Tuesday, May 05, 2015

They wanted it. Look what they were drawing.

I love to hear the lefty Libs twist themselves into knots trying to defend the murderous Islamo-Terror-Fascists who tried to attack the draw Mohammad as the douche bag the ITF have turned him into contest.  I don’t know much about Mormons.  They are not trying to take over the world by killing anyone who disagrees with them.  I don’t know much a Buddhists.  They aren’t lopping off people’s heads.  I don’t know much about Shintoism.  They didn’t blow up any building on 9-11.  I don’t know much about Muslims except that there is a crazy sect within that religion that is doing all of those things.  

But according to Billbo and the Donald we shouldn’t do anything to provoke a rabid bunch of radicals who will not be satisfied until they have destroyed the civilized world.  Wow.  Now they tell us it’s all the people drawing pictures who are responsible for the jihadis’ trying to kill them.  Isn’t that akin to a rapist saying, “She wanted it”?  Look at the way she’s dressed.  The cartoon crowd were asking for it.  Look at what they were drawing. 

Billbo O’Really and the Donald are siding with the terrorists.  Had it not been for the draw Mo contest the two excrementhead ITF oxygen thieving turds would be upright today to plan an attack on a marathon or a Jewish daycare somewhere.  Good logic guys.  Salmond Rushdie as much as issued his own fatwa for writing the Satanic Verses. Boston had it coming for not being Muslim enough.  And as the Rev? Wrongway Jerri Wright said, “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”  If we’d just revert to the 7th century and convert to this BS version of their religion, we can avoid all this turmoil.

Nice, and there is ample evidence that these are reasonable people.  If we’d all just stop thinking, eating pork, reading the Bible – hell any book other than the koran – going to the movies, watching tv, listening to music, drinking alcohol and start abusing women, homosexuals and Jews, everything will be fine.  The 1st Amendment is way overrated anyway.

Park Billbo and the Donald in the same camp with this ITF azzbag- Anjem Choudary:

#garlandshooting we must learn the lessons from Rushdie, Hirsi Ali, Theo Van Gogh & Chalie Hebdo not to insult the Messenger Muhammad (saw)!
Some bright comedian – looked but couldn’t find him - nailed it when he tweeted, “The best cartoon of the weekend was the two chalk outlines in front of the building.”

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