Friday, April 21, 2017

Howard Dean lets the left's actual thoughts on free speech out of the bag

If you want to know what is wrong with the Demo-Dope Party here it is in one 9 word tweet. Check this out by idiot Howard Dean: “Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.”  I'm pretty it is, but I'm not a doctor.  

Dean, like most Dopes in the lime light these days – dumber than a hoe handle Maxine Waters, feminists, #NeverTrumpers, anarchists populating Soros funded mobs, college profs, administrators, and the weak whiny snowflake d-bags who populate the echo chamber that has become the typical American campus these days and yes the MSM for example – have zero interest in free speech.    

Their sole interest is in shutting people who disagree with them up.  Few of the left’s attempts to shut down free speech are as nakedly ignorant, stupid and utterly oblivious to the actual meaning of the 1st Amendment as Dean’s brazenly false tweet.  That said colleges routinely shut down free speech by cancelling conservative speakers due “concerns over the speaker’s safety.”  Safety is a real concern, because the armed wing of the Demo-Dope Party – the violent Soros funded mobs – shut down free speech by showing up & trying to shout down, beat up and otherwise disrupt the free speech of anyone interested in making America great again. We’ve see this from the early days of PDJT presidential campaign.  

Hollywood Dopes are doing their part by engaging in an organized campaign to label anyone with a diverging point of view a racists white supremists.  Some know-nothing on ESPN actually referred to the entirety of the NE Patriots football team as the NFL’s alt-right team for visiting the White House this week.

In one of the most troubling developments, Soros funded Antifa movement is promoting violence under the idea that it is okay to punch fascists.   Well, it’s not.  But the real problem is that the Antifa defines a fascist as anyone who disagrees with them about anything from global warming to what kind of jelly your like on your toast.  I’m not sure 2% of the Antifa movement knows what they are against i.e. can define the fascists that they so adamantly oppose.

If you asked them if the Demo-Party should control levers of government irrespective of the outcome of elections, they’d probably answer yes.  That’s why they are rioting.  They refuse to accept the legitimacy of a government run by the opposition party.  If you asked them if government should control the means of production in the US to ensure a clean environment, equal job opportunities and consumer protections, they’d probably answer yes. If you asked them if the government should “level the playing field” i.e. show preference for homosexuals, women, minorities, disabled etc., they’d probably answer yes.  If you asked them if the government should use force, suspend 1st and 2nd Amendment rights to achieve such goals, they probably – and with regard to the 2nd Amendment definitely – answer yes.

So, who are the fascists?

The left’s final argument on any issue these days is name calling.  If you were to advocate for a border wall, the left would not argue the utility of a wall or the cost benefit of such an obstacle for securing the country, instead they simply refer to you as a hateful, xenophobic, racist white supremist who hates women and children.  Then as likely as not they will hit you or throw something at you or key your car.

This all part of the left’s unwillingness to accept result of elections.  When they lose they riot.  When they lose everyone on the other side is a racist.  When they lose they appeal to unelected judges to carry out their agenda.  When they lose their only response is to spew hatred and encourage anarchy.  For the left there is never any introspective reordering of their ideas or message when they lose.  Their response is non-compliance with any authority, policy, regulation or person not in lock-step with their rejected way of thinking. 

The solution is to buy another gun and more ammo for the day when the lunatics really want to start something.

Oh, and thanks to dumb azz Howard Dean for letting the mask slip off the Dope's actual agenda and thinking on the 1st Amendment.

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