Friday, April 28, 2017

High School sports, criminal organizations offering legal advice and taxes

Let ‘em play
The Texas legislature is considering legislation that would allow homeschooled students to participate in public school extracurricular activities like sports, band, the school play etc.  I don’t know all of the ins and outs and unintended consequences of such legislation, but my coming out position is that if the student’s parents are supporting these activities with their tax dollars, then the homeschooled students ought to be allowed to participate.  If it’s a dues paying self-supporting club or sport that uses the school name and school facilities it should also include homeschoolers in the district. 

The executive director –Sam Tipton - of something called the Texas Girls Coaches Association opposes the legislation.  Tipton notes, “Homeschooled students would not have to meet the same requirements as a public school student.”  YGBSM Sam.  You cannot seriously suppose 5-star athletes at any public school have to meet “requirements.”  Sam, have you ever listened to a post game interview?  Did these guys have to meet "the requirements" before heading off to football/basketball U?  If these guys - and sadly they are about 99.9999% guys - met "the requirements," who hasn't met them?

My sense is that if homeschoolers were allowed to join public school sports teams the average IQ of the squads would go up.  If I were a homeschool parent, my major concern would be exposing my well-educated, respectful, civil son to a culture that isn’t.

Criminal organization warns PDJT about illegality of Roberts care repeal
Apparently the UN has warned PDJT’s administration that repealing Robertscare might be illegal.  PDJT’s coming out position on the UN’s warning ought to be restrained and well thought out.  Something along the lines of: GO F**K YOURSELF!

No doubt the UN warning will give Caligula, D.C. elite ruling class Rat establishment Republicans top cover to slow walk the repeal of Robertscare.  After all the ReRs would rather pee off their constituents than their fellow elites over at the UN.  

PDJT’s Tax plan
As predictably as the sun rising in the east, Demo-Dopes are panning PDJT’s tax plan in the same way they pan every Republican president’s tax plan as a sop to the rich.  I for one don’t care if rich people get a tax cut.  After all, they pay the lion’s share of taxes.  So, if you’re going to cut taxes, it seems to me you have to start where the taxes are collected.  

The top 1% of income earners pay an estimated 40% of total tax receipts.  Give ‘em a break.  Why should I care?  Does the plan require me to send a check to Bill Gates?  No.  It simply allows Bill to keep more of what started out as the fruits of his own labor, creativity, business savvy and smarts.  Besides as a good Lib, Bill can send as much of that income into the governments as he thinks is fair, but he doesn’t.  I suspect a major reason rich people do not contribute more to the federal government, after bitching about low taxes, is that they know that about 75% of the money will be wasted.

I cannot get worked up over how much money my neighbors are paying in income tax.  What I care about is what I pay in income tax.  I don’t care about tax cuts for the rich.  What I care about is if I get a tax cut. 

Math is hard.  So if the rich are having their tax rate cut by 4% under PDJT’s proposal and the middle class is having their tax rate cut by from between 5-10 percent who gets the larger tax rate cut?  I think Mrs. Ralph told us 5 is greater than 4 and that 10 is almost twice as much as 4 – no wait – 4 + 4 = about 8 – so 10 is MORE than twice as much as 4.  So if anything, far from getting wealthy on a “tax cut,” the rich are getting screwed…again.  I think instead of demonizing successful people, we ought to be thanking them for funding 40% of a very wasteful federal government so that the rest of us don’t have to.

And isn’t it a strange coincident that whenever a Republican president releases a budget or tax plan the deficit suddenly becomes important to Demo-Dopes.  Dopes sit on their hands and blame GW Bush for 8 years of The Empty Suit’s skyrocketing deficit spending, but have a cow if the crooked as hell Congressional Budget Office scores a Republican plan as anything less than budget neutral.

Sending the CBO home for 6 months under a government shutdown and then shutting the office down all together as colossal waste of money would be another benefit of calling the Dope bluff on a government shutdown.  

No doubt the Rat establishment Republicans will seek a legal ruling from the UN before doing anything to help Americans with regard to killing off the CBO or anything else.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Berkeley, you asked for it. Now you're going to get it.

I never thought I’d see it.  Ann Coulter is backing down.  Okay not really Ann, but rather her “conservative” backers for her talk at Berkeley  - the Young American’s Foundation – who folded like a tissue at an origami convention.  Berkeley was headed for a showdown with Coulter, who vowed to arrive on campus as scheduled for a talk today, and the Berkeley administration, who vowed to continue their time honored tradition of inciting violence against conservative speakers.

Berkeley is, quite rightly, taking fire from all sides for its Islamo-Terror-Fascist like violent opposition to any idea in conflict with their own.   

Many are calling the developments at Berkeley the “death of free speech.”  Not really.  A bunch of leftist snowflakes scared to debate their own azzbackward thinking shutting down a speech at a leftist institution isn’t exactly an Earth shaking development.  The more these leftist demonstrate their unwillingness and inability to defend nutty ideas the more they expose themselves as the dumbazzes that they are.  Berkeley defending and harboring the thugs is akin to Iran providing world-wide sanctuary to any IFT wacko who can get there. 

