Thursday, May 04, 2017

Late night comedy - not funny any more

Way back in the days when I’d breeze in and out of the house to grab a snack, change clothes, eat dinner and go to bed – what, Jr. High through High School – I recall my dad saying that America started down the road to perdition when Clark Gable was allowed to utter the famous line, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” in Gone With the Wind.

Now I know what he meant.  Nearly every time the TV is on during prime time something is said that causes me to ask Mrs. Lex, rhetorically, “Is (fill in the blank) okay on TV now?”  What is said is bad enough, but bright Hollywood crowd has taken to using bleeping to get the most base cuss words past the censors and into their dialogue and even then they leave the last sound of the swear word in, as in, “What the bleepk?”

You might have guessed that all of this is prelude to a comment on the Col-bert brouhaha.  I just don’t know why it’s a big deal.  Col-bert hates PDJT.  Col-bert is a Lefty Lib.  Lefty Libs have no conscience, no standards, no moral bearing, no spiritual under pinning, no sense of honor, no sense of humor, no sense of public decency…well you get the point.  So that being the case, why would anyone but an idiot be surprised by what Col-bert said?   

Why is anyone surprised that Col-bert’s fellow travelers on the left haven’t taken to tell Col-bert that he’s out of line?  Try telling a joke that indicates that the only thing The Empty Suit’s mouth is good for is being Moochells ***k holster.  That’s very clever.  In the comedy game, we call that one a two-fer.  Get it?  But whining about a double standard or hypocrisy on the left is as useless as being a Cubs fan – no, wait – make that a Browns fan.   But no doubt if anyone were to tell such a joke all H-E double toothpicks would break lose.

But when a puny little slug like Col-bert says such things, it is celebrated as “free speech” and cutting edge comedy.  No, it’s just how the Lefty Libs roll.  Riot, encourage violence, ignore the law, be as vulgar as possible and use the hecklers veto to shut down the opposition’s voice. 

The Lefty Lib movement will not condemn anything - including violence - as long as it is negative and directed at PDJT or his supporters.  They are encouraging violence and then their MSM azzbags ignore it when it occurs.  When Shrillda the Hutt’s Lefty Lib anarchy machine – The Resistance - finally goes full blown and shots are fired on a regular basis it’ll be too late to get the Lefty Lib hate machine back into the bottle. 

Then what?  Well it’ll be like whenever these things happen.  Clueless idiots will proceed to revolt and destroy their own neighborhoods and businesses and kill their own neighbors.  These things always hit the hardest in the heart of Demo-Dope run and controlled areas.  Even if the anarchist do manage to get out of the downtown neighborhoods and move into the tony areas, they will be killing off their own guilt-ridden white benefactors.

I doubt that the Lefty Lib anarchist will make it all of the way out to the compound.  Besides if they do, I have a three tiered defense system more powerful than the Maginot Line, ah make that, more powerful than Spanky and Our Gang with sling shots, which is even more powerful than the Maginot Line.  The first line is a large sign that reads, “This is NOT a safe space.”  That should be enough to deter all but the most ardent Lefty Libs.  Then I have a “Free Dope” stand which is actually a bear trap.  There go all but one or two, who, when confronted with the Mrs. Lex’s cooking, will immediately flee to file an EPA toxic chemical complaint.*

*No.  I’m not worried about that line.  I’m nearly 3,000 posts into this blog and she has not wasted her time reading a single one of them.  My luck, today will be the day.

But hey, if you don’t like Col-bert, you can change the station over to Kimmel.  Over there, there are only half as many off-color “I hate PDJT” jokes.  But you have to be prepared for Kimmel to BS you about pre-existing conditions.  He went on TV to cry – literally – about his newborn son’s heart condition.  I get it.  There are few things in this world more heart-breaking than a sick child.  At the same time, there are few things more pathetic and vile than celebrities using a sick child to spread political BS.

I’m not even going to look this up, but I’ll wager AFBro's next two sizable year’s wages and his wine collection that anyone in a hospital must - by law - be treated irrespective of their ability to pay or the condition from which they are suffering pre-existing or not.  Why do think an aspirin at a hospital cost $2,000.   Hospitals have to pay for the “free riders” (aka uninsured) somehow.  Also, Jimmy!  Because in America we just get older, but never have to grow up, if you’re insured, guess what?  Your child - up to age 26 - is also insured. 

Thank goodness for vulgar ignorant late night TV hosts.  Where would we be without them?

Give him break
There’s an old adage in sports: Never fire the coach you have before you have line on the next coach.  Our coach PDJT is now 100 and some days into his term.  I’ve had colds that lasted longer that.  Yet the conservatives are getting nervous.  Ann Coulter and Rush are lambasting PDJT for latest budget deal.  Fine.  Maybe he deserves it. 

My take is, PDJT is all we have.  Who is going to look out for us if Coulter and Rush are successful in destroying PDJT?  Ryan?  McConnell?  Who? 

PDJT is all we have.  It makes zero sense to me for conservatives to try to separate him from his base this early in.  Can we wait until September, a mere 9 months into his presidency, before calling him a sell out?

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