Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The 100 day presidency

I could have sworn that the constitution called for a four year term for the president.  My limited exposure to TV news and Internet stories lately have had me questioning that.  Everything seems to be 100 days this and 100 days that for PDJT.

The lefty Lib MSM is telling anyone dumb enough to believe them that PDJT’s first 100 days have been a disaster.  That’s nonsense, and I can prove it in just two words: Justice Gorsuch.  How about: Keystone Pipeline.  Or Dakota Access.

I know that PDJT is doing a great job because all of the right people are in a constant state of rage.  The Hollywood crowd has become even more unhinged – if that’s possible - than usual.  The MSM is nearly 100% anti-PDJT.  The lefty loon college snowflakes are organizing into very fascist looking “anti-fascists” groups to stifle free speech and argue for one party rule by rejecting election results.

This has all been very entertaining.  It’s like election night every day.  Than you.  Thank you.  Thank you unhinged lefty libs for putting on a daily display of the kind of BS we avoided when the nation rejected Shrillda the Hutt.  Every time the Berkeley mob destroys another campus building to keep Anne Coulter from speaking, I hear “This is a Fox News Alert.  Donald Trump wins Florida.”   Every time I hear Dope Chairman Tom Perez issue another profanity laced tirade, I hear, “CNN can now project that Donald Trump will win Pennsylvania.”  Every time I hear another Hollywood know-nothing telling us what louse PDJT is, I hear MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow say, “Good night America.  Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States”, and it is wonderful. 

The latest hilarity comes when the usual band know-nothings marched for science last weekend.  I find it curious that the “science crowd” will swallow hook line and sinker any made up BS from the Global Warm-Mongering BS artist but refuse to accept the absolute science of male and female.  They believe the hoax of global warming without one centile of actual evidence relying almost exclusively on “scientific models” just as they accepted the exit polls before a single vote was actually counted.  They are all for science when it is used to destroy the American economy, but reject science when it provides a 3-D ultrasound photo of a baby with heartbeat and smile on its face.    
My hope is that Tom Perez and the rest of the Dopes continue to think they can insult voters into voting for them in order to win elections. 

Headline:  Three suspected attackers beat, rob man in broad daylight in Philadelphia
Okay, Philadelphia gave it away.

Headline profiling – I gotta know
Headline:  California:  Teens rush Oakland regional train, rob riders
40-60 “teens” jump the fare gates to beat and rob train riders.  The transit cops have a video but it is not part of the post.  Neither is any description of the perps which is a dead giveaway.  If it were the Duke Lacrosse team we’d know.

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