Not so fast on the death of free speech, my friends.  By their own idiocy Berkeley has now designated itself as ground zero for any conservative speaker who wants to make name for themselves by showing up on Berkeley’s campus to make a talk and staring down the Antifa thugs.  I expect that the line is already forming for those duties.  The more damage and destruction the Antifa visits upon the Berkeley campus and village the more damage that they do to their own movement and the idiot administrators and politicians who think they can lay down with a viper.   

Milo is back and vowing a week-long free speech rally on the public plaza at UC Berkeley.   He is also vowing to bring “an army” with him.  Well, all of that should go well.  If the city of Berkeley and the campus police don’t pull their collective heads out their butts and enforce the law, Berkeley will soon look more like Mosul or Fallujah than an American college community.   

But hey, they have asked for it.  They wanted to be the anti-free speech capital of the world.  They got it.  Now the world is descending upon them for the express purpose of challenging their BS.  Whoda thunk it?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shut it down. Leave it shut down.

I’m shocked!  Shocked I tell you to hear Rat establishment Republicans are siding with Demo-Dopes to block PDJT from keeping a campaign promise to build the wall.  It starts with the weak ReRs caving to Chuckles the Clown Schumer on nixing any funding for the wall to avoid a government shutdown. 

My advice to Republican in these situations is always the same, shut her down.  First off the excrement heads in the house are just returning to work today from their “spring break.”  It seems to me that if the shutting down of the government were truly that big of a deal, the excrement heads in Caligula, D.C. would have worked through their holiday to avoid it.  They didn’t.  So, it isn’t.

As always, I think shutting down the government is a good thing.  Let’s see how PDJT handles the shutdown.  Seems like a perfect time for PDJT to defund PP, PBS, the NEA, the EPA, the IRS, the UN, sanctuary cities in defiance of the 9th circus.  In contrast to The Empty Suit, PDJT should keep museums and parks, particularly those in Caligula, D.C. as well as the White House, open to all.

While no one cares if the 10,000 Demo-Dopes union creeps who populate the 8th shift at the bureau of federal moon and sunlight management in Caligula, D.C. is canceled.  So, the Dopes and their MSM azzbags focus on the family of four who saved thier whole life to come to the nation’s capital only to have all of the monuments and museums closed by spiteful emo-Dopes.  Keeping them, and other key government functions, open eliminates the Dopes favorite story line and has the added benefit of allowing for the firing for cause any deep state Demo-Dope who skips work as sign of solidarity to Chuckles the clown’s shutdown.

Shut it down.  Leave it shut down.  The first thing that happens in these cases is that the boss the 22,000,000 government offices in Caligula, D.C. tell “all none essential people” to stay home.  This is the perfect time to trim the job of every single person not required to come to work.  When I worked at the Pentagon if the weather report called for more than ¼ inch of snow the word would come from on high for all nonessential personnel to stay home.  I never took the bait.  I’d be there all the earlier to demonstrate just how essential I was to the nation’s security.

Give them the shutdown Chuckles the clown is demanding and show them how it’s done.  Once it is shut down.  Leave it shutdown. 

With regard funding for the wall, PDJT should show Chuckles and the Dopes the power entrepreneurship.  PDJT should sell public bonds to be repaid in pesos down the road.  $10 buys a quarter million pesos when Mexico coughs up the money for the wall.  For donations over $100, PDJT could have the names of donors displayed on the wall.  I’m in for two shares with certainty that a rich relative, eh uhm AFBRO, will come up with the other $80 for me to get my name on the wall. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The 100 day presidency

I could have sworn that the constitution called for a four year term for the president.  My limited exposure to TV news and Internet stories lately have had me questioning that.  Everything seems to be 100 days this and 100 days that for PDJT.

The lefty Lib MSM is telling anyone dumb enough to believe them that PDJT’s first 100 days have been a disaster.  That’s nonsense, and I can prove it in just two words: Justice Gorsuch.  How about: Keystone Pipeline.  Or Dakota Access.

I know that PDJT is doing a great job because all of the right people are in a constant state of rage.  The Hollywood crowd has become even more unhinged – if that’s possible - than usual.  The MSM is nearly 100% anti-PDJT.  The lefty loon college snowflakes are organizing into very fascist looking “anti-fascists” groups to stifle free speech and argue for one party rule by rejecting election results.

This has all been very entertaining.  It’s like election night every day.  Than you.  Thank you.  Thank you unhinged lefty libs for putting on a daily display of the kind of BS we avoided when the nation rejected Shrillda the Hutt.  Every time the Berkeley mob destroys another campus building to keep Anne Coulter from speaking, I hear “This is a Fox News Alert.  Donald Trump wins Florida.”   Every time I hear Dope Chairman Tom Perez issue another profanity laced tirade, I hear, “CNN can now project that Donald Trump will win Pennsylvania.”  Every time I hear another Hollywood know-nothing telling us what louse PDJT is, I hear MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow say, “Good night America.  Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States”, and it is wonderful. 

The latest hilarity comes when the usual band know-nothings marched for science last weekend.  I find it curious that the “science crowd” will swallow hook line and sinker any made up BS from the Global Warm-Mongering BS artist but refuse to accept the absolute science of male and female.  They believe the hoax of global warming without one centile of actual evidence relying almost exclusively on “scientific models” just as they accepted the exit polls before a single vote was actually counted.  They are all for science when it is used to destroy the American economy, but reject science when it provides a 3-D ultrasound photo of a baby with heartbeat and smile on its face.    
My hope is that Tom Perez and the rest of the Dopes continue to think they can insult voters into voting for them in order to win elections. 

