Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Demo-Dopes to ensure everyone's income taxes go up

Taxes are a wining issue for Republicans. Yes, and the sun still rises in the east. Demo-Dopes are set to blow town without holding a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts for even us middle class waifs making less than $250K. If congress does nothing, taxes on all Americans who pay income taxes will go up on Jan 1st, 2011.

That is the Republicans’ fault. Republicans agreed to write a sunset clause into the Bush tax plan to make squishes like McCain, Grahmnesty and the usual crowd of squishes happy. Now it’s time to pay the piper. Will McCain, Grahmnesty et. al. step up to the plate and admit they were wrong? Hell no.

But here’s a winning argument for Republicans smart enough to make it. OK let’s talk taxes. You make less than $250K. What percentage of that money do you believe the government ought to be entitled to? I’ll bet $100, unless it’s someone with an un-taxable income in the millions, most Americans would believe that percentage to be somewhere between 10 and 15%. Now ask the same person, OK now you’ve worked really hard and earn more than $250K, what percentage of that additional income do you believe the government ought to be able to confiscate and redistribute? I’m thinking the figures stay about the same.

Now ask the person what the highest marginal rate the government ought to be steal from that person regardless of income. I believe the figures will stay about the same. It’s only when the question is posed as taxing the greedy evil rich that the figure will go up. So ask the question.  How much income tax should the government be able to take from a greedy corporate CEOs? The figure may now go as high as 40%. But now you have them. You tell them, OK now you’ve agreed that a 40% marginal rate is OK so pay up. They will argue that, no, they only wanted that rate for the greedy rich. Ahh, but that’s not how it works. Once you agree that 40% is OK, the bureaucrats in D.C. get to decide who pays.

See when asked what a fair share tax of their own income would be, everyone might agree that 10-15% is fair. Some may go as high as 20%. It’s only when you get to asking about the evil rich that the percentage goes up. Well there is an across the board fair rate that the government ought to be able to confiscate of the fruits of one’s labor.

Once you have the American people agreeing that it’s OK for the government to take 40% of those fruits from certain people, you have unwittingly given the green light to the D.C. dopes to use that figure on whomever they like – or better said - dislike.

That is why the flat tax is the answer. Everyone is in for a percentage. Then when Chas Schumer, Richard Cranium Turdbin and the Demo-Dopes want to raise taxes to build butterfly gardens in their home states, everyone has a stake. When everyone’s taxes go up, pols will not be so quick to talk about tax increases.

But the current tax code is what the D.C. bums use as carrots and sticks. That is how they get us to behave like circus animals. Turn in your classic old car and your neighbors will help you buy a new under powered “green” one. Use these windows, light bulbs and doors and the government will let off the hook for 10% of the cost. Buy these appliances, and your neighbors will pay for 20% of the costs. If everyone, and I mean everyone was paying a flat percentage all of that kind of crap would go away.

Here’s the thing. Demo-Dopes will take an @$$whippin’ this fall. They will do nothing on the Bush tax plan. Everyone who pays income tax will start paying more. Republicans will vote to reinstate the tax cuts but that will get bogged down in the senate or will be vetoed by P-BO. Point is that the Demo-Dopes have to literally do nothing to get what they want, a tax hike.

Republican ought to be beating the Demo-Dopes like a drum on this issue.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Domestic policy fueling Demo-Dope disaster, foreign policy fueling American disaster

While we focus on making the @$$whippin’ the Demo-Dope are going to get in Nov as sever as possible, Demo-Dopes are out to lose two wars and further destroy the economy. This election is about the economy stupid. Neither party has forayed into the mess P-BO has created in Iraq and Afghanistan and standing idly by while Iran goes nuclear.

I’m all for doing whatever it takes to make this the worst political @$$whippin’ in American political history. Dick Morris now says 100 Demo-Dope house seats are in play. So, if concentration on domestic policy is the way put 100 congressional Demo-Dopes out of work, great let’s do it.

But it seems to me that we need to wake people the hell up on what a total disaster P-BO and his Demo-Dope, the war is lost, party have been on national security. Let’s see where we are:

Candidate B-HO lampooned, derided, mocked and ridiculed GWB on his war policy.

After the election the only things noticeable that P-BO changed were to announce an etched in stone withdrawal date for Iraq and putting HIS guy in charge in Afghanistan.

Then he ignored HIS guy’s advice for how to win the war by withholding about 10,000 troops that Gen McChrystal insisted were necessary to stabilize Afghanistan.

Then P-BO had to fire HIS guy for insubordination.

Then in an irony one could not make up, he had to hire GWB’s guy to get things done in Afghanistan.

Since coming on the job Gen Petraeus and his boss P-BO have had an open disagreement about the timeline for withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan. Gen Petraeus insists that the timeline is conditions based and P-BO insists it isn’t. I expect Petraeus will win the argument because P-BO will look like and idiot if he has to fire another general who just happens to be possibly the most trusted man in America.

Yes you Civil War buffs, I know. Lincoln fired many generals. But let’s face it, being skinny lawyers from Illinois is about the only thing Lincoln and P-BO have in common. P-BO lacks Lincoln’s clear vision for victory or for that matter any vision. This guy is so clueless he will not even use the word victory when discussing the wars. He claimes he doesn’t know what victory will look like. WTF? YGBSM. If you don’t know what victory will look like, ask someone who does!

I know exactly what victory looks like for P-BO and Demo-Dopes like Scrawny Harry Reid, Richard Cranium Turdbin, Grand Fran Nan Peloser et. al. Victory for Demo-Dopes of this variety is simple. Withdrawal. No matter the long-term cost, no matter the long-term consequences, withdrawal. Withdrawal at all costs. Withdrawal. And when the Middle East is a smolder cauldron of waste, rather than going to get our own energy resources, P-BO will order us to lower our thermostats to make up for his own idiocy.

Someone needs to wake the American people up to the disaster brewing in the Middle East as a result of this bunch of clueless, cowardly, weasels.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Post racial? Well not yet.

Well, well, well, who knew that the first post-racial president would be mired in one racial scandal after another driving the races further and further apart as if he – P-BO – himself were wearing a white sheet. Let’s see we had the Rev? Wrong way Wright preaching racial intolerance if not hatred. We had P-BO talking about his typically white old granny. We have Fr. Flagger deriding the abhorrent and delusional SHrillary for her white privilege. Let’s recall the Skippy Gates incident where the cops acted so stupidly by investigating a man breaking into a home. That ended well when everyone including Dope Slow Joe Biden slugged down a can of suds at the White House. Then we had the New same as the old Black Panther case. That ended well when DOJ dropped the charges against three thugs in slam dunk voter intimidation case.

But then wouldn’t you know it, racists start coming out of the wood work claiming P-BO’s voter’s rights dept. at DOJ is itself full of racists. How else could it be explained? The whistleblowers had to be racists, right? Nobody disagrees with this president or his administration, who is not a racist.

So one guy comes forward - J Christian Adams. He levels accusations that there is a pattern of reverse discrimination within the voter’s rights dept. of DOJ. Uh Oh, boys and girls there is trouble in River City. Racists are calling the racists, racists. What to do? No bucket of beer is going to make this one go away. Well, just trash the whistleblower. So the MSM hacks buy into P-BO’s, BS that Adams is just a disgruntled employee who is out to cause trouble. Nothing to see here folks. Just keep moving along. Wphew, nearly had a disaster there. Just dodged the bullet.

