But, the pope never issued a fatwa on anyone disrespecting a crucifix or the Virgin Mary and the government isn’t paying for the Mo contests. So as long as the ITF are going to whip themselves into fury over a few lines on a piece of paper, I think we have to dull their senses to these events by holding them on a regular basis.

As stated two post under, errors not corrected are by default approved.  So if you allow the ITF to tell Americans that they cannot draw Mo with no push back, the ITF position becomes the de facto approved rule.

I notice that the lefty lib’s storm troopers - the Gaystapo – never ever get near murderous ITF azzclowns.  It’s so much better for their health – especially now that Robertscare is the law of the land - to go after an Indiana pizza shop for not catering a homosexual wedding that no one wanted them to cater in the first place, than to show up at a Mosque and protest that religion’s 7th century approach to homosexuality.  The task of confronting the 7th century nature of Islam is left to real defenders of liberty more interested in protecting the 1st amendment than forcing people to attend their marriage to their pet hamster. 
I cannot draw.  So here’s the description of my submission: Mo wearing a suicide vest having sex with a goat while roasting a ham steak over a burning koran and a Mo self-portrait - a la Norman Rockwell – on an easel in the background.  That should pretty much cover the waterfront.  What?  Too subtle?

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin...
Which is more likely when thinking of Benghazi and the terrorists planned murdering of Americans? Our government screwed up an arms deal with the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, or an unknown video sparked an ad hoc attack on our embassy? The former of course and our government has lied and is still lying about it. So we now have another Color In The Mo event. A growing number of people will not stand by and be intimidated by a government that's inept, morally corrupt, repressing, and filled with liars. By summers' end I suspect the average Joe will be having his Color Mo BBQ. T-Shirts will be made and worn as capitalists kick into gear. A new Jan 1 Football Bowl called the Color Mo Bowl will be held in Odessa, Tx. How long until Budweiser announces its' new brew, Draw-Mo Bud. The possibilities are endless.