Friday, April 28, 2017

High School sports, criminal organizations offering legal advice and taxes

Let ‘em play
The Texas legislature is considering legislation that would allow homeschooled students to participate in public school extracurricular activities like sports, band, the school play etc.  I don’t know all of the ins and outs and unintended consequences of such legislation, but my coming out position is that if the student’s parents are supporting these activities with their tax dollars, then the homeschooled students ought to be allowed to participate.  If it’s a dues paying self-supporting club or sport that uses the school name and school facilities it should also include homeschoolers in the district. 

The executive director –Sam Tipton - of something called the Texas Girls Coaches Association opposes the legislation.  Tipton notes, “Homeschooled students would not have to meet the same requirements as a public school student.”  YGBSM Sam.  You cannot seriously suppose 5-star athletes at any public school have to meet “requirements.”  Sam, have you ever listened to a post game interview?  Did these guys have to meet "the requirements" before heading off to football/basketball U?  If these guys - and sadly they are about 99.9999% guys - met "the requirements," who hasn't met them?

My sense is that if homeschoolers were allowed to join public school sports teams the average IQ of the squads would go up.  If I were a homeschool parent, my major concern would be exposing my well-educated, respectful, civil son to a culture that isn’t.

Criminal organization warns PDJT about illegality of Roberts care repeal
Apparently the UN has warned PDJT’s administration that repealing Robertscare might be illegal.  PDJT’s coming out position on the UN’s warning ought to be restrained and well thought out.  Something along the lines of: GO F**K YOURSELF!

No doubt the UN warning will give Caligula, D.C. elite ruling class Rat establishment Republicans top cover to slow walk the repeal of Robertscare.  After all the ReRs would rather pee off their constituents than their fellow elites over at the UN.  

PDJT’s Tax plan
As predictably as the sun rising in the east, Demo-Dopes are panning PDJT’s tax plan in the same way they pan every Republican president’s tax plan as a sop to the rich.  I for one don’t care if rich people get a tax cut.  After all, they pay the lion’s share of taxes.  So, if you’re going to cut taxes, it seems to me you have to start where the taxes are collected.  

The top 1% of income earners pay an estimated 40% of total tax receipts.  Give ‘em a break.  Why should I care?  Does the plan require me to send a check to Bill Gates?  No.  It simply allows Bill to keep more of what started out as the fruits of his own labor, creativity, business savvy and smarts.  Besides as a good Lib, Bill can send as much of that income into the governments as he thinks is fair, but he doesn’t.  I suspect a major reason rich people do not contribute more to the federal government, after bitching about low taxes, is that they know that about 75% of the money will be wasted.

I cannot get worked up over how much money my neighbors are paying in income tax.  What I care about is what I pay in income tax.  I don’t care about tax cuts for the rich.  What I care about is if I get a tax cut. 

Math is hard.  So if the rich are having their tax rate cut by 4% under PDJT’s proposal and the middle class is having their tax rate cut by from between 5-10 percent who gets the larger tax rate cut?  I think Mrs. Ralph told us 5 is greater than 4 and that 10 is almost twice as much as 4 – no wait – 4 + 4 = about 8 – so 10 is MORE than twice as much as 4.  So if anything, far from getting wealthy on a “tax cut,” the rich are getting screwed…again.  I think instead of demonizing successful people, we ought to be thanking them for funding 40% of a very wasteful federal government so that the rest of us don’t have to.

And isn’t it a strange coincident that whenever a Republican president releases a budget or tax plan the deficit suddenly becomes important to Demo-Dopes.  Dopes sit on their hands and blame GW Bush for 8 years of The Empty Suit’s skyrocketing deficit spending, but have a cow if the crooked as hell Congressional Budget Office scores a Republican plan as anything less than budget neutral.

Sending the CBO home for 6 months under a government shutdown and then shutting the office down all together as colossal waste of money would be another benefit of calling the Dope bluff on a government shutdown.  

No doubt the Rat establishment Republicans will seek a legal ruling from the UN before doing anything to help Americans with regard to killing off the CBO or anything else.

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