Then another guy surfaces. A highly decorated highly respected career DOJ lawyer - Christopher Coats shows up:

A Justice Department prosecutor defied his superiors by testifying at a U.S. Civil Rights Commission hearing Friday, where he leveled an explosive allegation: top officials in the department gutted a voter intimidation case against a fringe African American militant group because the suspects were black and their alleged victims were white.

The prosecutor, Christopher Coates, also said the downgrading of the case against the New Black Panther Party was evidence of a Justice Department culture which discouraged "race neutral" enforcement of civil rights laws, frowned on prosecuting minority perpetrators and folded under pressure from black and Latino rights groups. After President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder took office, the culture intensified, Coates told the panel, ultimately leading to his departure as chief of the voting rights section early this year.

Holy Cow, what do we do now!? Well, create a distraction. Invite Stephen Colbert to testify before a house committee on immigration on the same day Coats is blowing up the racists at DOJ. Who are the lamestreamers going to cover, some old white guy exposing a pattern of racism at the very government organization responsible for rooting it out, or too hip to be cool Stephen Colbert trashing Repubs for being mean spirited intolerant Hispanaphobes?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ahmadinejad, Shrilldabeast: both abhorrent and delusional

Unless I’m starting them, I’m not big fan of conspiracy theories. So lemee get one started.

Yesterday the civilized world was aghast that the world’s largest creep would stand before the UN, a body of mostly lesser creeps, and declare that the US orchestrated the events of 9-11 in hope of ensuring Israel’s survival.

Huh? Every time the Arabs start something with the Jews, the Arabs end up running through the streets, tripping over garbage that hasn’t been collected in 6 months, looking for the hospital to tend to their bloody skulls.

Israel’s survival? The only thing that has kept Israel in a constant state of war is the US. If we had gotten out of the way, Israel would have long ago pushed the Palestinians into the sea. Problem solved. Finally peace in the Middle East.

Anyway Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, pronounced I-ma-nut-job, spreads this BS about the 9-11 being an inside job and the Demo-Dopes at P-BO’s State Dept. go nuts. Some Sate Dept. worm or UN worm issued this statement after Imanutjob’s UN bombshell:

"Rather than representing the aspirations and goodwill of the Iranian people," he said, "Mr. Ahmadinejad has yet again chosen to spout vile conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic slurs that are as abhorrent and delusional as they are predictable."

Wow! Way cool tough talk. He even left out the usual “My good friend…” BS. He must be serious.

So I am to gather from this that anyone who thinks that the US had prior knowledge of the events of 9-11 is, how did that guy put it? Oh yeah, “abhorrent and delusional.”

Well guess what? I just so happen to recall a photo an abhorrent and delusional one Billary Shrilldabeast Clinton standing in the well of the Senate shortly after 9-11 holding a copy of the NY Post with headlines that shouted “BUSH KNEW.”

Well here’s where the conspiracy comes in, Google “Hillary Bush Knew” and other combinations that should produce the photo of the Shrilldabeast in full pant suited glory in the senate holding that copy of the Post. Nothing. I mean nothing.

In fact the first thing that pops up is a link for someone asking if anyone has a copy of the picture. Then you scroll down to a couple of citations and get stuff like this: “I just checked the newsmax archive, briefly. It is not there. Perhaps it never existed in reality, though I remember seeing it all over the place.” Well, yeah, it was all over the place. But it isn’t any more. It’s gone like an 8 track tape player.

And there is the conspiracy my friends. Where did that picture and go and who caused it to disappear? I believe Shrilldabeast and Imanutjob are having an affair. Don’t laugh. There are other odd couple in the world, Mary Matlin and James Carville, Orin Hatch and Teddy Kennedy; Felix Unger and Oscar Madison; Sharon Stone and Dwight Yokum. Julia Roberts went out with Lyle Lovett for crying out loud. That has to be proof positive that anything is possible in a relationship.

I think I’ve stumbled onto something here. Shrilldabeast and Imanutjob are actually two peas in a pod. But Shrillda cannot let anyone know that they are both abhorrent and delusional so she has caused the evidence of her own abhorrent and delusional behavior to disappear so that no one – especially Billbo - will suspect the affair between two equally abhorrent and delusional people. TMZ has NOTHING on Lex.

Well where were the dupes in the MSM when cries of foul came from Demo-Dopes - that Imanutjob’s was way off base and was abhorrent and delusional ? I waited and waited for one, just one of them to recall, “Well, you know, Shrilldabeast Clinton said pretty much the same thing just days after 9-11. Would you call her abhorrent and delusional?” Well, yes I would, and think I have several times here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP's Pledge for Nov 2

The head of the Ohio Democratic Party is brushing off his description of Tea Partiers and other opponents of President Obama's health care law as "f--kers."

The United Farm Workers announced that Stephan Colbert will testify Friday before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law.

So yes, I’m sure that no matter how difficult the times are, our pols are still taking the whole thing very seriously.

But help is on the way. Today the Republican Party released its “Pledge to America.” There is much in this 21 page document to be hopeful about. Not the least of which is these gems from the preamble pages.

In a self-governing society, the only bulwark against the power of the state is the consent of the governed, and regarding the policies of the current government, the governed do not consent.

An unchecked executive, a compliant legislature, and an overreaching judiciary have combined to thwart the will of the people and overturn their votes and their values, striking down long-standing laws and institutions and scorning the deepest beliefs of the American people.

An arrogant and out-of-touch government of self-appointed elites makes decisions, issues mandates, and enacts laws without accepting or requesting the input of the many.

Go the GOP Pledge to America and read the whole thing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Powell: hero to near zero

I used to respect Colin Powell. Then he hired Fester Armitage to help out at State as an undersecretary. Fester outted the already outted Valerie please look at me Plame. Before finding out it was Fester who outted his wife, Plame’s husband Joe no look at me Plame was so outraged he wanted the ner-do-well who outted his already outted wife “frog marched out of the White House.” “Frog marched?” Is that some sort of pejorative reference to the French?

So Powell’s first step down from the pedestal was to hire a dick named Richard Armitage. Then Richard the dick blabbed to long time Washington newsman Robert Novak that long time do-nothing Joe Wilson got his gig in Niger in large part due to his wife Valerie who worked at the CIA. Now let’s be clear hear. Her covered work at the CIA had long ago ended and Plame was using the front gate at Langley when Fester told Novak the news about Ms. Plame.

In his article, Novak described Ms. Plame as a “CIA operative.” Novak latter said he used the term “operative” all the time to describe Washington insiders and it had no connection whatever to any covered work Plame had done. In fact at the time of the article, Novak didn’t know that Plame had been a covered agent in a former life. Well all hell broke loose.

Joe Wilson, Valerie’s kept husband, needed a pay day and Novak had just dropped one into his lap. So Joe went on his “righteous indignation” tour. Now whatever danger Novak’s column had put the Plames in, Joe’s sewer sized suck running non-stop about his wife's work magnified that danger 10,000 fold. Even then, the actual danger was about a minus 6.

