Friday, April 07, 2017

A new player has arrived at the table

Way, way back in 2011, the world’s smartest woman, known on this page as Shrillda the Hutt, declared that the US would not interfere in Syria, because the ruthless bastard running that crap hole was a “reformer.”  Yes that is the exact same world’s smartest woman who gave the Russians a mistranslated plastic prop “reset button,” before arranging the transfer of 20% of American’s uranium production and getting her slack jawed rapist husband a half a million dollar speaking gig in Russia.  This is the same world’s smartest woman who ran a home brewed server for conducting the nation's classified business out of the bathroom of a mom & pop computer store.   For all of this, her genius and 1.3 billion bucks couldn’t help her sink the putt with the ball hanging on the lip of the cup that was the 2016 election.

Well PDJT just sent 50 cruise missiles up the “reformer’s” butt.

Ever since Al Czervik (PDJT) dropped the anchor of his massive yacht through the bottom of Judge Smails’ (Shrillda the Hutt’s) 1.3 billion dollar row boat that was supposed to deliver the Hutt to the presidency, the Demo-Dopes, the azzweasel MSM, 98% of Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been whining about PDJT being a Russian puppet.  The real Russian puppet is Bashar Assad. 
Well PDJT just sent 50 cruise missiles up the puppet’s butt leaving Putin holding nothing but a handful of strings.

So now the six sided chess game that is Syria has a new player.  Gone is the timid afraid of his own shadow, unless it was being surveilled by US spy agencies, that was The Empty Suit, a craven waif more interested in using his immense power to pry open the sealed divorce records of his political opponents, siccing the IRS, the EPA and NSA on them rather than using the power to shape the world for good, a weak talker interested in looking good rather doing the tough work of actually doing good.   Now sitting at the table is a guy who actually does what he says he’s going to do.  So when the Syrians go to move a piece on the table they look to see what the new guy’s reaction is going to be.  If he shakes his head like a pitcher shaking off a pitch, the Syrians move their hand to another piece until they arrive at one where the new guy nods approvingly.

Russia is now saying that it has shut down the de-confliction channel used to de-conflict Russian/American operations.  Fine, Mattis ought to call his counterpart and say, “I hear you shut down the de-confliction channel.  Fine.  Here’s all the de-confliction I need.  If you don’t want to get shot, blown up, run over, captured or killed stay the F*ck out of our way.”

Immediately after that, PDJT should call Putin and say, “Look you like to run around with your shirt off looking like a tough guy for your people.  If you f*uck with US troops in any manner I’ll run you and your forces out of Syria faster than a Demo-Dope mentions Russia during a TV interview.  The whole world and every babushka in Russia will know what a pathetic bunch losers you and the entire country of Russia really is.  Have a nice day Vlad.”

One thing is for sure, there will be counter moves.  Knowing that, PDJT should take four moves in a row.  Smack Assad again in some way.  And then smack him again.  Then show Russia who the big dog on the block is. 

There is a notion that Assad didn’t gas his own people.  That the gas attack was a false flag operation by the rebels.  It doesn’t matter.  Assad said he had gotten rid of his chem weapons.  Also, when Ion Perdicaris was kidnapped in Tangiers, Teddy Roosevelt sent a message to Sultan Raisuli of Morocco, “Perdicaris alive or Raiisuli dead.”   By all accounts Raisuli had nothing to with the kidnapping but he could get Perdicaris back. so TR put the pressure on him.  Bashar Assad commands a band of thuggish troops used to getting their way because nobody was willing to hit them back and if anyone did the Syrians knew that stood tough while standing in the shadow of their big brother Russia.  Well opposition forces now have a real backer as well and has proven that he’s not afraid to beat the $h!t out of one or two of the bullies to prove the point.

Oh yeah, Gorsuch will be confirmed to the Supreme Court today.  Reports are that life has been breathed back into the repeal and replace of Robertscare.  Employment numbers and economic numbers continue to rise.  PDJT is looking like a solid choice for President of the United States.  Of course none of this will satisfy any of the #NeverTrumpers.

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