Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Memorandums for the record are tools for paranoid azzbags

Lex has just learned from two anonymous sources that the anonymous sources in the Caligula, D.C. Compost story on the PDJT/Russia meeting were Shrillda the Hutt, Jeb! Bush and Tony aka Carlos Danger Weiner.  My anonymous sources told me that their anonymous sources told them that they read it on an anonymous blog on the dark web.  In big league journalism, this is as solid as it gets.  Take it to the bank folks.

Comeygate II (It’s sad when you have to start numbering them.)
Way back when, when I was the lone officer at a duty station, some staff puke encouraged me to keep MFRs, or memorandums for the record, to record my side of the story of any controversy that occurred.  Over the three years I was stationed there, I think I wrote maybe less than 5 MFRs and all were probably within the first month.

Surprisingly all of the MFRs I wrote placed my own heroic level-headed and totally appropriate actions to maintain good order and discipline at a mutinous duty station teetering on sheer pandemonium only held together in some functioning manner by my own superb leadership in the best possible light. 

When I confronted the staff for not being at work on a Thursday, in my MFR I noted that not one of them was sober alert and fit for duty at their assigned station at the normal starting time.  I noted that I was in early, in the proper uniform and manning my station in the most professional fashion. I didn’t mention that the event occurred on the 25th of December.  The layabouts were not there.  Case closed and duly noted in my MFR.      

I stopped the practice of telling myself what already knew when it occurred to me, “You are a Marine officer.  If your integrity is on such shaky ground that you have to write notes to yourself to cover your azz, you are either crazy or a pee poor officer.  If you think 13 Marine staff NCOs and NCOs are so unprofessional that they going to organize an effort to bring about your end, you are a delusional paranoid idiot and probably deserve to be gone and notes to yourself are only going to be more proof of that.  Stop it!”

So Jimmy the shape shifter Comey got moved off the headlines for a day by the BS story that PDJT gave the Russians classified information.  Comey couldn’t stand being second fiddle to the Russians, so one of his flunkies in the FBI released a note he wrote to himself about a meeting between Comey and PDJT. 

In that note to himself, Comey allegedly records that PDJT asked him to end his investigation into Michael Flynn.  No one but the leaker, Comey and a few others have seen Comey’s phantom memo and of course the leaker is anonymous.  Based on an alleged memo released by an anonymous source, the MSM Dope water carriers are already calling for impeachment.  YGBSM!  You’d think they’d at least wait until the leaker faxed over the memo. 

Remember Dan Blather’s Texas National Guard letters?  Fake.  Fake. Fake.  Show us the memo.   Show us the computer used to generate the memo. 

The most hilarious thing on PMSNBC last night was the repeated calls for congress “to get to the bottom of all of this.”  It’s a two YGBSM morning.  Congress couldn’t get to the bottom of a parking lot puddle.  The only thing the preening azzbags in Caligula, D.C. are capable of getting to the bottom of is a liquor bottle. 

Was congress able to get to the bottom of:
Fast and Furious
IRS targeting
Shrillda the Hutt’s illegal e-mail server  
VA waiting list scandal
AP wire tapping
Solyndra and other EPA payoffs or selected prosecution

With congress populated by such intellectual powerhouses as Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson, were they to “get to the bottom” of the bombing of Pear Harbor in 1941 it is as likely as not that we would end up declaring war on Canada.

Here’s what happened, and who that cares that I don’t have a clue of what actually happened.  Aside from Jimmy the shape shifter and PDJT neither does anyone else.  In a private meeting, PDJT laid out Flynn’s extended service to the country.  PDJT notes that Flynn is an otherwise “good man” who has been humiliated.  PDJT tells Comey, the he (PDJT) thinks Flynn has been punished enough.  PDJT sums it up to Comey rhetorically, “given his service to the country and his current life-long humiliation, I hope you can let this go.”

Also, PDJT is a kickazz business guy – not a lawyer.  Comey is a paranoid azzbag who needs to write CYA memos to himself and also happens to be a lawyer.  So the MSM is shouting OBSTRUCTION!  By who?  The untrained lawyer or the guy trained in the law who hid the evidence of a crime?  Also, Jimmy shape shifter Comey, was there any intent to obstruct?  Remember, that’s why you let Shrillda the Hutt off the hook.  Show me the intent.

For the Record:  I have just placed two MFRs in the file.  In one I noted that the Griffin promised me $10,000 if I encouraged him to retire on time.  Also, AFBro promised to bequeath to me his roadster – the Babe – in the unlikely event that I outlive the ageless one.

So, if either of you are thinking about reneging on your promises to me, I have ironclad legal documents to support my claim.  So, don’t even think about it.

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