Well an inept special prosecutor came in and cracked the case in the first day when Fester fessed up. But the special prosecutor, Pat Fitzgerald went on to spend 18 months and hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to nail Scooter Libby on unrelated process crime. The entire time Fitzgerald was rooting around the White House, he and Fester Armitage knew who the real culprit was.

Well this post is supposed to be about why I don’t trust Powell anymore. So here goes. Did Powell know about his top aide’s involvement in the Plame deal? I don’t know for sure but suspect he did. Even if he didn’t, where was Powell when the whole story finally came out? Shouldn’t he have at a minimum issued a statement condemning Fester for his lying scum bag ways? Shouldn’t he have said, “I am ashamed that the leak came from my department. The person responsible for that leak is a loser, and that loser is a coward for not publicly admitting his culpability before so many people’s lives were put through such hell. I hired this waste of human flesh, so ultimately the responsibility is mine. I apologize to the nation and those directly harmed by my subordinate’s lack of manhood. In another time, I’d challenge that fat bastard to a duel and shoot him in the groin so he’d die the slow miserable death he deserves.”

As far as I know, Powell has said nothing about his ddepartment's involvement in the incident.

Then Powell the “moderate Republican” endorsed B-HO for president. Why? Well some far right-wing nut was the republican nominee. Right? Pat Buchannan or someone like him, Right? No wait it was a “moderate Republican” squish – John McCain. If moderate Powell wouldn’t support moderate McCain, who would he support on the Republican side? Sadly, the truth is either Powell is being less than truthful in his claims that he is a Republican (of any description) or he lacked the courage to face the cries of being an Uncle Tom that he was sure to face from the party of love and tolerance had he endorsed McCain.

Now, Powell is lecturing us on illegal immigration. Why, he has illegals running all over his house. First I’d ask, how does he know this? Is he profiling swarthy skinned people who come over or does he ask for their papers then absent papers he allows them to work anyway? And general, why do hire the illegals in the first place? I suspect it’s because they will do your laundry at cheaper rate than a legal worker. So if you hire illegals now and we make them legal tomorrow, won’t that just force you into hiring the next wave of illegals? Where does this do-loop stop?

Sadly Powell has proven time and again that he has become part of the problem. Thanks for your service general, but I won’t be fooled again. For me, you have gone from hero to partisan hack.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What the Tea Party wants

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton told CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that one thing bothering him about the Tea Party movement is that he can’t figure out where they stand on issues.

“Do they want to repeal the financial oversight bill? Do they want to repeal rather than reform the health care thing? Do they really want to repeal the student loan reform bill when we’ve fallen from first to 12th in the world in people with college degrees and it’s really important to the economy?” Clinton said…

Clinton also said he’s not sure if the Tea Party movement is “going to be a good thing for Democrats.”

“The Tea Party insurrection, if you will, that you see in these Republican primaries reflects the feeling of a lot of Americans that they’re getting the shaft,” Clinton told CBS chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer.

The reason Bilbo can’t figure the Tea Party out is because nobody has handed him a poll driven position paper on the topic. Left to try to figure out the middle ground on his own, Billbo is mystified. What do these people want? They want a lot of thing but one thing for sure is that they want pols like Clinton to do an Olbermann and shut the hell up.

What does the Tea Party? Here’s a short list

They want the government to stop spending money that it does not have. Clear enough?

Stop using that money to feather the nests of your political cronies.

They want the government to do the things that it is mandated by constitution to do, like secure our borders and stop all the nanny statism like P-BOcare that are not found in the constitution.

OK?  The list could go on about mosques, korans, vacations, the New Black Panthers, don’t ask don’t tell, Israel, Palestine, Hugo Chaves etc.etc But let’s start with those three basics. And the number one thing the Tea Party wants is get rid incumbent Demo-Dope hacks. Nov 2 can not arrive soon enough.

And if you think Billbo is a clueless buffoon on the Tea Party, P-BO told some lady at townhall meeting yesterday that the Tea Party’s anger is directed at the wrong people. Oh yeah, George Bush is responsible for the doubling of the national debt with P-BO’s own crazy spending policies. Spending that if unchecked will cause the national debt to triple in the next five years.

Does that crap, blaming you predecessor 18 months into your new job, work for anyone else? Let me know if does. Being president is a lot like being a relief pitcher. Most of these major leaguers want the ball no matter what. So if the relief guy comes on with two guys on base and throws a nice straight, slow ball right across the heart of the plate that the batter knocks into another zip code, that pitch is not the starting pitcher’s fault.  P-BO wanted the job.  P-BO knew what he was facing.  And like the example of the relief pitcher, he has made the situation much worse and has nobody but himself to blame for it.

P-BO went on to say that it is not enough to just point out the problem. You have to offer some constructive solutions as well. OK. Here’s the near term solution; vote every Demo-Dope and RINO Republi-Rat possible out of office on Nov 2, 2010. Year’s the long term solution; Vote P-BO out during the Demo-Dope primary season of 2012.

And it's interesting to note that P-BO's supporters have started to notice that the rose water smell of P-BO's BS is beginning to wear off.
One thing I've noticed though is that Billbo and P-BO aren't calling them Tea Baggers any more.  Progress however slight, is still progress.  The Tea Party is a force to be reckoned with. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

P-BO set this week to ruin the world

Oh joy! After wrecking our country P-BO is about to start wrecking it further by injecting himself into the world’s politics. Check this out this piece by Michael Fullilove on the Daily Beast:

President Barack Obama comes to New York this week to visit the United Nations. He will address the General Assembly, meet with Asian leaders, and participate in a clutch of meetings on issues concerning the international community, including development and the situation in Sudan. His trip coincides with the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, at which the great and the good pledge to help address international problems.

But if [P-BO’s] work in New York this week throws light on his approach to international affairs, so does the work he did in Chicago back in the day. What he presents to his fellow world leaders this week -- a progressive foreign policy, a willingness to engage with adversaries, a commitment to following the rules and making others do the same -- reflects his background as a community organizer.

Uh Oh, hold on to your wallet. No doubt Mr. Community Organizer, or as the People’s Cube might refer to him, the Community Organ, knows that no organizing can take place without other people’s money to spread around. So while P-BO shows up at the UN for the “Clinton Global Initiative“, his own bean counters have identified 1in 7 Americans as “poor.” Seems to me it’d be great if our government started American initiative to return America to prosperity, but that’s just me.

In some odd way, Demo-Dopes remind me of the PLO. The PLO cannot make pick up the trash or make the water run in the tiny spaces that they have extorted from the world so far. Instead they divert attention from their pathetic attempts at governance by warring with Israel.

In the same way, the Demo-Dopes have set on a course of moral and social decay and cannot pay for the Utopia they promised because they have bankrupted the country. So what to do? Well when your broke and have run your own country into the ground, there is only one thing left to do. Run the rest of the world into the ground as well.

Demo-Dopes fixing the economy is like the Three Stooges trying to fix a leaky rowboat. Everything they try is sure to make the situation much worse. Then once their own rowboat they show up at the marina to fix yachts. And just like the American public every so often hires Demo-Dopes to run the country, some unsuspecting yacht owner hires the Stooges.

