Friday, May 08, 2015

Fox like the rest - sides with ITF - with regard to Geller

O’Really won’t give it up.  The man Rush Limbaugh refers to as Ted Baxter, the bombastic, know-nothing, buffoon from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, opined yesterday that it is “bogus” for Pam Geller to argue the 1st amendment for holding her draw Mo contest because Muslims believe that any depiction of Mo is “a sin in the Muslim world.”

Hmm, so, if it’s a sin against the “Muslim world” we shouldn’t do it?  Three words, Jews, homosexuals, women.  All – and 1,000s more - offend and/or are sins against the Muslim world.  I suppose Muslims think Hitler’s purge of Jews and homosexuals was just about right.  It just didn’t go far enough.  To be consistent, had Hitler simply declared fascism a religion, O’Really would have had to say, “Well you know, being a Jew is a grievous sin against the religion of Fascism.  As such, Jews need to save the Fascist the trouble and just kill themselves.”

Hey Billbo, for Christians it’s a sin to commit adultery.  Should some priest shoot Billyboy Billbo Clinton?  Would that be understandable?  You are an Effing idiot.  You’re support of and cowering to 12th century azzbags is what is “bogus.”

Bogus?  Hey Ted!  The ONLY speech that needs First Amendment protection IS offensive speech.    For Baxter to blame this on the Muslim religion is what is bogus.  It’s not the religion that matters here.  It’s the Islamo-Terror-Fascists who have high jacked that religion to the point that they now are the ONLY recognizable face of that religion.

But Lex, you trashed Serrano’s P Christ.  Yeah, I did.  I didn’t try to kill him, and my primary objection to that “art” was that taxpayer dollars from an already broke government went to pay for the trash.  Had the NEA paid for the draw Mo contest, I’d probably be just as PO’d.

It’s not just the O’Baxter Factor that has gone to dark side on Fox on this issue.  Most of the talkers are in the “Yeah but” choir on Fox – “Sure she has the right to it, buuuuuuuut…”  We should remember this isn’t the first time a couple IFT azzbags have shown up to kill people with whom they disagree.  I won’t run down the list of 100’s of ITF attacks, I’ll just mention 9-11 and Ft. Hood.  Now, I’ll ask how the O’Baxter’s of the world will react when the next Oklahoma type beheading occurs at the hands of the ITF?  Will they blame Pam Geller?  I suspect that they will.  But – This has been going on a long, long time before Geller’s draw Mo contest.  America’s been at this with the ITF since 1803.

I would not attend or otherwise participate a draw Mo contest.  I wouldn’t shoot people who did.  Now, some may have noticed I posted the winner below.  It’s the first time I’ve seen Mo drawn with a Hitler type moustache – that’s putting the Fascist in Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  So, for posting that picture, maybe O’Baxter thinks I’m asking to be shot by the ITF.  I’m not.  Some may notice that Bible is capitalized on this page and koran is not.  So I ask the “Yeah but” crowd, am I asking to be gunned down for failing to capitalize koran?
No, I’m not asking to be shot.  So where do the ITF and the “yeah but” crowd draw the line on how much we have to kowtow to these creeps?  Why do they get to draw that line but we can’t draw a line of Mo with a Hitler style moustache?

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