Headline:  Three suspected attackers beat, rob man in broad daylight in Philadelphia
Okay, Philadelphia gave it away.

Headline profiling – I gotta know
Headline:  California:  Teens rush Oakland regional train, rob riders
40-60 “teens” jump the fare gates to beat and rob train riders.  The transit cops have a video but it is not part of the post.  Neither is any description of the perps which is a dead giveaway.  If it were the Duke Lacrosse team we’d know.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Birds of a feather?

A dead serious question for Monday morning discussion: What’s the biggest, most obvious difference between Kim Jong Un and Chelsea Clinton?

Don’t even think of describing one as a man and the other as a woman.  We all know that either can be whatever sex they want to be any time they want.

Well the most obvious thing that jumps out at me is that we don’t hear much about Kim’s mother.  That fact alone has me looking at North Korean real estate.  

On the other side of the ledger there are a lot similarities between the two.  Chelsea, who lives in a 10 million dollar flat in NY, once claimed that she tried, but couldn’t care about money.  Funny how people who don’t have to worry about having money – children of multi-millionaires and communist dictators – don’t care about it. 

I’d like to talk to Chelsea after a six month stint working at the Suds & Brew drive through in Pike County, Ohio where you don’t eat without coin, they turn off the heat if you don’t pay the bill and kick you out of the double-wide if you don’t pay the rent.  I suspect after the first 2 days Chelsea would care a great deal about money.   I suspect were Kim and Chelsea turned out into “the wild” to earn a living, rather than living off their birth, they’d last about as long as a beef steak throw into a den of hungry lions.

No matter how worthless – based on their actual talents - one cannot avoid running across glowing reports of the two in their home country media.  The US MSM adores the Clintons – because they don’t want to incur the wrath of the Clinton war machine.  The North Korean MSM adores Kim – because they don’t want to end up in a “re-education camp” or worse by letting anything other than pure BS slip out about their “Dear Leader.” 

The American MSM is so slavishly devoted to the Clintons that, now that  Shrillda the Hutt has taken a second presidential azzwippin’, they are trying to prop up her vacuous know-nothing of a daughter as next great Demo-Dope hope.  I for one hope that they succeed.  Chelsea, at age 30 something and having achieved precisely nothing of note, was given a “life-time achievement” award by some magazine.  Never was there a more undeserved award since the Nobel committee awarded its once prestigious “Peace Prize” to another vacuous know-nothing – The Empty Suit – on the come.  Not to be out done, the North Korean media is so slavishly devoted to Kim that it once reported that he shot 18 holes in one in a single round of golf.  His money problems would all go away if he'd just join the PGA tour.

Can anyone seriously argue that had they had to rely on their own smarts rather than the circumstances of birth either Kim or Chelsea would have amounted much more than a North Korean peasant trying to figure out how to turn dirt into food – the normal state of affairs for people living under communism – and an average woman trying to make ends meet after the 8 year reign of destruction visited upon the country by Demo-Dopes?  Every single solitary thing of note - education, money, notoriety, employment, social station, friends –everything – for these two was achieved on the basis of their parents’ efforts – no matter how dark and disturbing those efforts – rather than an iota of talent, savvy, thinking or knowledge they managed to wring out of their own mediocre minds.

I could now delve into the similarities of the roughish good looks of each, their fashion sense and cutting edge hair styles, but this is a high brow page and Lex doesn’t sink as low as to comment on personal appearance.  Well not in every single post anyway.  Suffice it say that there are a lot similarities between Mr. Un and Mz. Clinton. 

Oh, it'll useless to try to erase the mental image of that Chelsea photo on the cover of Variety before lunch.  To avoid vomiting, I suggest weak tea and beef broth.  You probably need to lose weight anyway.  Hey there's an idea.  The chelsea Clinton diet plan.  Just post a picture of Chelsea on the frig and pantry door.  Guaranteed to ruin any appetite.  Oops slipped into commenting n personal appearance.   

Friday, April 21, 2017

Howard Dean lets the left's actual thoughts on free speech out of the bag

If you want to know what is wrong with the Demo-Dope Party here it is in one 9 word tweet. Check this out by idiot Howard Dean: “Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.”  I'm pretty it is, but I'm not a doctor.  

Dean, like most Dopes in the lime light these days – dumber than a hoe handle Maxine Waters, feminists, #NeverTrumpers, anarchists populating Soros funded mobs, college profs, administrators, and the weak whiny snowflake d-bags who populate the echo chamber that has become the typical American campus these days and yes the MSM for example – have zero interest in free speech.    

Their sole interest is in shutting people who disagree with them up.  Few of the left’s attempts to shut down free speech are as nakedly ignorant, stupid and utterly oblivious to the actual meaning of the 1st Amendment as Dean’s brazenly false tweet.  That said colleges routinely shut down free speech by cancelling conservative speakers due “concerns over the speaker’s safety.”  Safety is a real concern, because the armed wing of the Demo-Dope Party – the violent Soros funded mobs – shut down free speech by showing up & trying to shout down, beat up and otherwise disrupt the free speech of anyone interested in making America great again. We’ve see this from the early days of PDJT presidential campaign.  

