Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Dope goal, as always, is single payer

Demo-Dopes want a single payer healthcare system.  Fine.  The argument for a single payer system is one we ought to have.  But the Dopes don’t to have that argument.  They whine about the weather, but they don’t want an argument on global warming cooling warming change disruption, because after all, the debate is over.  They want to ban all guns, but don’t want to argue the plain meaning of the 2d Amendment or how to amend it, because to do so would let the cat out of the bag. 

New Dope 2d Amendment:  Private ownership of any gun, rifle, smooth bore or rifled, long, short, semi-automatic, automatic, single shot, muzzle loader, gas powered, rubber band operated or anything made to propel any projectile to include but not limited to bullets, spitballs, potatoes, rocks, stones, peas (frozen, thawed, cooked, blanched or otherwise) through a hollow tube to include straws, pipes, wood dowels bored for the purpose, washers (lock and regular), nuts (wing and other wise) stacked soldered, welded or glued together to create a tube,  are hereby banned.  All weapons currently owned or stored by any private citizen must be turned over to authorities immediately.  A $10,000 tax deduction will be provided to anyone ratting out a neighbor, family member or friend not in compliance with this amendment to proper authority.  Anyone in violation of this amendment will be fined not more than $1,000,000,000 and subject to not more than life in federal re-education facilities.  This amendment is passed primarily for the good of children.

So we know that the Demo-Dopes want to drive the US into a single payer healthcare system.  The Empty Suit said as much.  Like everything of substance, Dopes don’t want to debate their harebrained idea and are hiding the ball.  Single payer is the goal.  Anything short of that – a crummy healthcare system for everyone but the elite – is a failure.

Here is the dirtiest of the Demo-Dope dirty secrets.  Single payer isn’t going to be single payer at all.  It will be a two tiered system.  There will be one system for the elites.  The elites exempted themselves from Robertscare.  What makes us think they won’t do the same if single payer is ever made law?  The elite will walk into spacious, clean facilities staffed by the best and brightest who are cheerful and helpful.  There will be no waiting.

The rest of us will be forced into tier two.  That tier will be like the DMV meets the VA staffed by postal workers, administered by former United Airlines security personnel. 

Tier one will have Doctors like House, Welby, Carson, Oz, Phil etc. While tier two facilities will get Doctors like Gosnell, Frankenstein, Mengele, etc.  The waiting rooms in the tier two system will look and smell like the port-a-john on day three of Woodstock.

Remember, the Lefty Lib notion of equality is never to raise the lower level.  Their idea of equality is to bring the rest of us down to the lowest common denominator.  I think deep down, Lefty Libs know that it is futile to lift a certain percentage of their constituency.  The Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson wing of the party is just too stupid.  The Hollywood wing of the Dope Party is too cowardly.  The Revs? Jesse Jackson, Not-so-Sharp-ton, Wright wing is too hateful.  The Antifa wing of the Demo-Dope Party is just too lazy. Combined that is pretty large percentage of the party.  So what to do?  If you cannot attain equality by lifting your stupid, cowardly, hateful and lazy base, then the only option left is bring everyone else down to their level.

So you have two kids.  One is an Air Force Academy grad who flies large aircraft.  The other took 5 years to get communications degree from The Ohio State University that qualifies him to clean up 30 pounds equine excrement every day.  Wadda you do?  Well if you’re a Dope, you tell your pilot son he’s a thief.  You tell him the only reason he’s succeeded in life is because of the 5 year sacrifice of his brother to obtain a worthless degree from a diploma factory.  You demand the pilot surrender 60% of earnings to his excrement shoveling brother so that his brother can afford NASCAR season tickets, dance lessons and the Harley Davidson he’s always wanted but whose beer budget wouldn’t allow him to get.  Then, when AFBro agrees, you never, ever say thanks.  Instead you continue to bitch about the remaining 40% of AFBro’s income.

If you’re a parent with a brain, you tell your excrement shoveling son to take a part-time job, pay for his own NASCAR tix, dancing lessons and Harley and stop bitching about the success of his older brother.  The excrement shoveling brother knows bitching is easier than getting a part-time job.  He will continue to bitch until AFBro relents.  Then excrement Bro be able to bid on that Beanie Baby collection on e-bay he's had his eye on.

Woops, this kind of slid off the rails.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

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