Seriously, can Nov come soon enough? No it can’t.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday stuff

I ran across this on the Daily Caller web site this morning.

Yesterday, Republican Reps. Joe Barton of Texas, Michael Burgess of Texas, and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee introduced the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, otherwise known as the BULB Act.

The BULB Act repeals a section of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 that called for more energy efficient light bulbs. That provision set in motion the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs, the bulbs most commonly found in your local hardware store, by 2012.

I was at the Ft. Wayne building trades show on Wednesday and ran across lighting booth that dealt with LED lamps. The lamps were made by Phillips. Here’s the deal. If we have honest brokers in D.C.(Stop that laughing right now!), the CFL will never see the, uh pardon the pun, light of day.

Here’s why. LED lighting is every bit as energy efficient as CFL. They last as long. They produce less heat. They are dimmable and they are more easily disposed of than CFLs because they contain no mercury.

Also, white light is relatively new to the LED industry. As a result, while CFLs have matured as a technology and improvements are only being made on the margins, LEDs will improve by leaps and bounds. The greatest limit on the LED right now is the cost. But once Phillips reaches the magic 60 watt barrier, sales will explode the cost will come down it should be light out for CFLs.

The wild card in this scenario is that GE is the sole producer of CFLs. GE subsidiary PMS-NBC is also P-BO’s #1 butt boy. There is a lot of money at stake here for the companies and the pols. Watch for some sort of congressional mandte on CFLs. Oh, we already have one. Right. Well then look for another.

Who’s out of the Mainstream?
Squiggy Gibbs claimed that Christine O’Donnell was “out of the mainstream.” OK well let’s see who’s out of the mainstream:

Is “mainstream” America for or against a moderate Islamo extortionist building the GZM?

Is “mainstream” America for against P-BOcare?

Is “mainstream” America for or against the first P-BO stimulus/bailout?

Is “mainstream” America for or against a new P-BO stimulus/bailout?

Is “mainstream” America for or against securing our borders?

Is “mainstream” America for or against raising taxes?

On everyone of these issues Squiggy, it’s you who are out of the “mainstream.”

It’s Constitution Day
One up your elected official. Go here and take the 20 minutes to actually read the basic document. It’s about 12 type written pages.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you keep doing the same thing, you cannot expect a different result

Republi-Rats, Demo-Dopes and Lamestreamers are still in a tizzy over Christine O’Donnell’s win in the DE Republican primary yesterday. Remember this is the gal the Republi-Rats sent out to face Joe can I steal your work Biden in the last cycle when it was thought Republicans had no shot at Slow Joe’s seat. There has to be some tape out there of these Republi-Rat luminaries talking about what a great fight she put up against huge odds, blah, blah, blah.

Well now O’Donnell has a real chance to win and the establishment is pi$$ed because she beat their butt boy – badly. Now they are saying she can’t win the general because the Tea Party will not transfer votes in a general election. Hmmm, who is the Tea Party? Yeah right, I don’t know either. But I suspect that there are any number of hard working Democrats who agree with the general proposal that government has gotten too big and spends too much money that it doesn’t even have.

DE is a closed primary state. Only Republicans voted in the primary on Tues. So who, besides the Republi-Rat establishment is to say that there are not enough common sense people in DE to chose a Republican over a Marxist?

I have always believed that politics is the art of the possible. Many times that requires that one vote for the least offensive candidate. 2008 was a perfect example of that theory. One candidate was only slightly less offensive than the other. So I held my nose and voted for the running mate of the least offensive candidate.

This cycle seems different. A lot of entrenched pols on both sides of the aisle are in trouble. And that has to be good for America. Any time I hear a candidate described as the “long-time” representative or senator or anything else, I know that that person is part of the problem. These people get ingrained in some creepy cult in Washington where they are constantly referring to people that they cannot stand as their “good friend.”

You have guys like Orin Hatch and Teddy Kennedy running around as if they were brothers despite the creepy things that Kennedy did to Mary Jo, Judge Bork, and host of other people who had to sit at a table silent in a hearing room while this bloated jackass and moral cripple derided them – American citizens – in ways unimaginable. But there’s ol’ Orin talking about his “good friend” from MA. That fat (g)assbag should have been shunned on capitol hill until the people of MA wised and brought him home to live out his days chugging Scotch in his underwear on the Kennedy compound.

In Washington every thing is incestuous. I’ll vote for your bill if you vote for mine. Hell even when there is a blue ribbon committee on this issue or that, they bring in their old buds to "do the right thing."  Trouble is in Washington "the right thing" is to maintain the status quo. Today, you have couple of old, haggard, washed up senators heading up the committee on fiscal responsibility. These creeps were partly responsible for the mess. Now they are in charge of fixing the mess they helped to create. And the current class of freeloaders, weasels, reprobates and spendthrifts (aka congress) will use the report of their buds to avoid any responsibility on fixing the mess. It’s a disgrace.

I’m convinced that the American people need to hold an intervention with at least half of the sitting members of congress. Let’s start this Nov. Things will not change if we keep sending the same people in to do the job.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Establishment Republi-Rats no different than establiment Demo-Dopes

What does a sore looser do? He takes his ball and goes home or upsets the game board. What does a sore loser Republi-Rat do? Starts billing herself as a Libertarian (Mukowski) in order to weedle her way onto the ballot as that party’s candidate, withholds support for the Republican primary winner (Castle), runs as an “independent” after getting beaten in the primary (Christ) or changes party to avoid a serious primary challenge (Spector).

It’s like the Pretty Boy quarterback in a small town who has started every game since 4th grade being beaten out in his senior year by a new kid that comes to town. Instead of picking up another position or helping the team by helping the new guy, Pretty Boy starts calling the completion and telling them what the game plan is for Friday night’s game. Pretty Boy is a self-centered egomaniacal $h!thead who deserves desperately to have his @$$ whipped.

A few, but very few, on the team side with Pretty Boy. They try to sabotage the new comer by missing a block here and there or dropping a perfect pass.

Some, not many, but some in the Republican Party are like Pretty Boy and his followers on the team. I heard Karl Rove trash Christine O’Donnell last night on Fox after her stunning upset over establishment Republi-Rat Mike Castle. Rove whined O’Donnell would have a tough time defeating the Demo-Dope nominee Chris Coon. Rove isn’t out on much of a ledge there since Coon leads O’Donnell by 26 points according to one poll. The usually clear thinking Charles Krauthammer dumped on O’Donnell and two of her key Republican supporters - Palin and DeMint - the night before the election on Fox. What good did that serve? Who benefits?

Christine O’Donnell was the establishment backed Republican candidate for the senate against Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden in the last cycle. What has happened since? I tell you what. The Republican actually has a chance to win this time. So the establishment wants one of their good ol’ boys in there so that they can continue to pull the levers.

When these things happen, establishment Republi-Rats are proving themselves to be as worthless a lot as Demo-Dopes. It is as if these insiders have taken a lesson from P-BO. They lament the bitter clingers in the center of the country crashing the party and upsetting their here-to-fore sole ownership of the controls of power.

You can almost hear the pol hacks in the back room. Those damn people are showing up and voting their own minds, issues and candidates again. Damn them. Don’t they know that we know what is best for them?