Hollywood Dopes are doing their part by engaging in an organized campaign to label anyone with a diverging point of view a racists white supremists.  Some know-nothing on ESPN actually referred to the entirety of the NE Patriots football team as the NFL’s alt-right team for visiting the White House this week.

In one of the most troubling developments, Soros funded Antifa movement is promoting violence under the idea that it is okay to punch fascists.   Well, it’s not.  But the real problem is that the Antifa defines a fascist as anyone who disagrees with them about anything from global warming to what kind of jelly your like on your toast.  I’m not sure 2% of the Antifa movement knows what they are against i.e. can define the fascists that they so adamantly oppose.

If you asked them if the Demo-Party should control levers of government irrespective of the outcome of elections, they’d probably answer yes.  That’s why they are rioting.  They refuse to accept the legitimacy of a government run by the opposition party.  If you asked them if government should control the means of production in the US to ensure a clean environment, equal job opportunities and consumer protections, they’d probably answer yes. If you asked them if the government should “level the playing field” i.e. show preference for homosexuals, women, minorities, disabled etc., they’d probably answer yes.  If you asked them if the government should use force, suspend 1st and 2nd Amendment rights to achieve such goals, they probably – and with regard to the 2nd Amendment definitely – answer yes.

So, who are the fascists?

The left’s final argument on any issue these days is name calling.  If you were to advocate for a border wall, the left would not argue the utility of a wall or the cost benefit of such an obstacle for securing the country, instead they simply refer to you as a hateful, xenophobic, racist white supremist who hates women and children.  Then as likely as not they will hit you or throw something at you or key your car.

This all part of the left’s unwillingness to accept result of elections.  When they lose they riot.  When they lose everyone on the other side is a racist.  When they lose they appeal to unelected judges to carry out their agenda.  When they lose their only response is to spew hatred and encourage anarchy.  For the left there is never any introspective reordering of their ideas or message when they lose.  Their response is non-compliance with any authority, policy, regulation or person not in lock-step with their rejected way of thinking. 

The solution is to buy another gun and more ammo for the day when the lunatics really want to start something.

Oh, and thanks to dumb azz Howard Dean for letting the mask slip off the Dope's actual agenda and thinking on the 1st Amendment.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Turkey Neck is gone

Billbo Billyboy Turkey Neck Oh,Really is gone at FOX.  I haven’t cared much for him for years.  There’s a long list of reasons why.  Oh,Really’s big crime was not sexual harassment.  Oh,Really’s big crime was telling the world that The Empty Suit wasn’t an ideologue, that combined with his tendency to incessantly talk over the guests he invited onto the show and his unbridled know-it-all arrogance made the show – like about 87% of cable news -pretty much unwatchable for me. 

I liked former host Greta Van Susteren.   She’d ask thoughtful questions and then allowed the guest to answer.  I never got the sense of how far left Greta’s political leanings went. She left to work for the enemy – MSBNC.  Maybe she a raging Lib, or maybe she is down the middle. 

About the only show on cable news that I can tolerate for an hour anymore is Tucker Carlson.  He’s a funny guy.  He allows the guests so much room to run with his questions that the whacked out leftists usually end up saying something indefensibly stupid.  That’s when Tucker pounces.  “Wait minute.  You just said ‘Russia hacked the election’.  What proof do have that the Russian government ‘hacked the election’?  You don’t have any proof do you.” 5 minutes of stuttering and Uhs and Uhmms follow.

The left is taking a victory lap on ousting Oh,Really.  If they knew that an arch conservative like Lex was – no happy isn't the right word – more like doesn’t give a crapola that Oh,Really got sacked, they might rethink their victory dance.  Tucker is a much more likeable guy with a much more thoughtful and much more watchable program.  His political leanings are clearly anti-stupid and lay somewhere between conservative and libertarian – leaning more conservative I suppose.  So a likable Oh,Really isn't the answer MSNBC was looking to the Oh,Really question.

Another reason I like Tucker is that he rarely has more than one guest on the show at a time avoiding the usual shout fest that ensues when two people with opposing views are simultaneous mic-ed up.  Also Tucker puts the good interview at the top of the show so that there isn’t 48 minutes of tease followed by a 7 minute segment with Oh,Really shouting over the guy you tuned in to listen to.

Oh,Really is denying the charges of sexual harassment.  I don’t know.  I always assume the truth lies somewhere in the middle when these things come up.  But Oh,Really reportedly has paid out over 13 million in harassment settlements.  That’s a lot of smoke. Anyway, I’ll bet Oh,Really lands on his feet down the road.  He has developed a faithful cult-like following and he’ll make a return.  He may pool his gazillions with Ailes’ gazillions and start another cable network. Good luck Bill.  My only advice is, if you are going to go to all of the trouble to invite a guy onto your show, if you think that they interesting enough to capture an audience, let them talk. 

Am I an idiot for giving the King of cable news for decades advice on how to run a cable news show?  Yeah, I probably am, but the two regular readers of this page already knew that.   

