Monday, May 22, 2017

The sad case of Tony Carlos Danger Weiner

Chuckles the clown Schumer’s political protégé, Anthony Weiner (AKA Carlos Danger), pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor on Friday morning last.  I never liked Mr. Danger.  On alternating days I thought he was either a loud mouth SOB or an arrogant loud mouth POS.   It turns out he was neither.  What he was, was an arrogant loud mouthed SOB, walking talking POS and pervert.  I guess the political protégé apple does not fall from the tree, huh Chuckles.

For some reason I have none of the delightful schadenfreude for Carlos’s demise that accompanies every outburst of rage from some Lefty Lib suffering from a clear case of Trump derangement syndrome.  I still marvel at PDJT’s ability to drive the Lefty Libs absolutely nuts using nothing more than a 140 characters.  PDJT’s absolute Svengali like control over his deranged adversaries is a joy to watch.

PDJT has so taken over the minds of the MSM and the Demo-Dope Party, but I repeat myself, that any anonymous sources can leak nearly anything about PDJT and it dominates the news cycle for 48 hours.  It all started, if you recall, with a report that PDJT wanders around the White House living quarters in robe.   So what?  FLASH!  FLASH! FLASH! PDJT wears a robe!!!  Why not?  Hell when I’m home alone I regularly forego the robe altogether.  Just yesterday, I went down to barn in my underwear.  Try to get that mental picture out your mind before lunch.

I love to turn to PMSNBC and see the seething uncontrollable rage that is making the lives of the hosts at the Lefty Dominated cable franchise miserable if not shortening them all together.  It’s going to be interesting to see which is more sustainable the rage or the schadenfreude. 

But back to the point of this post which is, huh let me think, oh yeah, Carlos Danger.  I cannot must a bit of joy for the pathetic downfall of Chuckles the clown’s protégé.  The sad end of arranged royal/political marriage of Chuckles the clown’s protégé to Shrillda the Hutt’s right-hand girl Huma Abedin is nothing to find joy in.  The fall of the once powerful and respected Carlos Danger for repeatedly being proven to be a letch and pervert – sexting a minor with the power couple’s young child in the frame after being chased from congress, the NY Mayoral race and finally public life for repeating the same offensive behavior -  demonstrates what a pathetic figure Carlo Danger is. 

Watching the total destruction of Carlos Danger has been like watching a man with palsy trying to complete a 5 mile race.  You hope he makes it on his own, but it is very hard to watch.   So the man has fallen again – perhaps for the last time.  Perhaps his race is over.  My hope is that he gets up, puts the damn phone down, raises his child and finishes the race.

I do not know why I’m rooting for an arrogant loud mouthed SOB, walking talking POS and pervert.  Maybe we both need therapy.

Caligula, D.C. investigations explained
Andrew Klavin offers the clearest explanation yet of how Shape Shifter Comey’s firing affects Caligula, D.C. investigations.  If you can follow the thread, it actually makes perfect sense and proves Lex’s point in the post under – congress cannot get to the bottom parking lot puddle, because they do not want to. What they want is a political stick with which to beat the opposition with.  So the endless never ending investigations go exactly nowhere.

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