Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Two truisms: Black lives matter & white guys build things

“Black lives matter” is an undeniable truism.  I have yet to hear any of the most ardent racists in America, Rev? Jesse Jackson, Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-Ton, Rev? Jerry Wright et al, say otherwise.   So, it must be true.  It is so true that if you clever enough to write it 100 times in response to a question on a Stanford entrance exam, it will gain you acceptance to that prestigious university, if you can use the word prestigious next to any university these days.  While all truisms are created equal.  Some are more equal than others.

Take this article forwarded to me by AfBro.  I’m way too lazy look up all of the stuff that Fred sites as accomplishments of the white race, but I suppose that he did.  Now, if you were to walk into a “black studies” class in any university and point out the irrefutable truth that black lives matter, my guess is that your statement would be met with nodding approval.  But, if you made another incontestable statement to wit that the white race has contributed more to the well-being of the race human than any other, my guess is that you’d assaulted, brought before the university‘s social justice board or fairness board, or hate speech board or whatever the hell Orwellian euphemism the college eggheads decided on for their Kangaroo court, found guilty in about 10 seconds and expelled with no legal appeal or recourse.     
Now consider this.  The three word truism – Black Lives Matter - became the slogan for a movement and, because of its indisputable truth, has somehow transferred to the movement’s supporters the right to shut down freeway traffic, disrupt Sunday brunches, assault police and assault anyone who might offer up other truisms such as police lives matter, unborn lives matter or all lives matter at a rally or political event.

So what has happened is that the absolute truism has been taken so far to the absurd, declaring it exclusive to black lives, that it is now perfectly okay to question the validity of a once unquestionably valid statement.  Conversely no one dare even mention the facts in Fred’s post.  To do so would be racist.  So expressing the Black Lives Matter exclusive of all other lives is perfectly okay.  To say that the white race – and dare I say predominately white men - has made some pretty significant contributions to the human race over the last 2,000 years is racist to the core and cannot be mentioned on campus these days.

The white race might take up Heap Big Chief Lizzy Warren’s statement – you didn’t build that – when confronted by lefty loons with a charges of white privilege.  Ask Fred’s question, “Okay I’ll play.  Besides bad music, good sports, ugly clothes, providing cheap labor, bankrupting the welfare state and introducing indecipherable English, what has your race done to advance the human race?  It’s absolutely true but cannot be spoken.  

Black Lives matter has been co-opted by anarchists to the point that I’m not absolutely sure that they do.  Shut up. That was hyperbole.  This is not.  Saying black lives matter is a truism.  Saying black live matter exclusive to all other lives is a BS lie, but if you think lives matter on campus, it better black lives and black lives only.

Conversely pointing out the accomplishments of the white race when confronted with a Snowflake’s charges of “white privilege” would be totally racist and ground for expulsion.   IT IS NUTS.

Oh don’t even think about honoring another race by serving ethnic food, naming a mascot after them or donning their native garb to celebrate their coming to America.  That’s ethnic appropriation you white bastard.  Note:  The Irish are apparently perfectly okay with you appropriating their culture.  Everyday should be St. Patrick’s Day, all teams should be the fighting Irish and we all need to wear green derbies, vests and ties everyday.  Most importantly, McDonald’s should sell shamrock shakes year round. 

Pretty sure Lex predicted this
Couple refuse to comply with crew instructions and is removed from flight.  Law suit to follow?

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