For his part, sore loser Castle has withheld his support for the Republican who beat him like a drum, after Sarah Palin rode in and endorsed O’Donnell. Gee Mikey, why didn’t you just pull an Arlen Spector and switch parties to avoid taking an @$$whippin’ in the primary all together?

Castle is part of the problem. He has been running for office since 1966. He is a career politician, which means he is the problem. That means we’re better off without him.

But for the Republi-Rat machine and establishment pols, it’s not about new blood and new ideas, it’s about maintaining the status quo so that if and when power does shift, the establishment hacks will be pulling the levers of the machine. There is a swell in America today that “establishment pols” don’t seem to get, Demo-Dope or Republi-Rat. We’re in the mess we’re in because of YOU!

So when the people speak and oust one of the idiots who got us into the mess, the establishment is aghast. Why if this continues we’ll lose our power. So they close ranks with the establishment candidate, trash the upset winner and set about trying to sabotage the chances of the new blood in the Nov election.

In the feel good blockbuster of the summer, the new kid throws a long pass on the last play of the game. The receiver, who had been in Pretty Boy’s camp and dropped a couple of easy catches earlier, now realizes it’s the team, it’s the team, it’s the team that counts not one narcissistic loser. He dives, laying flat out and catches the ball just inside the line to win the game. Hopefully Rove and CK will come home soon and get back on the team.

The team in this case is not the Republican Party. Screw them. The team in this case are the principles and values that this country were founded on. Those principles and values have been under vigorous and unrelenting assault since P-BO said, so help me allah…er, uh, God.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ifs, Ands & Butts plus more free speech assaults

Yeah butt,
OK class here's a quiz.  Looking at the backsides of these three, who do you suppose is most qualified to lecture, hector, harass and badger us about OUR eating habits?  Broad @$$ Moochelle (BAM) or one of the other two?  And the sleevless look is awesome.  Showing off those guns again eh?

But her own considerable backside isn't enough for Moochelle to get herself squared away before pestering the rest of us:

First lady Michelle Obama (aka BAM) is prodding the nation's restaurants to add more healthy options to menus, label those items more prominently and market nutritious foods to kids.

Speaking to the National Restaurant Association on Monday, Mrs. Obama (aka BAM) pleaded with restaurants small and large to take a little butter or cream out of their dishes, use low fat milk and provide apple slices or carrots as a default side dish on the kids' menu.

Look being fat is one thing.  I'm well down that road.  But I'm not telling other people to eat a salad while I shove my third Twinkie of the morning down .   As journalistic great Keith Olbermann once offered, hey BAM, shut the hell up.
More free speech?
In the post below, Lex noted how amazingly thin skinned this administration is when comes to being criticized – by anyone, including a 17 year old drunk Brit:

The furious FBI asked local cops to tell college student Luke Angel, 17, his drunken insult was "unacceptable". Luke yesterday admitted he fired off a single email criticising the US Government after seeing a TV programme about 9/11.

He said: "I don't remember exactly what I wrote as I was drunk. But I think I called Barack Obama a p***k. It was silly - the sort of thing you do when you're a teenager and have had a few."

I’m thinking the e-mail might have gone a bit farther than calling P-BO what he is, but who knows, with this bunch of pansies maybe that was it. And does anyone seriously suppose P-BO the p***k even saw the e-mail? I’m sure he has a staff of 1,000s that are hired at taxpayer expense with the sole responsibility of making sure that no more Joe the plumbers or bitter clingers shatter P-BO’s heightened opinion of himself.

Who really cares about one drunk teenager from England? But consider what the FBI would do to an American citizen who did the same thing? They can’t ban an American from America. Instead I suppose they’d have to put the violators of P-BO’s arrogant ego in jail or on some kind of watch list. I seriously wonder if P-BO’s ego shielders kept any of those wonderfully defiant daily e-mails I sent to If so, then for certain I’m on a list some where.

For the record, I’m not thinking of suicide or planning to “just get away for awhile.” So if I do end up dead or missing, suspect foul play from our grand and glorious government who appear more interested in foul mouthed insults from teenagers abroad than the terrorist threat in our midst. Or, could it be that P-BO’s plan has worked and appeasement is the best way to bring moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists into the 21st century. Has the threat from moderate ITF subsided to the point that the FBI has time to take on cyber harassment?

Hey, P-BO, take McGruff the Crime Dog’s advice about cyber bullying: Don’t send it. Don’t forward it. Just delete it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Free speech for me, but not thee

After claims by America's Health Insurance Plans that insurers are raising premiums because of increased costs imposed by the P-BOcare law, HHS Sec Kathleen Sebelius warned, "There will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases." After Tea Partiers, America's Health Insurance Plans – a lobby group for insurance companies - has become this administration's the number 1 boogieman. That’s not an easy task for an administration keen to place anyone who dare disagree on the list.

But here’s a funny thing – or a least it’d be funny were it not so darn serious – both Sebelius and her boss agree that as many of the law's "key protections" take effect later this month they impose additional costs on insurers. P-BO acknowledged this when he said that of course cost were going to rise. That, you could not add 30 million freeloaders to the system without increasing cost. 

Now he sounds like Republican. Had he been that honest during the campaign or the P-BOcare debate, the percentage of people opposed to this BS might have gotten as high as 85-90% as opposed to the mere 70% that recognize this BS for what is - BS. But Sebelius took the cruel news of financial woe for insurers and their customers in stride when she plastered on one of those incredibly clever yellow smiley faces and issued this statement, "according to our analysis and those of some industry and academic experts, any potential premium impact ... will be minimal."  Another pundit warned, if you think this is bad, wait until the other 2,000 pages of P-BOcare go into effect in 2014.

Well said by a woman who, like her boss, has never run anything more complicated than a college class room full of like-minded half wits. Businesses are not in business to provide health care, child care, retirement benefits or an annual company picnic. Businesses exist to make money for the owner or the share holders. They do that by providing the best possible product or service at the lowest possible price. Anything an onerous government does to increase the cost of “doing business” has to be eaten by someone. Sadly that someone is usually us Joe consumer.

But the fact that this (g)@ssbag women is clueless is the least of our problem. Who the hell is she to tell any American that their right to free speech and opinion will not be tolerated?

This administration has real problem with Americans expressing themselves openly. It started with Joe the plumber. After he respectfully asked his question, the B-HO campaign and Demo-Dope operatives set out to destroy this guy. Why? Well he had the temerity to ask a question that the Lamestreamers would never ask. And when P-BO stepped in a huge pile of his own excrement with his “spread the wealth around” comment, it was the questioner who became the issue not P-BO’s lame-brained answer.

Then there was the wildly successful effort. That was when P-BO, in perfect communist tradition, asked us to rat out our neighbor for offering a conflicting (i.e. true) opinion about P-BOcare.

Most recently, we have all sorts of government officials weighing in on some nutball’s decision to burn a koran. Before, I thought the guy ought not burn the book for obvious reasons – not among them was offending the sensibilities of the world’s $h!head population. Now, I think the guy ought to crap on koran before burning it and put the embers out by pi$$ing on them and drowning them in cheap whiskey and pork grease  before disposing of the ash down a park service porta-potty at the 9-12 rally on the mall.  I am for this action not to make a statement to moderate Muslims to grow up and join at least the 16th century if not the 21st, but to warn my government to stop their assault on free speech.