My advice to America is to cut your cable news consumption in half.  That includes ESPN.  Down the road cut it in half again.  Your mental state will improve dramatically.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Terror is not terror and not winning is a win "for the ages"

No worries!  Chief Calncy Wiggum is on the case
Here’s what happened.  Some guy named Kori Ali Muhammad shoots three white guys then yelled “Allahu Akbar” when arrested.  So with that little bit of information, what conclusions might we draw?  Well, according to Fresno police Jerry “Wiggum” Dyer, one conclusion that CANNOT be drawn is that Kori is an Islamo-Terror-Fascist.  If you do, you are a racist Islamophobe.  Except for his name, shouting Allahu Akbar and proudly displaying the hallmark of ITF azzbags - acting like a homicidal lunatic - there is not one shred of evidence that Muhammed is connected in any way, shape or form with murderous ITF bastards that display the exact same traits.  

Chief Wiggum claims Muhammad’s attack occurred because Mo hated white people.  Well doesn’t everyone?  While Wiggum is absolutely certain that Mo is a racist, not a terrorist, Chief Wiggum has yet declare Mo’s murderous rampage a “hate crime.”   Wiggum is reportedly researching if hating white people while killing them can reasonably be labeled a “hate crime”.  After all, hate crimes are what white people do to other people NOT what other people do to white people.  Besides, what better way to stamp out the scourge of “white privilege” than to kill all white people who such privilege?    

I suppose the idea that a racist can also be a terrorist has never crossed Chief Wiggum’s otherwise super nimble – or is it simple -  mind.  What is more racist than ITFs?  They are killing anyone and everyone who diverges one mil left or right of their 12th century way of thinking. 

Georgia 6th District
Why do I get the feeling that listening to the Demo-Dope candidate in GA’s 6th District -Jon Osloff - claim of “victory” last night is like watching a guy spike the football in the end zone in the waning seconds of 4th quarter when his team is down by 40 points? 

Osloff, who doesn’t even live in the 6th District, claimed his making it to a June runoff election was a “victory for the ages.”  YGBSM.  GA has jungle primary system.  Everyone runs against everyone else (i.e. no separate party primaries).  If no candidate breaks 50% of the vote, a runoff election follows.  So the runoff could conceivably pit two Republicans or two Dopes against each other.

Osoff was the only Demo-Dope of note running with/against a dozen or so Republican candidates.  He received about 48% of the vote.  So the “victory for the ages” wasn’t even a victory, at least in the sense that Osoff was “victorious” in winning a seat in congress.   He made to the final 2.  So if simply making it to the Super Bowl – not winning it - is a win for the ages I guess 4 time Super Bowl losers the Buffalo Bills are the greatest team ever.  Osoff is now the MVP of a team that hasn’t won a game in the last four years.  Way to go Jonny.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

 All of that said, Paulie Walnuts, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Rat establishment Republican "leadership" need emergency surgery to have the craniums removed from their azzes so that they can get Robertscare repealed and tax reform passed or 2018 is not going to turn out so well for them.  Walnuts’ idea to boost congressional approval numbers is to take more days off.

Why not?  After 7 ½ years of bitching about Robertscare and then failing to repeal it with a Republican house, senate and president, what are the chances that Walnuts et al are going to be able to figure it out in the next two years?  The azzbags might as well go home and do nothing except cash their undeserved checks. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Two truisms: Black lives matter & white guys build things

“Black lives matter” is an undeniable truism.  I have yet to hear any of the most ardent racists in America, Rev? Jesse Jackson, Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-Ton, Rev? Jerry Wright et al, say otherwise.   So, it must be true.  It is so true that if you clever enough to write it 100 times in response to a question on a Stanford entrance exam, it will gain you acceptance to that prestigious university, if you can use the word prestigious next to any university these days.  While all truisms are created equal.  Some are more equal than others.

Take this article forwarded to me by AfBro.  I’m way too lazy look up all of the stuff that Fred sites as accomplishments of the white race, but I suppose that he did.  Now, if you were to walk into a “black studies” class in any university and point out the irrefutable truth that black lives matter, my guess is that your statement would be met with nodding approval.  But, if you made another incontestable statement to wit that the white race has contributed more to the well-being of the race human than any other, my guess is that you’d assaulted, brought before the university‘s social justice board or fairness board, or hate speech board or whatever the hell Orwellian euphemism the college eggheads decided on for their Kangaroo court, found guilty in about 10 seconds and expelled with no legal appeal or recourse.     
Now consider this.  The three word truism – Black Lives Matter - became the slogan for a movement and, because of its indisputable truth, has somehow transferred to the movement’s supporters the right to shut down freeway traffic, disrupt Sunday brunches, assault police and assault anyone who might offer up other truisms such as police lives matter, unborn lives matter or all lives matter at a rally or political event.

So what has happened is that the absolute truism has been taken so far to the absurd, declaring it exclusive to black lives, that it is now perfectly okay to question the validity of a once unquestionably valid statement.  Conversely no one dare even mention the facts in Fred’s post.  To do so would be racist.  So expressing the Black Lives Matter exclusive of all other lives is perfectly okay.  To say that the white race – and dare I say predominately white men - has made some pretty significant contributions to the human race over the last 2,000 years is racist to the core and cannot be mentioned on campus these days.

