Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday morning round up

Sign the petition supporting the Preamble of the Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Take a 20 seconds and sign the petition sponsored by actor Richard Dreyfuss to remind lawmakers to consider the preamble of the constitution when drafting legislation. Dreyfuss has identified a failure to teach civics in primary and secondary school as a major cause of our nation losing its identity.

Jeff Mason is not a crook, because he says so
Some guy named Jeff Mason is the head of some organization called the White House Correspondence Association.  At the White House Correspondence Dinner on Saturday night, Mason swore to a crowd of fellow travelers that White House correspondents were not purveyors of “fake news.”  Mason’s emphatic denial reminded me Richard Nixon’s famous denial, “I am not a crook.”  Even if you’re not, when you have to publicly deny something so basic, it is pretty much mission accomplished for the guy leveling the charge. 

PDJT didn’t create the MSM’s infatuation with “fake news.”  He simply pointed out the undeniable truth that the MSM are manipulators of facts (aka propagandists, aka BS artists) for the Demo-Dope Party.  Anyone denying that basic truth is either braindead or engaging in further BS distribution.     

Trump is still president
Remember the Saturday Night Live bit where they would have a “breaking news” story that Spanish strongman Francisco Franko was still dead?  After a long, long Castro-like illness that had the MSM in a months long death watch, where they’d break in at regular intervals to tell us "Generalissimo Francisco Franko is still alive," Franko finally died giving rise to the SNL bit.   

Well I woke up this morning to learn PDJT is still president.  102 days after PDJT was sworn in as POTUS Donald J. Trump is still President of the United States and -  thanks be to God - Shrillda the Hutt isn't.  How can this be after 100 days of talking about the first 100 days?  No one mentioned that PDJT’s administration would continue on for another 100 days and then another and then another and so on for the next four years.  How could they have missed it?  I’m waiting for the “Fox News ALERT” announcing “This is a Fox News ALERT.  Donald J. Trump is STILL President of the United States.”

AR death row executions
There is something third world about rushing executions.  In Arkansas the governor was rushing along 8 or so executions, because the drugs for administering the executions were about to expire.  YGBSM.  Worrying about the expiration date on lethal drugs strikes me a bit like sterilizing the needle to administer a lethal dose of the drug to ensure the convict doesn’t get an infection.  What were they afraid of?  Is the FDA going to rush in and tell the governor, “Hold on there gov.  Not so fast.  These drugs are two days past the expiration date.  Using these drugs after the expiration date might cause death in a patient.”   

I suppose they are concerned about the potency of the drug being diminished over time leading to a botched execution, which oddly isn’t when the perp survives the execution, but rather is when the perp dies as intended but is perceived to suffer in some way.  

Okay fine.  The government shouldn’t be torturing people death.  It just sounds absurd.  Besides, I believe every expiration date has a “it’s still ‘good to go’ factor” of at least 10%.  No responsible corporation is going to cut an actual expiration date to the day and minute that the product will fail.  If you have a 3 ton Craftsman jack, you can expect that the jack will not fail if you put it under a load of 3 tons and one pound.

I have never understood why executions are not done via carbon monoxide poisoning.  You strap the perp in.  You drug him to put him to sleep, something I assume we can still do without fouling it up.  You pipe in the carbon monoxide.  The perp passes peacefully in his sleep.  The gas is extracted.  The perp’s dead body is released to the next of kin.   I don’t believe that there is an expiration date on the fumes expelled from an internal combustion engine, but who knows these days.  The BS government probably regulates that as well.

My kind of hunger strike
When is a hunger strike not a hunger strike?  When it is conducted at Yale by unionized graduate students.  “Unionized” grad students?  WTF?  What’s next, unionized former Presidents of the United States?  Unionized mistresses?  Unionized yacht owners?  I don’t really see a Jimmy Hoffa type coming out the Yale Grad student union movement.  Is the next Upton Sinclair in the Yale grad student movement?  Will he capture the hellish conditions and unbearable cruelty of being a grad student at a prestigious Ivy League University offering a $30,000 stipend, health insurance and living quarters?  These pampered petulant little crybabies ought to be spanked and sent to their rooms without supper, which they’d probably refuse anyway.  Here’s why.

Not to be outdone by the sheer ridiculousness of “unionized grad students,” the unionized grad students are now conducting a hunger strike that does not require that they suffer the slightest bit of hunger.  The Yalies’ hunger strike actually allows the whiners to eat when they get hungry. 

That condition reminds of my own world-famous chocolate cheesecake diet plan for trimming extra pounds.  The diet has but one rule: You can eat whatever you want whenever you want to eat it.  Well then it’s not really a diet is it?  Yes it is.  It’s just not a very good diet for losing weight.  It’s like when I saw Frank Wysoki at the O’ Club one night knocking back a couple of beers.  I said, “Hey Frank I don’t see you in here very often.”  Frank, a large man, smiled and replied, “Yeah, well the Colonel told me I needed to work on my beer gut, so I’m just following orders.”  All of this is a real life example of the famous meme, “that’s not how any of this works.” 

The Yalies are proof positive that modern day Lefty Libs are what they say they are and not one damn thing more.  If a lefty Lib man eating a steak dinner in cut offs, a wife beater, flip flops and a light coat oil insists that he’s a woman wearing an Ann Demeulemeester ensemble and a Malene Birger hat and scarf on a hunger strike, well then that is that.  It is like climate change – it is settled science.  “The debate is over,” and you are a “denier” if you allow your lyin’ eyes, common sense and science tell you anything different from what the lefty Libs claim as the “current truth.”   

If Yale grad student tells you he’s on a hunger strike while enjoying a deluxe hamburger and fries, well then, damn it, it’s a hunger strike.  Besides, maybe he is giving up the beer and pie.

Not to be outdone, college Republicans mocked the Lefty Libs by holding a Bar-B-Q next to the “starving” protestors camped outside the universities president’s home. 

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