Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shut it down. Leave it shut down.

I’m shocked!  Shocked I tell you to hear Rat establishment Republicans are siding with Demo-Dopes to block PDJT from keeping a campaign promise to build the wall.  It starts with the weak ReRs caving to Chuckles the Clown Schumer on nixing any funding for the wall to avoid a government shutdown. 

My advice to Republican in these situations is always the same, shut her down.  First off the excrement heads in the house are just returning to work today from their “spring break.”  It seems to me that if the shutting down of the government were truly that big of a deal, the excrement heads in Caligula, D.C. would have worked through their holiday to avoid it.  They didn’t.  So, it isn’t.

As always, I think shutting down the government is a good thing.  Let’s see how PDJT handles the shutdown.  Seems like a perfect time for PDJT to defund PP, PBS, the NEA, the EPA, the IRS, the UN, sanctuary cities in defiance of the 9th circus.  In contrast to The Empty Suit, PDJT should keep museums and parks, particularly those in Caligula, D.C. as well as the White House, open to all.

While no one cares if the 10,000 Demo-Dopes union creeps who populate the 8th shift at the bureau of federal moon and sunlight management in Caligula, D.C. is canceled.  So, the Dopes and their MSM azzbags focus on the family of four who saved thier whole life to come to the nation’s capital only to have all of the monuments and museums closed by spiteful emo-Dopes.  Keeping them, and other key government functions, open eliminates the Dopes favorite story line and has the added benefit of allowing for the firing for cause any deep state Demo-Dope who skips work as sign of solidarity to Chuckles the clown’s shutdown.

Shut it down.  Leave it shut down.  The first thing that happens in these cases is that the boss the 22,000,000 government offices in Caligula, D.C. tell “all none essential people” to stay home.  This is the perfect time to trim the job of every single person not required to come to work.  When I worked at the Pentagon if the weather report called for more than ¼ inch of snow the word would come from on high for all nonessential personnel to stay home.  I never took the bait.  I’d be there all the earlier to demonstrate just how essential I was to the nation’s security.

Give them the shutdown Chuckles the clown is demanding and show them how it’s done.  Once it is shut down.  Leave it shutdown. 

With regard funding for the wall, PDJT should show Chuckles and the Dopes the power entrepreneurship.  PDJT should sell public bonds to be repaid in pesos down the road.  $10 buys a quarter million pesos when Mexico coughs up the money for the wall.  For donations over $100, PDJT could have the names of donors displayed on the wall.  I’m in for two shares with certainty that a rich relative, eh uhm AFBRO, will come up with the other $80 for me to get my name on the wall. 

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