Wednesday, April 05, 2017

There is proof positive Susan Rice is a liar. There's no proof Trump colluded with the Russians.

When asked about the unmasking and leaking of info “incidentally” swept up by US spy agencies on team Trump, well know liar Susan Rice, who worked for another well know liar, said she “leaked nothing to nobody.”  She could have been more clear and emphatic by going from a double negative to a octet of negatives, “No I never didn’t leak nothing to nobody about no classified information that wasn’t accidently on purpose swept up from team Trump no way.”  But hey what do I, a mere communications grad from The OSU, know about the use of multiple negatives in the same sentence.  Rice is a Harvard grad where I’m sure they have entire federally funded safe space colleges dealing in nothing but using multiple negatives in a sentence for the purpose of obfuscating the truth.

The Demo-Dopes and the MSM azzhats’ reaction to Rice is as noted: “Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Nothing illegal her. This is all perfectly normal.  What we really need is a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s collusion with the Russians.  That’s the real scandal.”  

One of the weird things about the Trump/Russia collusion story is the collusion between #NeverTrump azzwagons on the talking points.  They are like robots in their response to anything dealing with Russia and/or Liar Rice’s unmasking scandal.  They call for an independent investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. 

First there is not a speck of evidence of any collusion.  The #NeverTrumpers use the lack of evidence as evidence that a independent investigation is necessary.  Next, the FBI admitted that it has been investigating Trump/Russia collusion for nearly a year now.  So why do we need another independent investigation?  Last, Liar Rice and a whole platoon of Obama administration azzweasels have been unmasking and leaking the accidently on purpose “incidental” info swept up on the Team Trump for a year.  Now the proof positive that there was collusion between Trump and the Russians is that if there was any collusion discovered by any of the spooks Liar Rice would have unmasked the perps and facilitated the leakage of that info.  No leak.  No collusion. 

If I were Jeff Sessions, I’d Call Jimmy the shape shifter Comey in and find out what he has on his investigation on Trump/Russian collusion.  No proof.  No investigation.  You’ve had a year.  People’s lives are being ruined.  Based on what?  Poop or get off the pot. 

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Jeff Session, is it possible that the Attorney General could bring the Trump/Russia mania to screeching halt by threatening to convene a Hillary server grand jury, an IRS scandal Grand Jury and a Fast and Furious Grand Jury?  If the Dopes are going to persist in nonsense maybe the Republicans ought to hit back.  Oh that’s right half of the Republican Party is persisting in nonsense as well.

 Which leaves to the last point will the Rat establishment Republicans sabotage the Gorsuch nomination by refusing the constitutional option?  

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