Monday, April 24, 2017

Birds of a feather?

A dead serious question for Monday morning discussion: What’s the biggest, most obvious difference between Kim Jong Un and Chelsea Clinton?

Don’t even think of describing one as a man and the other as a woman.  We all know that either can be whatever sex they want to be any time they want.

Well the most obvious thing that jumps out at me is that we don’t hear much about Kim’s mother.  That fact alone has me looking at North Korean real estate.  

On the other side of the ledger there are a lot similarities between the two.  Chelsea, who lives in a 10 million dollar flat in NY, once claimed that she tried, but couldn’t care about money.  Funny how people who don’t have to worry about having money – children of multi-millionaires and communist dictators – don’t care about it. 

I’d like to talk to Chelsea after a six month stint working at the Suds & Brew drive through in Pike County, Ohio where you don’t eat without coin, they turn off the heat if you don’t pay the bill and kick you out of the double-wide if you don’t pay the rent.  I suspect after the first 2 days Chelsea would care a great deal about money.   I suspect were Kim and Chelsea turned out into “the wild” to earn a living, rather than living off their birth, they’d last about as long as a beef steak throw into a den of hungry lions.

No matter how worthless – based on their actual talents - one cannot avoid running across glowing reports of the two in their home country media.  The US MSM adores the Clintons – because they don’t want to incur the wrath of the Clinton war machine.  The North Korean MSM adores Kim – because they don’t want to end up in a “re-education camp” or worse by letting anything other than pure BS slip out about their “Dear Leader.” 

The American MSM is so slavishly devoted to the Clintons that, now that  Shrillda the Hutt has taken a second presidential azzwippin’, they are trying to prop up her vacuous know-nothing of a daughter as next great Demo-Dope hope.  I for one hope that they succeed.  Chelsea, at age 30 something and having achieved precisely nothing of note, was given a “life-time achievement” award by some magazine.  Never was there a more undeserved award since the Nobel committee awarded its once prestigious “Peace Prize” to another vacuous know-nothing – The Empty Suit – on the come.  Not to be out done, the North Korean media is so slavishly devoted to Kim that it once reported that he shot 18 holes in one in a single round of golf.  His money problems would all go away if he'd just join the PGA tour.

Can anyone seriously argue that had they had to rely on their own smarts rather than the circumstances of birth either Kim or Chelsea would have amounted much more than a North Korean peasant trying to figure out how to turn dirt into food – the normal state of affairs for people living under communism – and an average woman trying to make ends meet after the 8 year reign of destruction visited upon the country by Demo-Dopes?  Every single solitary thing of note - education, money, notoriety, employment, social station, friends –everything – for these two was achieved on the basis of their parents’ efforts – no matter how dark and disturbing those efforts – rather than an iota of talent, savvy, thinking or knowledge they managed to wring out of their own mediocre minds.

I could now delve into the similarities of the roughish good looks of each, their fashion sense and cutting edge hair styles, but this is a high brow page and Lex doesn’t sink as low as to comment on personal appearance.  Well not in every single post anyway.  Suffice it say that there are a lot similarities between Mr. Un and Mz. Clinton. 

Oh, it'll useless to try to erase the mental image of that Chelsea photo on the cover of Variety before lunch.  To avoid vomiting, I suggest weak tea and beef broth.  You probably need to lose weight anyway.  Hey there's an idea.  The chelsea Clinton diet plan.  Just post a picture of Chelsea on the frig and pantry door.  Guaranteed to ruin any appetite.  Oops slipped into commenting n personal appearance.   

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