Friday, May 15, 2015

Once a Clinton butt licker, always a Clinton butt licker

George Stephanopoulos:  ABC newsman or Clinton butt licker?  Really, what’s the difference?  ABC “news” presupposes Clinton butt licker.
The Interweb is ablaze with “news” that George Stephanopoulos is still chowing down on as much Clinton excrement as he can, having contributed 75 large to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  Of course he is still hungry for Clinton droppings.  Why is that “news”?

Mozart was born to music.  Baryshnikov was born to dance.  Dali was born to art.  Georgie boy was born to follow Billbo and the Shrilldabeast about licking their backsides whenever they Clintons have the need to feel Georgie boy’s soft lips making love to their butts.   For the life of me I do not know why it’s a big deal that it has been discovered that Georgie boy is still puckering up for the Clintons.  It is what he does.

Now Republicans are demanding that Georgie boy not be permitted to extricate his empty head from Billbo’s butt long enough to moderate another Republican debate.  Why?  Better to have a known and exposed Clinton butt licker as the ABC front (half) man for the debate than one of their other Clinton butt licking sycophants who maintains the front of impartiality.  Republicans should demand that Georgie boy do the debate while sitting on Billbo’s lap with Billbo’s hand up his back manipulating Georgie boy so people will have an accurate portrayal of ABC “news.”

ABC = Another Butt-licking Clintonite

After the tragic Amtrak derailment in PA, neither the rails nor the dead bodies had cooled to room temperature before excrementhead Dopes stood on them to shout demands for more money for the mismanaged government money loser known as Amtrak.  Amtrak sucks for one reason, because the government is running it.  Question:  Would you trust Lois Learner to run a train?  The only question is if Amtrak will allow the engineer to retire with a government pension before answering any questions about the accident.  Then he’d be free to be hired by ABC “news” as a transportation expert.

Amtrak hasn’t turned a profit in 30 years.  Any for profit Corp would have fired everyone associated with the failure after 3.  The government however has no such pressure.  As long as idiots like Slow Joe Biden and other elitist Dopes can ride up and down the Northeast corridor subsidized by the little people, while funneling taxpayer dollars to union Dopes who populate the Amtrak workforce, why wouldn’t they argue for the subsidy?
What Republicans should do, which they won’t because it would take courage, is tell the nation not only are we not going to flush more taxpayer money down the Amtrak rat hole so that Slow Joe can pretend to be an “everyday man,” we are going to demand that Amtrak charge unsubsidized fares on Friday’s starting at 6 pm through Sunday 6 pm.  People using the train for work can continue to be subsidized.  People riding the rails for cheap taxpayer subsidized fares on the weekend would feel the full weight of government waste and mismanagement to do so. It wouldn’t be 3 weeks before Amtrak suspended weekend service.

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From the Griffin...
Concerning the Clinton Slush Fund let me make a full disclosure. I never gave the racketeers a nickel. But how many news people out there did? I am guessing it is a long list. It will be interesting to see of other journalists will now disclose. Look for the plane load of journalists heading to South Africa to cover the local soccer matches. Amtrak? If only it was not government run we could drag a few exec's in front of congress and behead them. But since govt runs it the train engineer will get a raise for helping pull the bodies off the train and congress will demand more greenbacks be thrown into the fire box to heat boiler.