The white race might take up Heap Big Chief Lizzy Warren’s statement – you didn’t build that – when confronted by lefty loons with a charges of white privilege.  Ask Fred’s question, “Okay I’ll play.  Besides bad music, good sports, ugly clothes, providing cheap labor, bankrupting the welfare state and introducing indecipherable English, what has your race done to advance the human race?  It’s absolutely true but cannot be spoken.  

Black Lives matter has been co-opted by anarchists to the point that I’m not absolutely sure that they do.  Shut up. That was hyperbole.  This is not.  Saying black lives matter is a truism.  Saying black live matter exclusive to all other lives is a BS lie, but if you think lives matter on campus, it better black lives and black lives only.

Conversely pointing out the accomplishments of the white race when confronted with a Snowflake’s charges of “white privilege” would be totally racist and ground for expulsion.   IT IS NUTS.

Oh don’t even think about honoring another race by serving ethnic food, naming a mascot after them or donning their native garb to celebrate their coming to America.  That’s ethnic appropriation you white bastard.  Note:  The Irish are apparently perfectly okay with you appropriating their culture.  Everyday should be St. Patrick’s Day, all teams should be the fighting Irish and we all need to wear green derbies, vests and ties everyday.  Most importantly, McDonald’s should sell shamrock shakes year round. 

Pretty sure Lex predicted this
Couple refuse to comply with crew instructions and is removed from flight.  Law suit to follow?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday - racist babies, warm-mongers, PDJT's tax returns

Well of course babies are all racists
There is a report that children become racists as early as 6 months old.  That sounds stupid as hell on the face of it.  But it’s an academic study so it must all be true right?  I mean after all, if we cannot trust colleges and universities to be even-handed, then we’re pretty much screwed anyway – right?

Well the authors say that we must expose kids to different cultures early on to avoid racism taking hold in our crumb crunchers.  No how are we supposed to that without snowflake azzbags from telling us we racist for “appropriating another culture”?

There is actually a group saying that McDonald’s offering Szechwan sauce is culturally insensitive.  Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner.  Watch for college campi to be manufacturing outrage for any white kid wearing a sombrero or eating a taco.  Why don’t the Irish get upset about everyone appropriating their culture on St. Patrick ’s Day?  Well the Irish being predominately white and Christian are ineligible to be part of the grievance culture.  It’s okay to make fun of them – particularly Irish Catholics who are all drunks anyway – right? 

Global Warm-Mongers every 10 year prediction about the world coming to an end in 10 years released again
Every 10 years Global Warm-Mongers warn we only have 10 years to save the planet
I suppose the warning will come true someday a billion or so years into the future.  It is often said that anything that cannot last forever, won’t.  So, it’ll end at some point.   That said, it’s far more likely we succumb to disease, nuclear war, a meteor storm or, praise the Lord, the second coming before yielding to global warming. 

The Lefty Loons have gotten this so wrong for long, you’d think they’d be embarrassed.  Sadly these people are like dogs in that walk by a mirror 10,000 time and NEVER check to see if their collar is on straight.  They will however stop to take a crapola without a care in the world. They have not an iota of self-awareness when it comes to them being spectacularly wrong about something.  Take Slow Joe Biden – please.  The guy literally has been on the wrong side of major issue facing the United States for the last 30 years, yet he, Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters are the current brain-trust of the Demo-Dope Party.  

Read about their failure to predict something as simple and predictable as the sunrise over the last 20 years let alone something as complex a global temperature here, here and here. 

Protesters want to see PDJT’s tax returns
The wackos have taken to the streets…again…to protest PDJT.  What caused their outrage this time?  Well PDJT is still breathing, so...  The immediate cause of the protester’s angst this time is that they want to see PDJT’s tax returns.  Let me just say, I care a lot less about PDJT’s tax return than I do my own.  Besides, there are probably not five people - combined - working at a McDonald’s, Lowe’s, a GM assembly line, a coal mine, in a field farming who’d know what they were looking at if PDJT did release his taxes.  It would be like my dog listening to jazz music.  He’d just lay around quietly not giving crapola until a chip wrapper rattled in the in the pantry.  Then he’d be right there at your feet.

So what’s the point?  The point is for the MSM to find the one piece of paper in the 1,000 page return that makes PDJT look bad and then obsess over it – akin to rattling a chip wrapper for the dog.  We’d be at the mercy of crooked as hell MSM – like a crule kid that teases the dog with a treat that he never gives to the dog.  Soon the dog doesn’t trust the kid.  If the dopy kid continues the dog may even bite the excrement head kid. 

Were I PDJT, I’d tell the world, “I’ll release my tax returns when The Empty Suit releases his college and law school transcripts, when the anchor men, editors and chief reporters at all of the MSM outlets and Wall St. CEOs release their tax returns.

Who brought down the North Korean Missile?
There’s a lot of news this morning claiming that the US hacked the North Korean missile launch and caused the missile to blow up 5 seconds after launch.  I don’t know, but I like the old adage: Never attribute a conspiracy theory to that which can be explained away by mere incompetence. 

I’m sure of one thing, I wouldn’t want to have been associated with that launch in any shape manner or form.  I’m pretty sure the chief engineers responsible for launch are probably stumbling along while tied behind a donkey cart on their way to a “re-education” camp.  That is if they are very lucky.  Even the guy responsible for sweeping off the pad with an 8” straw broom has probably had his already meager ration cut in half.

