Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday - racist babies, warm-mongers, PDJT's tax returns

Well of course babies are all racists
There is a report that children become racists as early as 6 months old.  That sounds stupid as hell on the face of it.  But it’s an academic study so it must all be true right?  I mean after all, if we cannot trust colleges and universities to be even-handed, then we’re pretty much screwed anyway – right?

Well the authors say that we must expose kids to different cultures early on to avoid racism taking hold in our crumb crunchers.  No how are we supposed to that without snowflake azzbags from telling us we racist for “appropriating another culture”?

There is actually a group saying that McDonald’s offering Szechwan sauce is culturally insensitive.  Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner.  Watch for college campi to be manufacturing outrage for any white kid wearing a sombrero or eating a taco.  Why don’t the Irish get upset about everyone appropriating their culture on St. Patrick ’s Day?  Well the Irish being predominately white and Christian are ineligible to be part of the grievance culture.  It’s okay to make fun of them – particularly Irish Catholics who are all drunks anyway – right? 

Global Warm-Mongers every 10 year prediction about the world coming to an end in 10 years released again
Every 10 years Global Warm-Mongers warn we only have 10 years to save the planet
I suppose the warning will come true someday a billion or so years into the future.  It is often said that anything that cannot last forever, won’t.  So, it’ll end at some point.   That said, it’s far more likely we succumb to disease, nuclear war, a meteor storm or, praise the Lord, the second coming before yielding to global warming. 

The Lefty Loons have gotten this so wrong for long, you’d think they’d be embarrassed.  Sadly these people are like dogs in that walk by a mirror 10,000 time and NEVER check to see if their collar is on straight.  They will however stop to take a crapola without a care in the world. They have not an iota of self-awareness when it comes to them being spectacularly wrong about something.  Take Slow Joe Biden – please.  The guy literally has been on the wrong side of major issue facing the United States for the last 30 years, yet he, Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters are the current brain-trust of the Demo-Dope Party.  

Read about their failure to predict something as simple and predictable as the sunrise over the last 20 years let alone something as complex a global temperature here, here and here. 

Protesters want to see PDJT’s tax returns
The wackos have taken to the streets…again…to protest PDJT.  What caused their outrage this time?  Well PDJT is still breathing, so...  The immediate cause of the protester’s angst this time is that they want to see PDJT’s tax returns.  Let me just say, I care a lot less about PDJT’s tax return than I do my own.  Besides, there are probably not five people - combined - working at a McDonald’s, Lowe’s, a GM assembly line, a coal mine, in a field farming who’d know what they were looking at if PDJT did release his taxes.  It would be like my dog listening to jazz music.  He’d just lay around quietly not giving crapola until a chip wrapper rattled in the in the pantry.  Then he’d be right there at your feet.

So what’s the point?  The point is for the MSM to find the one piece of paper in the 1,000 page return that makes PDJT look bad and then obsess over it – akin to rattling a chip wrapper for the dog.  We’d be at the mercy of crooked as hell MSM – like a crule kid that teases the dog with a treat that he never gives to the dog.  Soon the dog doesn’t trust the kid.  If the dopy kid continues the dog may even bite the excrement head kid. 

Were I PDJT, I’d tell the world, “I’ll release my tax returns when The Empty Suit releases his college and law school transcripts, when the anchor men, editors and chief reporters at all of the MSM outlets and Wall St. CEOs release their tax returns.

Who brought down the North Korean Missile?
There’s a lot of news this morning claiming that the US hacked the North Korean missile launch and caused the missile to blow up 5 seconds after launch.  I don’t know, but I like the old adage: Never attribute a conspiracy theory to that which can be explained away by mere incompetence. 

I’m sure of one thing, I wouldn’t want to have been associated with that launch in any shape manner or form.  I’m pretty sure the chief engineers responsible for launch are probably stumbling along while tied behind a donkey cart on their way to a “re-education” camp.  That is if they are very lucky.  Even the guy responsible for sweeping off the pad with an 8” straw broom has probably had his already meager ration cut in half.

The most disappointed guy in the world Sunday morning was the Assistant Chief Engineer who is now in the breech for the next launch.

I wonder what the reaction among North Korean elites would be would be if someone were to “off” their Dear Leader?  In South Korea the reaction might be like in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East.  Ding Dong the Witch is dead!  In North Korea it may be more like when Dorothy dowsed the Wicked Witch of the West with a bucket of water.  The Witch’s once “loyal” Winkie legions break out in cheers 10 seconds after the Wicked Witch is melted and gone by the water.

I suspect the powerful people living high off the hog on the “Dear Leader’s” droppings, like our own Caligula, D.C. ruing class azzbags, will support him until the end so they don’t have look for food every day.  One of these azzbags will step up to try to maintain their own good thing.  The hell with everyone else.

Then the hope would be that the military would step in to restore order and feed the people.  Well that’s my dream world.  

And I gotta ask, who cuts that Dear Leader's hair?  I gotta say, that's a good look for a crazy man.  Hollywood couldn't have done a better job with Bond villain.

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