Friday, May 22, 2015

Fear mongers acuse Paul of fearmongering

Rand Paul relies on the US Constitution to inform us why the NSA’s collection of our phone “meta data” is not only a bad idea but an unconstitutional bad idea as well.  Paul’s critics, who use our fear of another 9-11 style terror attack to justify their shady activities, tell us to trust the government, constitution be damned.  The NSA has never used the act to spy on Americans.  Rand Paul is just a fear monger.

So we’re supposed to accept the argument from the guys using 9-11 fearmongering - that the NSA program is necessary - that the guy using the constitution is fearmongering, because he wants to do away with it. Hmm.  I don’t hear the fear in Paul’s voice.  I hear a constitutional argument.  The only fear I hear is all on the other side.  “We have to have this program or we’ll have another 9-11.”

The NSA defenders all seem to be reasonable people, Charles Krauthammer, former AG Mike Mukasey, and others.  They claim that the NSA does not collect conversations.  They only collect phone numbers, dates and times.  So the NSA is collecting every number called by everyone all of the time.  How is that information useful?  One smart guy said this type of collection is worse than useless.  It’s more difficult than looking for a needle in a haystack.  It’s like looking for a particular needle in a mountain of similar needles.

There was a time that I’d have probably been OK with this type of government intrusion.  I’m sure had someone raised a red flag about protecting FBI raw files back in the 90s, I’d have said, “Hell if you cannot trust the FBI, what’s left?” Remember the fatazz Clinton butt boy Craig Livingstone?  That $h!t had more than 90 raw FBI files in his office.  So, can you imagine how the Shrilldabeast would use the NSA program? 

But Lex how could she use numbers dates and times?  Well, suppose the Beast needs to pass her signature piece of legislation – a bill entitling black, left handed, midgets reparations for past discrimination.  She needs to line up votes so she monitors congressmen’s phone and tracks them to their mistresses.  And do you seriously suppose that if the government is tracking phone numbers, times and dates that they can’t record the conversation?  All the Beast will need is another Craig Livingstone and all bets are off.  To put my objections in a single understandable thought: I do not trust the F-ing government.
I’m certain the same people asking us ignore the NSA “fear mongers”, would have advised the Tea Party before the 2012 election that there was no way the government would use the IRS as a political tool.

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From the Griffin...
When a US Senator stands up on the Senate floor for over 10 hours and says you cannot trust government, we should listen. When the government says we do not trust you but should trust us, we should go on high alert. When the president routinely violates US law and is praised, we know we can only trust ourselves. Our future privacy is not assured as the motives and actions of those in our future governments are not assured. It is sad but true that we cannot trust terrorists, foreign powers, or our own government. Each have
great and terrible potentials. Take nothing for granted.