The most disappointed guy in the world Sunday morning was the Assistant Chief Engineer who is now in the breech for the next launch.

I wonder what the reaction among North Korean elites would be would be if someone were to “off” their Dear Leader?  In South Korea the reaction might be like in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East.  Ding Dong the Witch is dead!  In North Korea it may be more like when Dorothy dowsed the Wicked Witch of the West with a bucket of water.  The Witch’s once “loyal” Winkie legions break out in cheers 10 seconds after the Wicked Witch is melted and gone by the water.

I suspect the powerful people living high off the hog on the “Dear Leader’s” droppings, like our own Caligula, D.C. ruing class azzbags, will support him until the end so they don’t have look for food every day.  One of these azzbags will step up to try to maintain their own good thing.  The hell with everyone else.

Then the hope would be that the military would step in to restore order and feed the people.  Well that’s my dream world.  

And I gotta ask, who cuts that Dear Leader's hair?  I gotta say, that's a good look for a crazy man.  Hollywood couldn't have done a better job with Bond villain.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Carter Page surveillance proves PDJT 100% correct about The Empty Suit surveillance of Trump team

Some guy named Carter Page was outted as the target of an FBI investigation.  Page worked in the Trump transition and had some sort of banking connection with Russia.  What Page didn’t do was sell off 20% of America’s uranium production to the Rooskies in exchange for a fat speaker’s fee for a well known slack jawed rapist a la Shrillda the Hutt. 

Lefty Libs are using the leak of Page’s surveillance – a felony - as proof positive that Trump was in bed with the Russians.  Weird because even the most lefty of Lib’s admit Page has yet to be accused of any crime.  The FBI is now a year into its investigation of Page, so one would think if they had anything on him a deep state TES buttboy would have leaked that information by now.

What the Page story is absolutely proof positive of is that The Empty Suit was targeting Trump per Trump’s much poo pooed tweet.  So we have the Farkas woman admitting the the TES administration was spying on Trump.  We have Susan Rice fingered as the, or one of, the unmaskers of US citizens "incidentally captured" in foreign surveillance.  Now we have this leak proving that PDJT was 100% accurate that TES was “tapping his wires.” 

So now the exact same d-bags who were demanding that PDJT apologize for ever hinting that their false god – TES – whose excrement they love to wallow in as if it were rose smelling sweet ambrosia would ever be involved in “tapping PDJT’s wires” are now siting the mountain of evidence piling up that PDJT was correct as proof positive that he’s a Russian agent.

It’s a bizzaro world.  Trump is like the weather to global warm-mongers.  Whatever the present condition is proof positive that climate change is going to kill us.  For Demo-Dope azzbags and their MSM buttweasels, whatever goes wrong in the world can be directly attributed to PDJT.  Even the non-compliant United passenger’s humiliation is being attributed to Trump by some guy – Henry Cho - who says he’s a comedian.  Well that is kind of funny, or ironic, or idiotic, or just plain stupid.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reaccommodation and Hitler

Regarding the “reaccommodation” of a United Airlines passenger
Even during a semi-cable news ban, I must have seen the video of the man being dragged off the United flight 20 times. 

Am I the only guy in America who doesn’t want to be locked inside an aluminum tube three miles above the Earth flying at 600 miles per hour with a crazy guy who thinks he does not have to comply with the crew?

But Lex the plane was parked at the gate.  Okay fine.  Do you want to be on an airplane with a loud obnoxious drunk fresh from a fist fight in the airport lounge who brings that attitude onto the airplane?  Seems to me a person’s attitude on the ground isn’t going to be all that different at altitude.

That said, United’s response was dreadful.  If you need seats on your airplane that people have already bought, buy them off.  Everything is for sale for the right price.  Whatever they thought that seat was worth is going to cost them 100s maybe 1,000s times more.

The bigger problem is when that payoff is made, it will be proof positive that non-compliance with airline crews can result in a big payday.  So when a guy smoking in the lavatory refuses to comply then what?  Any fight with or “humiliation” of the guy will cost them dearly.  You can bet the “please remain seated until the aircraft has arrived safely at the gate” warning will be roundly ignored and d-bags will dare the crew to anything about it.

If I were the judge in this case, I’d give the guy drug off the flight $3,000 or 3 times what United originally offered.  Then I’d fine him $2,000 for disrupting a flight.  Last, I’d fine United 10 million dollars for being stupid.  The logic is, you can’t be flying people around if you’re stupid, so get smarter or go broke.

Sean the Holocaust denier Spicer
Spicer made a stupid inaccurate statement.  When I first heard it, I thought he meant Hitler didn’t use gas against uniformed military targets a la WW I.  Then he “clarified” by saying he meant that Hitler didn’t drop chemical weapons by air.  That’s dumb as well.  In the history of such things, artillery has been the delivery system of choice for chemical weapons. 

Advice to Spicer:  Apologize one more time at today’s presser, then stop apologizing, because it won’t make any difference to the pack of jackals you are dealing with.  When it comes up after that just say, “Next question.” 

Advice to all:  Don’t compare people and things to Hitler, because doing so is very Hitler-like.  Besides Stalin was much worse than Hitler.  But Stalin was a commie bastard so he is beloved by the American MSM and the Demo-Dope Party.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Europe is dead due to mass migration. Are we next?