If the government is going to tell me that I can not put up a Christmas tree in the town square because of separation of church and state, by the same logic, the government ought not be “encouraging” anyone not to burn a koran.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pi$$ on Rauf

Is it Sep 10th already? Wow! That means the “Summer of Recovery” is nearly officially over. Thank goodness.

It must also mean that tomorrow is Sep 11th, 2010, the 9th Anniversary of the date when 19 moderate Muslims attacked the US with three passenger aircraft. It is only fitting that we reflect back on what we did to moderate Muslims to deserve this fate.

First we should have never allowed that nutball pastor down in FL to burn those korans.


Did you know that Bill Gates’ MS Word insists that the word koran be spelled with a capital K? But you can spell Bible with a lower case b. At the risk of in sighting the wrath of moderate Muslims everywhere to burn and destroy things, I’m going to reverse that.

Next, we should have never protested Imam Issa Bin Aliar’s plan to build a mosque near the World Trade Center.

And we should have never allowed our free and fair press to published false stories about a koran being flushed down a toilet at our seaside retreat for Islamo-Terror-Fascists at G’itmo.

And those Muhammad cartoons, well they were enough for anyone to commit mass murder.  Imagine how Catholics might react if some one painted a picture of the Virgin Mary with elephent dung or photographed a crucifix in a jar of urine.  Oh yeah, they did that.

Last we should never have let American Soldiers abuse Muslim prisoners in Iraq.

Had we just considered moderate Muslim feelings a shied away from these things moderates Muslims would never have attacked us.

Huh? All that stuff is post 9-11? Well, I’m gob smacked then. What did cause the attack?

Simple, whackos trapped in the 8th century. And here’s another thing, it didn’t start on 9-11-01. It started with the Barbary pirates in 1803 and has continued at various levels of intensity since then.

Burning korans and building mosques have nothing to with scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists wanting to kill us. Scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists are the problem, not anything we do. Scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists were lining up to kill us pre 9-11 and nothing we have done since has had one bit of affect on them. Freeing 50 million Muslims from tyranny pisses off the scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists. Burning korans pisses off the scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists. Rebuilding Iraq pisses off scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists.

This is the not the religion of peace. It is the religion of perpetual outrage. Or at a minimum, that is the face we see. Name one moderate Muslim leader who stands everyday and protests what is done day in and day out in the name of Islam. Chirp, chirp of crickets.

Now Imam Ivea Bin Adouchebag is telling America if we don’t build his victory mosque at Ground Zero we will inflame the scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists. And they may plan new attacks on America. May plan new attacks? Hey Adouchbag, they are planning right now and nothing we do will stop them from planning save shooting their worthless hides full holes with a .20 mm cannon from a Cobra airship.

HEY, P-BO, PATREAUS, IVEA BIN ADOUCHEBAG, AMERICA - WAKE TFU. The scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists do not need a reason to become inflamed. Inflamed is their natural state, and history has shown that there is not enough water in all of the world’s oceans to put the flame out.

I just want to say F%$K Imam Rauf. I’m sure P-BO and gutless bunch of waifs will cave to this extortion and intimidation. Americans won’t. If not building it will piss off these Neanderthals, imagine what will happen the building is bombed, probably by some scum moderate Islamo-Terror-Fascists interested in stirring up trouble. As if there were any other kind.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Handicapping the Republican Presidential nominee

First off let me say that the Republican nominee probably has not yet been noticed. Next, given my handicap during the last cycle where I went from Rudi to Fred to Mitt to anyone but McCain and ended up with McCain anyway, this post means less than nothing.  Last, yep, it's probably too early.  But what the hell, I’m paying for the page so I can do what I want. Yes, I know it doesn’t cost anything to post, and it’s worth every cent.

Cheney: The most qualified guy in America to be president. Yes, that includes the current and former presidents. He’d have a terrible time campaigning between hear attacks and bypass surgeries. If elected, the guy carrying the “football” with the nuclear codes would have to be replaced by a guy carrying a defibrillator. Cheney is out. His, uh, heart isn’t in it.

Newt: Next most qualified guy in the country to be president. He orchestrated the Contract with America and boxed the Slickster in on welfare reform and a balanced budget. He’ll have a tough time after being savaged by the left for 6 years, and sitting on a couch with Grand Fran Nan Peloser to pitch Envirowhackoism. Newt would probably be the front runner until some guy like Ron Paul polling at 2% started to run ad’s of Newt sitting on that couch with a tag line like; Do Republicans want a candidate that agrees with Peloser on anything? The guy at 2% won’t gain, but someone else will.

Mitt: Has the look. Has the money. Has the know how. Has a record of success. Has belonged to the Mormon Church. He’s done. Sadly the whispering campaign would pick up where it left off after the last cycle. You can already hear it in coffee clubs all over: Well you know, I’m no bigot, but those Mormons believe that Lucifer and Christ are brothers and Lucifer lost the Kingdom of Heaven on a coin flip with Jesus and now he just wants to go 2 out of 3. Weird huh.

Hucksterbee: Will be the guy spreading the rumors about the Mormon religion.

Sarah: Watch this gal. She has been all over America endorsing candidates and in the process building coalitions. She can raise money like no other. She can draw a crowd like no other. She is the most like us. While the guys above probably couldn’t drive themselves home from the movies. Sarah packs the whole neighborhood up; takes them to the movie; makes sure the aisles are clean after the movie; stops for ice cream on the way home; then let’s all of the kids spend the night. She’s also probably the best shot with a rifle and the best fisherman (Had Cheney not blasted his buddy, he’d have gotten that honor.). She’s been savaged by the media for three years and only becomes more popular as a result. She’s my candidate. But after 4 years of an unknown inexperienced candidate that turned out to be a total boob, America will not gamble on anyone with Sarah’s experience or rather perceived lack of experience. She’s probably destined to the VP roll again.

Anyone of 20 governors, senators and or congressmen: The nominee will probably come out of this group.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

President Fido supports the right to burn the Koran

President Fido
P-BO told a crowd on Labor Day that he'd "keep fighting, every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around." Then he whined that interest groups that don’t agree with him "talk about [him] like a dog." First off, if “fighting" means spending 700 BILLION on “shovel ready” projects resulting in a rise in unemployment, the deficit, the size, reach and interference of government, please, please STOP fighting for us.

Next off, don’t compare yourself to a dog. When I was growing up we loved our dogs. We always had two. The dogs were well behaved. They generally did what they were told to do. I can’t imagine Shorty passing P-BO care, if Dad had given him a sharp, No! They added to the enjoyment of the family. They were not constantly stirring the race pot pitting one half of the family against the other, although Heidi did like big brother best. Unlike P-BO, we could put Bruno out when he got in the way. Heck he would actually sit by the door, if there were too much confusion in the house. What are the chances P-BO will address the nation, tell us we made a horrible mistake in 2008, he isn’t up to the job and just quit? And our dogs were smart. They had a sense about when to come and go and the routine of family life. Our dog Lady was so smart she could open the baby gate latch with her teeth and experience a day of chewing up Mom’s good shoes.

