Friday, May 12, 2017

The Russia investigation is never going to end

After Ethel Rosenberg’s brother ratted out her husband, Julius, as a Russian spy in June of 1950, it took the FBI less than a year to investigate, try and convict the Rosenbergs.  Jimmy the shape shifter Comey announced his second investigation into Shrillda the Hutt’s e-mail on Oct 28th (a day that will live in infamy).  It only took the FBI 9 days to clear the Hutt a second time. 

So how long will it take the FBI and congress to investigate the Trump/Russia collusion non-story story?  It will take as long as necessary for the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags to get a scalp, a la Scooter Libby, or weaken PDJT.  When PDJT has Mike over to the White House in Jan of 2021 before Pence’s inauguration, PMSNBC will be running stories about PDJT meeting with Pence to turn over his secret Russian contacts Rolodex to the President Elect. 

In short it is never going to go away as long as PDJT is in the picture with a trash pump and a coil of well pipe for the purpose of draining the Caligula, D.C. swamp.  Rat establishment Republicans, who know that they are as likely as not to be drained along with Demo-Dope azzbags by PDJT, will be hiding deep in the swamp under the Russian collusion swamp weeds along with the usual Dope suspects.

The Trump/Russia BS cannot be ended.  Then the swamp rats will have nothing.  

I wonder what it’s like to be PDJT.  How great would it be to be able drive your enemies into a deep anger, rage, depression and blustering frenzy just by showing up or releasing a 140 character message about fake news?  I’d spend all my time up in Ishigan driving Meatchicken fans crazy – short drive for most. 

I wonder if the Keith Olbermanns, Maxine Waters, Hollywood late night “comedy” personality types know that PDJT and his supporters like Lex enjoy their unending rage.  I’m pretty sure PDJT gets up in the morning hoping to do his best.  I’m also pretty sure he knows that whatever he does, cures cancer, feeds the poor, clothes the naked, educates the ignorant, whatever he does no matter how noble and/or good is only going to serve to drive the Lefty Libs further down the path to their own destruction by Trump derangement syndrome. 

I think it is amazing that the Lefty Libs let PDJT live rent free inside their heads.  They scream FIRE COMEY! PDJT fires Comey.  They scream COVER UP!  Robertscare is collapsing all around them.  They scream PRE-EXISTING (insurance) CONDITIONS!  PDJT arranges 8 billion to cover pre-existing (insurance) conditions.  They scream PDJT WANTS TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN!

I mean seriously how great would it be to be able to drive your archenemy nuts just by giving them what they want.  007 shows up in Dr. Doom’s laboratory and solves the problem with Dr. Doom’s climate machine.  Doom goes nuts.  “You bastard!  Get out of here!” Then, out of spite and uncontrollable anger, Doom blows up the perfected machine that would have allowed him to rule the world.  That’ll show Bond.

I’m sure PDJT is like the Rodney Dangerfield character in Caddy Shack.  He just goes about his business oblivious to the hand wringing rage and angst he causes among the elite Judge Smails types who populate the Bushwood Country Club.

I just think it would be cool to be the Tasmanian Devil whirling around disrupting everything among the people who literally cannot stand you and then going on your way as if everything is fine and dandy.   Maybe a word as you leave the scene, "Anyone going to clean that mess up?"  Then you whirl away.

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