People’s Cube turns off sarcasm for 7 minutes
The czar over at the indispensable People’s Cube, Comrade Oleg Atbashian, has turned the sarcasm off for this spot on take on the suicide of the west through its open borders policies.  It’s 7 minutes and is a must view.  

 Tilting at the local fish wrap windmill
The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette has picked up an unending drum beat supporting all forms of immigration.  It was a target rich environment, but Lex picked a letter by Mary Musson to respond to.  Ms. Musson’s letter can be found here.  Scroll down to the second letter. 

Re Mary Musson’s letter of Apr 9, 2017

Mary Musson’s emotional appeal to normalize illegal immigration because all of the illegal aliens she employed were “hard-working and honest employees” assumes that her experience with illegal aliens must also be true for everyone else.

It is sophistry to refer to people breaking the law as “honest.”  If you prefer statistics to logic, consider this: In 2009 DHS identified 221,000 non-citizens in the nation’s jails or between 11 to 15 percent of the total jail population while non-citizens comprised only 8.6 percent of the nation’s total adult population.  In 2014 61% - more than 100,000 - of federal arrests were of non-U.S. citizens.  Honest?

I know nothing of Ms. Musson’s spiritual underpinnings, but I find her appeal to Christianity to support her argument wanting.  The laws of the US are enacted by a duly elected congress as constrained by the US Constitution.  By the Constitution, laws are not subject to a “Christianity” test.  I wonder what other duly enacted laws of the land Ms. Musson considers to be un-Christian enough to be waived in order for her to appear more virtuous than the rest of us.  Taking her argument to the absurd: Why not let otherwise hard-working honest poor people steal food and cars?

Ms. Musson’s notion that America offers a better life for illegal aliens is undeniably true, and that’s the problem.  The comfort of the American way of life combined with a generous nationwide welfare program is a nearly irresistible magnet for maybe up to a billion people worldwide.  So, for the open borders crowd, how many of that billion or so people should America admit?  Now, if you are not willing to allow everyone and anyone who wants to come here do so - you may be un-Christian, but then you’ll need some sort of vetting and entrance policy.  That’s called immigration law, and we’re back where we started.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Syria review, Gorsuch

The Syrian mess the morning after
Upon further review there are couple of things that strike about the Syrian action taken by PDJT.  The first shocker was the speed with which PDJT took action.  Gone was the usual 3 and ½ years of posturing, begging for a UN resolution, notifying congress who then notify the press of everything being planned and debating military operation in the press.

Next was the relative support from Dopes and the MSM.

Last was the, after discovering that they offered a good word to PDJT, the MSM backtracking.  Idiot in the extreme, Lawrence Larry O’Donnell actually opined that Putin ordered Assad to gas his own people so that trump could bomb the crapola out of Assad’s air force.  Wow Larry that’s like cueing up a combo 8 ball shot that calls for jumping one of the opponent’s balls to strike one of your own after a double bank to knock the 8 ball into the corner pocket to lose the game.   

Well Larry, I’m as big a fan of a good conspiracy theory as anyone.  I’ll see your BS theory and raise you one.  Not only did the Russian’s do everything you theorize they did, they actually convinced Assad to start a civil war six years ago knowing they could swing the 2016 election from the desired seasoned establishment’s preferred candidate who was a prohibitive favorite right up until 9 pm on Election Night to political neophyte.  Only then did they put Phase II of their plan into effect to give their chosen candidate a chance to flex his military muscle thereby impressing the American electorate and the world.    

These Russians are amazing.  That’s why they have ruled the world for the 300 years.  Right Larry?

The only bit of truth in any of that is that the intended target of PDJT's action was the world, not just Assad.

Just win baby
I am not opposed to bombing the crapola out of Shrillda the Hutt’s favorite “reformer” Bashar Assad.  I’m not opposed to shooting down Russian aircraft if they interfere with said bombing the crapola out of Assad.  I’m not opposed to putting more ground troops in into Syria a la McCain and Grahmnesty.  What I’m opposed to is introducing US forces into a mess and then not letting them win.  Putting them into Iraq and then letting Iranians blow them up willy-nilly with no consequences other than receiving pallets of cash and a green light to develop nuclear weapons authorized by a feckless dope is not a winning military strategy. 

For me military actions boil down to an Al Davis philosophy:  When it comes to the use of military force – just win baby.   If you are not in it to win it, stay home.

Grosuch takes a seat
Judge Gorsuch will be sworn in as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court today.  That event alone may make my vote for PDJT worth it.  We may have avoided the abyss for now thanks to PDJT’s appointment.

As anyone familiar with this page knows, I am no fan of anyone associated with Caligula, D.C.  That said, I must give Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell credit.  Not only did he pull off the nuclear option, something I was only about 60-40% sure that he could or would do, but his effort went all the way back to blocking The Empty Suit’s nomination Merritt Garland.  That was an effort I was pretty sure the Rat establishment Republicans were going to cave on after the Billy Bush tape made the 2016 election a foregone conclusion for the Hutt. 

So, giving credit where credit is due, hats off to one time Lex Man of the Year award winner Mitch McConnell.  You are the front runner so far for 2017.  It’s a long year Mitch.  Don’t screw it up.