Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No surprise, shape shifter Comey has been axed

Jimmy the shape shifter Comey has been swatted down by PDJT like a fly that has taken one too many runs at the sugar bowl.  The MSM and their lackeys in the Dope Party are confused.  What’s new?  Why now, they demand.  Well now is the perfect time.  Shrillda the Hutt just laid the blame for her pathetic campaign at Comey’s feet.  So, with Shrillda the Hutt on her broom flying top cover for the move, PDJT dumped Comey.  How can Dopes complain now? 

Well I saw it on TV.  When Fox first broke the story they reported that Comey had resigned.  At that time, Demo-Dope Zeke Emanuel’s take was more or less – good riddance creep you cost the Hutt the election.  When the story was corrected that PDJT fired Comey, the Dope turned on a dime and started to lambaste PDJT. 

Let’s be clear, Comey didn’t cost the Hutt an election.  Had he kept his mouth shut and let the investigation into the Hutt’s private e-mail continue for who knows how long with who knows what outcome, that would have been the worst case for the Hutt.  Comey threw the Hutt a life line.  He laid out an iron clad case for an indictment. Then inexplicably came the famous “however.”  However, Comey declined to prosecute – which is not his job by the way – because there was no intent.  Hmm, seems to me if you lie about something that sort of proves intent. 

So Comey was a dead man walking 10 seconds after that stupid presser.  By laying out the airtight case that the Hutt is a crook, he peed off the Hutt and her supporters.  By failing to bring charges against a caught-in-the-act crook, he peed off PDJT and his supporters.  So what is the surprise here? 

Well why didn’t PDJT fire Comey day one after inauguration?  Remember Chuckles the clown Schumer was slow rolling PDJT’s Attorney General nominee, so an Empty Suit appointee was running DoJ at that time.  Comey’s deputy was/is also a dyed in the wool Dope whose wife was a Dope congressional candidate.  Comey at least was a target for the Dopes which made him a better choice than someone who wasn’t until PDJT could get an ally at the DoJ.

The only thing more satisfying than the shape shifter increasing the unemployment numbers by one last night is the MSM/Dope reaction to the firing.  As on election night, I tuned into PMSNBC to wallow in the glory of their misery.  Yeah, I know.  I’ll get to confession and beg forgiveness once the delicious notion of “*uck you, take that you bastards” subsides.  

PMSNBC was in total meltdown and I loved it.  The more over the top they got the better it was.  It was salivating hyperbolic over-reaction all of the time with a good measure of feigned outrage for comic relief.   Poor darlings.  Had we gotten a whiff of Comey’s canning we could have invested in Prozac and Xanax and made a huge killing in the market when the run on those two drugs began after the news of Comey’s canning hit at about 5:30 last night.

Every time the Lefty Libs mentioned PDJT it was followed with a Russia reference.  They joined Trump and Russia like normal people join the words cuff and link.  I’m considering changing PDJT to PDJTR.  Naaa, it’s an extra key stroke

My only hope is that this morning PDJT passes over the Dope FBI Assistant Director McCabe in favor of some non-partisan underling maybe two or three levels down to fuel further conspiracy theories, and just drive the Lefty Libs further and further down into the rabbit hole.  Best case is that pushes the poor lefties, still smarting over the Hutt’s thumping and reduced to wailing and gnashing of teeth over Comey, to the window of a tall building to hurl themselves out.

Then there was the reaction the part of PDJT’s letter firing Comey that references the three times Comey told PDJT was not under investigation.  Nice touch.  That little bit of extraneous information had the Lefty Libs projecting every bit fantasy they could muster into that part of Comey’s firing.  Dopes and the MSM horses’ azzes explain that those words clearly mean that there is something there.  So not being under investigation means PDJT is guilty of something.  I suppose that is true.  After all, we are all guilty of something.  I wonder if the statute of limitation has expired for painting the school roof with a 12’ [class of] 74?

That bit of information is classic PDJT, a tweet within a letter, a distraction to the main point, a left jab to set up the roundhouse right.  The Lefty Libs are so bereft of any original thought that 10 seconds after the firing the Dopes were rolling out Watergate references.  Good.  99% of millennials have not a clue of what hell they are talking about, but then Dopes as general rule don’t know what they are talking about either.   

Please, please, please PDJT do something today that will make the PMSNBC pukes faint dead away.  Here you go. I understand former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t doing much these days.  Appoint him as FBI Director.

No doubt Rat establishment Republicans will be heading for the hills by Friday. 

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