Thursday, April 27, 2017

Berkeley, you asked for it. Now you're going to get it.

I never thought I’d see it.  Ann Coulter is backing down.  Okay not really Ann, but rather her “conservative” backers for her talk at Berkeley  - the Young American’s Foundation – who folded like a tissue at an origami convention.  Berkeley was headed for a showdown with Coulter, who vowed to arrive on campus as scheduled for a talk today, and the Berkeley administration, who vowed to continue their time honored tradition of inciting violence against conservative speakers.

Berkeley is, quite rightly, taking fire from all sides for its Islamo-Terror-Fascist like violent opposition to any idea in conflict with their own.   

Many are calling the developments at Berkeley the “death of free speech.”  Not really.  A bunch of leftist snowflakes scared to debate their own azzbackward thinking shutting down a speech at a leftist institution isn’t exactly an Earth shaking development.  The more these leftist demonstrate their unwillingness and inability to defend nutty ideas the more they expose themselves as the dumbazzes that they are.  Berkeley defending and harboring the thugs is akin to Iran providing world-wide sanctuary to any IFT wacko who can get there. 

Not so fast on the death of free speech, my friends.  By their own idiocy Berkeley has now designated itself as ground zero for any conservative speaker who wants to make name for themselves by showing up on Berkeley’s campus to make a talk and staring down the Antifa thugs.  I expect that the line is already forming for those duties.  The more damage and destruction the Antifa visits upon the Berkeley campus and village the more damage that they do to their own movement and the idiot administrators and politicians who think they can lay down with a viper.   

Milo is back and vowing a week-long free speech rally on the public plaza at UC Berkeley.   He is also vowing to bring “an army” with him.  Well, all of that should go well.  If the city of Berkeley and the campus police don’t pull their collective heads out their butts and enforce the law, Berkeley will soon look more like Mosul or Fallujah than an American college community.   

But hey, they have asked for it.  They wanted to be the anti-free speech capital of the world.  They got it.  Now the world is descending upon them for the express purpose of challenging their BS.  Whoda thunk it?

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