Except for the last example of destroying things, P-BO shares none of the characteristics of the American family dog. Now if you look at the Muslim or Korean cultures, the dog isn’t so popular, except as a menu item. So maybe that’s what P-BO meant, he’s treated like a dog in Iran or N. Korea. But an American dog? No way. Unless he’s one of Mike Vick’s dogs.

Burning the Koran
Terry Jones, pastor at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida plans to burn the Koran to mark this year’s anniversary of 9-11. I guess the "World Out reach" part of the church title doesn't include the Muslim "world."  P-BO said that Rev? Jones had every legal right to do so. Other famously liberal hypocrites supported Jones’ right to burn the Koran and claimed that anyone who did not support the bon fire was a Christaphobe.

No wait.  That’s not right. That would be consistent with their position on the GZM.

They are lib hypocrites. This is a “Christian pastor.”  So to be consistently hypocritical the libs must have come out against the Koran burning.

I’m not for burning the Koran or any other book because I don’t agree with the content. But this nutball Rev? should have the right to do it. But the State Dep. And Gen Petraeus have come out against the Rev?. This is dangerous. First, both are sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution. And we, for now anyway, have a First Amendment right to do what the Rev? is doing.

I do not think uniformed military personnel should be engaged in this type of lecturing to people exercising the rights that the military is supposed to defend. What if Muslims suddenly become offended with beer drinking on Fri, the Muslim Sabbath? Will Petraeus warn against drinking beer on Fri for fear of riling up the sensibilities of Muslims trapped in the 8th century? This is the kind of conduct the religion of perpetual outrage engages in all of the time. Testing and pushing back the rules and laws that guide the rest of us in the name of religious tolerance. Like: It is against our religion to pay for our movie tickets. You must let us in free. In that respect , the Rev? is, uh pardon the pun, smoking out the lib hypocrites and the radical Muslims. While Rev? Nutball is burning Korans, the advocates of the religion of peace will be rioting in the streets burning churches and the congregations inside them.

And remember the Muslim outrage with the Mohammed cartoons. The acolytes of the religion of peace and tolerance went on a three day burn fest burning and killing anything that did not comport to their 8thcentury idea of how things ought to be. Back then the press was in a quandary. Freedom of speech Vs. 8th century whackos. There was honest debate about a journalists right to draw and write whatever they wanted consequences be damned. And how about the NY Times releasing all manner of military secrets puting soldiers at risk. Did the Lamestream Media, Sate Dep. And Gen Petraeus come out against the Times? No.  We were told this is the price for living in a free society.  The reaction to Rev? Jones is an inconsistent over the top reaction across the board.

As for Gen. Petraeus, at a minimum he should have asked his civilian boss - Sec Gates - to issue the warning. But the federal government weighing in on this issue at all is a scary notion.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Scatter shots

"Summer of recovery" over, thank goodness
The good news is the unofficial end of summer was Labor Day. Thank goodness, and not a moment too soon. Since P-BO kicked off his “Summer of Recovery” the jobless rate has INCREASED from 9.5% to 9.6%. I not sure we can stand much more “recovery.” The bad news is that official end of summer isn’t until mid-September.

But I am wondering if “The Summer of Recovery” will become P-BO’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. You know when President Bush landed on that aircraft carrier and some genius had placed a huge Mission Accomplished banner behind him for his address to the crew.

I guess we’ll know when Keith Olberdouche close his little watched cable broadcast with a count up of the number of days it has been since P-BO declared it “The Summer of Recovery.”

Or would P-BO’s mission accomplished moment be this:
After the P-BO officially ended combat operations in Iraq, American troops found themselves in uh, er, hmmm combat with heavily armed militants assaulting an Iraqi military headquarters. The, uh, combat killed at least 12 people and wounded dozens more.

Public sector Labor Day
Yesterday was Labor Day. So I ask the question, should we all be able to keep the fruits of our labor? P-BO’s short answer is no. He plans to take another 50 BILLION and “spread it around.” But don’t worry, according to P-BO, we should start to see some jobs from the 50 BILLION in about a year. Well since we’ve had such great success with the first stimulus saving or creating 100,000,000,000,000 jobs, why not?

The good news this Labor Day is that organized labor continues lose membership. The loss can be attributed primarily due to the unions being populated with thugs, socialist and are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Demo-Dope party. It’s like the local paper, dying a slow miserable death but totally unwilling to gain traction by displaying an unbiased even hand when it come to politics.

The bad news is that the only place where unions are gaining traction is in the one place where they are not needed, the public sector. From the bureau of labor statistics:

More public sector employees (7.9 million) belonged to a union than did private sector employees (7.4 million), despite there being 5 times more wage and salary workers in the private sector.

But wait more good news from the Washington Times:

Today, Big Government, not the private sector, is Big Labor's bread and butter. That's why union officials push relentlessly for higher taxes and bigger government and seem completely unconcerned that the policies they advocate will slash overall private-sector job growth in future years.

Just three decades ago, less than a third of all employees subject to "exclusive" union bargaining worked for the government. Earlier this year, the U.S. Labor Department reported that for the first time ever, a majority of unionized workers across America are now government employees.

Gene Robinson, aka Gene I’m so smart Simpson, Homer’s dumber brother.
Geno said that there is no wave of discontent among voter. No, according to Geno voters are just throwing a temper tantrum. You know like a two year old. First off, Geno is so dumb he could even come up with his own analogy. He had to steal the same one Pete Jennings used after the 94 mid-term election. D’Oh!  Second, go to hell.  Who are you to tell anyone anything.  I'll tell you who is having a temper tantrum Geno - LIBERALS.  They insist on calling everyone who disagrees with them for any reason a racist.  That's a temper tantrum.  Gene, in the words of the great GySgt Driscoll, go pi$$ up a rope.

And this:
President Obama's new presidential rug seemed beyond reproach, with quotations from Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. woven along its curved edge.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." According media reports, this quote keeping Obama company on his wheat-colored carpet is from King.

Except it's not a King quote. The words belong to a long-gone Bostonian champion of social progress. His roots in the republic ran so deep that his grandfather commanded the Minutemen at the Battle of Lexington.

This reminds me of the CEO when faced with crisis of management orders motivational posters be installed around the work place to boost moral.  That will fix everything.  Or the cartoon where the guy is hanging a sign that says "THINK."  Only thing is he hangs the "THINK" sign up-side-down.

I’m for the old rug with the bold gold rays and the blue background on the seal. The next president ought to have that P-BO thing, misquotes and all, rolled up, boxed and shipped to farthest government owned building in the world. There to be placed in the attic underneath the Christmas – uh – “Holiday” decorations. But to be honest, I see Moochell’s finger prints all over this one.

Tomorrow Fido.

Friday, September 03, 2010

More good news from The Wad

Hey more good news from – as Scrawny Harry might say – the light skinned Negro at the DOJ. Yes that would be Eric the wad and coward Holder. What? The wad decided that he’d go after the New Black Panthers for intimidating cracker voters in Philly after all? No of course not. Don’t be silly. Those crackers deserved every bit of that. In fact the NBP might have to kill a few crackers and their babies before The Wad would even consider taking this kind of human trash seriously.

No, The Wad has decided to roll in on AZ again. This time The Wad is going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio ostensibly for being a bit too vigorous in enforcing AZ’s immigration laws. Only in America can you get in trouble for actually enforcing the law. So while AZ steps up to do what the Fed are supposed to do but won’t, the Feds are prosecuting AZ for doing the job that the Feds refuse to do.

And just make matters worse, not only are the Feds prosecuting states and people for doing their jobs, they are letting the criminals that officers risk life and limb to catch go Scott free. That’s right. From the Wash Times:

“One month ago - without notice to Congress, without a word to the American people - the Department of Homeland Security began dismissing from U.S. immigration courts the cases of thousands of illegal aliens. The department says it will focus its efforts on removing criminal aliens. Aliens without serious criminal histories - 250,000 by some estimates - will be left alone. This policy closely follows last August's announcement by the department that it would not deport fugitive aliens - aliens who skipped court or disobeyed orders to leave the United States. These policies assure that more illegal immigration will follow - with illegals confident that the administration, which refuses to secure this nation's borders, will not remove those who enter and remain illegally.”

I know. Who would have thunk it? The Wad refuses to do his job. Prosecutes people who are doing theirs, and Janet Incompetano let’s the criminals caught by people doing their job go free to continue here illegally. This is way past incompetence. This is an incompetence omelet stuffed with arrogance, stupidity and jr. high silliness and smothered in superciliousness, ignorance and BS.

This entire bunch needs to be removed from office ASAP -unfortunately for us Nov 2 is the soonest opportunity - and then investigated fined and put in jail. How can one take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and then do this kind of BS?  I think it's criminal.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mid East talks start with bang thanks to moderate Muslims

Well the Middle east uh, er peace talks sure started off with a bang when moderate followers of the religion of peace and tolerance shot dead four Israelis. Now, have we heard any cries of outrage from Abbas, moderate Muslim Imams or any Muslim world uh, leaders? Of course not. But every serious event needs an opening ceremony and for the religion of peace, killing four innocents is perfect.

Then you have the moderate top Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip rejecting compromise with Israel in a fiery speech on Wednesday, a day after the gunmen killed the four Israelis. The Jerusalem Post reported that, “Gaza strongman [and Muslim moderate] Mahmoud Zahar said the movement would resist peace efforts and criticized the Palestinian president for joining the negotiations.”

Note to self: Unless you are at the circus, anyone referred to as a “strongman” is probably an @$$wipe, creep, criminal or dictator. In this case he is probably all of the options rolled into one.

Zahar, by all State Dept accounts a moderate, babbled on making a point that Lex noted on the day Hillzilla announced the “historic” summit. "Today marks the start of direct negotiations between someone who has no right to represent the Palestinian people and the brutal occupier, to provide a cover for Judaizing Jerusalem and stealing the land." Hmmm, it would seem that moderate Zahar doesn’t think that Abbas has any authority in the Hamas rocket lunching region of Palestine known as the Gaza Strip. So why is Israel negotiating a treaty that cannot be enforced with moderate Palestinians like Zahar?

If I were brokering a deal I’d say:

OK this is what we’re going to do. Palestinians don’t like their lot. Fine. Israel and the Palestinians will simply swap plots of ground. You have six months.

Well after the six months the Palestinians would be living in Israel. After another six months they would be living in their own garbage, sewers would be backing up, electrical plants would be failing and the moderate Muslim bastards would start lobbing rockets into the Gaza Strip because the Israelis would have cleaned that $h!thole up, built businesses, houses, hotels etc.

So what’s Israel to do? Well no doubt P-BO will be pressuring them to cut a deal, any deal just in time for his 2012 campaign. But like everything else, P-BO has screwed this up. One of the big restraints on Israel has been the knowledge that the US would be there if things really got bad. Unequivocal US support for Israel has also kept some moderate Muslims who want to destroy Israel at bay. P-BO has managed to upset that balance. Now, Israelis are not so sure if the US will come to its aid and moderate Muslims are beginning to think, now is the time to crush Israel. The end result is a more dangerous Mid East, one where Israel is more likely to act on its own, US influence be damned.

Way to go P-BO. You’re doing a heck of a job.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bush plays hard ball. P-BO plays...what?

The P-BO show returned to prime time last night and by most accounts had all of the excitement of a 5 pm re-run of Seinfeld - nothing new. What was the great take away from the “end of combat operations in Iraq” part of the speech? There was none.

There could have been one. Like this: “Yeah, Harry Reid, myself and most Demo-Dopes sure got the surge thing wrong. Bush was right and had way more fortitude than the entire Demo-Dope party combined. He left a road map. I followed it. This is our exit. Thanks George."

But by signaling to our enemy that he lacked any flexibility or creative thought on the Bush road map, he is leaving Iraq politically and militarily worse off than is necessary. He is doing the same thing in Afghanistan. With set in concrete pledge be out of Afghanistan next summer the uh, er Commander in Chief has signaled to our enemies that we have a weak hand, but only because the dope playing it is a weakling. George Bush left him with a strong hand, but P-BO doesn’t have the guts to ante up let alone call the enemies bluff by raising the stakes. This limp wristed wimp is just going to end up trading in our aces for a couple of twos or threes, folding and going home.

Then in a speech about war our grand pea brain starts talking about the economy and how the war screwed it up. Maybe so even before P-BO, but he owns the post Bush deficit problem. Odd that he would complain about the what eight years war cost us when he misspent that and much, much more in the first 18 months of his ship wrecked administration and has way less to show for it. Looky here for the proof.

I’ve made this point before. In Iraq, Bush was playing long ball. In the hope of transforming the Middle East from a backward sand pit dominated by satraps, kings, dictators and terrorists into an area of enlightened democracies. I honestly believe that the main goal in Iraq was never WMD but rather establishing some kind of functioning democracy in the cradle of civilization and by doing so giving the people of that region a look at what is available to them if they chase the satraps, kings, dictators and terrorists from the area.

While Bush plays hardball, P-BO, as evidenced by the pictures, is playing something else.

For crying out loud couldn’t he at least try to look the part? At a minimum, tuck in your damn shirt. But why not at least try to look a bit presidential? Sure, Bush throws like a man, but he also dresses like one.

Anyhoo, P-BO just wants to play politics. He is more interested in transforming the US into a European socialist state than making anyone in the world more like the US.  His politics will fail though, because one of two things will happen near term in Iraq and Afghanistan:

First, things will begin to go south and P-BO will do nothing snatching a hard fought victory away from America. If that happens, he will be forever known as the pol that lost the Middle East.

Two, things will go south and P-BO will try to save the situation with a re-commitment of American forces. The left will hate him and people with brains will wonder why he just didn’t stay the course to begin with.

Either way, stick a fork in him, he’s done.

The only way this can end well for us is by doing what is necessary every step of the way. Boxing the Islamo-terror-fascists in at every turn. You cannot fight a half war or even - as this bunch of Bozos prefer to call it - a half “over seas contingency operation” and expect to win.  You cannot set a timeline for victory.  As everyone but P-BO knows, baseball is one of only a few games played without a clock.