Monday, October 31, 2016

FBI makes the case against early voting

Seems to me the reopening of the Shrillda the Hutt e-mail controversy is a pretty good case for ending the corruptocrat scam called early voting.  Now after millions of votes have already been cast, many by dead people…twice, we learn that Shrillda the Hutt is going back under FBI investigation.  Do you think that the people voting early might like to have known that information BEFORE casting their ballots?

I’m all for accommodating voters in an effort to allow people to get to the polls, but the current system where there are weeks upon weeks to vote, then vote again, then vote again is ridiculous.  We have an absentee system for people who know they will not able to vote on election.  Why not just expand that system to anyone who cannot or does not want to stand in line to vote or risk an Election Day emergency where they cannot get to the polls?  It’s perfect in that it’s a tamper proof paper ballot assigned to registered voters.

That’s the rub.  Demo-Dopes would never support a system that made voter fraud more difficult.  That’s why Dopes insist that having to produce an ID is an undue burden on minorities and purging the voter rolls of the dead is racist. 

I’m still foolish enough to think that given the level of education indoctrination in America these days the notion that everyone should vote is sheer idiocy.  I can think of several people right off the top of my head that have no business having a role in determining who leads this country.  I’m also of the opinion that if you are receiving more than 50% of your livelihood from government welfare programs you should not be permitted to vote for candidates that simply promise to give you more.   Okay that’s extreme, but you know it’s true.  The people paying the bills should have the right to determine what goes into the shopping cart.

So, all of that said, the current methodology in some states for early voting is a scam set up to encourage fraud.  At a minimum it allows people to cast votes before the last October surprise that is splashed under the animated siren on The Drudge Report website drops.

You know what?  On second thought, scandal never affects Demo-Dopes.  In fact it is a resume enhancer.  Dopes will vote for crooked Shrillda the Hutt no matter what.  Unlike Rat establishment Republicans, they will close ranks behind their candidate with no regard for candidate’s suitability for office.  For the Dopes, it’s vote Dope.  Vote early.  Vote often.  There is no scenario where they take the ReR approach of abandoning the candidate at the slightest whiff of a campaign misstep.

For that reason alone anyone who thinks Shrillda the Hutt is done is crazy.  We’ve seen this scenario too many times to think that the Clintons will finally have a wooden stake driven through their corrupt political heart.  Dopes will close ranks.  MSM will vilify Jimmy the fixer/unfixer & maybe refixer Comey to get his mind right.  Anyone remember Ken Star?  Most importantly they will fall in, go to the polls and cast as many ballots as possible for the Hutt.  They figure that once in office there is no scandal that the Clintons cannot ride out for 8 years.

Isn’t it odd that Demo-Dopes and the usual cast of ReRs are crying foul at the timing of Comey’s letter to congress?  They complain that the timing is a political move.  Soooo, if you have a case but don’t bring it until after the election, that’s NOT political?  I look at the FBI move like I do at OJ.  He got away with murder but is in jail for kidnapping and strong armed robbery (I think).  Or Al Capone who couldn’t be locked up for the plethora of violent crimes he committed, but he did get his just deserts on tax fraud charges.  Everything, it seems, that touches the Clinton Crime Family is a chargeable offense of some kind.   

The other absolutely unbelievable thing in all of this is Shrillda the Hutt calling for transparency from the FBI on its latest investigation into her criminal activities.  YGBSM!  The woman who set up a private server to avoid transparency, destroyed 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails to avoid transparency, lied in every way possible to everyone asking about the server arrangement to avoid transparency and then bleached e-mails to avoid transparency is now demanding transparency from the FBI.  Comey and the FBI ought tell her publicly, “You’ll know what we have when we come to arrest you.”

Now there’s this.  How anyone could vote for this lying, thieving, criminally corrupt blister bag full of the most vile sewage imaginable is beyond reason.   She’s is totally compromised.  The Russians, Chinese and several other of America’s adversaries have some or all of the 33,000 e-mails – that I can guarantee you.  She’s totally blackmail-able.   All of this combined with the WikiLeak dumps that will continue, mean Shrillda the Hutt and her campaign staff will be under investigation for years.  If elected, she will be a lame duck on day one.  Given the mountain of evidence of serious crimes, she’ll be impeached.  Does throwing the country into a constitutional crisis on day one of her administration impose an iota of common sense on the Dopes and the #NeverTrumpsters?  

Sadly it does not.  I’ve said it before.  They care about their own power more than the future of the country.  When the choice boils down to a 30 year career criminal who happens to be a Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwipe and an outsider with radical views like “put America first” you know the ruling class will close ranks to support the criminal who supports them.  They will gladly *uck the country to maintain a hold on power.  

Best tweet to sum up the Hutt’s problem
From Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Russian hackers are better than we thought.  They stole Clinton’s e-mails from the NSA, put them on Huma’s laptop and pinned it on Weiner.

A clear WTF.
Had anyone told me a year ago that I’d be pitching in 200 of my hard earned Yankee dollars to support a NY billionaire’s election as POTUS, I’d have called them crazy or worse.   Why trump?  To get the definitive answer to that question, invest 4 minutes and 21 seconds here.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Is headline profiling racist?

I’m quite certain that the usual race baiters would answer that headline with a resounding yes.  Okay try this headline:  East High basketball team undefeated in City League play for three years.  If there is a story about a basketball team that is undefeated in city league play for the last three years, is it racist or common sense to assume that a majority of the players are going to be black?

How can headline profiling be racist?  You look at a headline.  Without ever seeing the article, you make an educated guess as to the identity of the group involved in the activities described in the headline.  You click onto the link.  Suspicions confirmed.

When Lex profiles a headline it is never to prove that blacks are a shiftless, lazy uneducated lot.  That’s the Demo-Dope line when they argue that blacks cannot be expected to get an ID to vote.  Why?  Too shiftless?  Too lazy?  Too stupid?  Why?  Blacks need affirmative action from now to the end of time.  Why?  Too shiftless?  Too lazy?  Too stupid?  Why?  Blacks cannot be held to the same criminal code as whites.  Why?  Too shiftless?  Too lazy?  Too stupid?  Why?

For Lex it’s 99.9999% about right Vs. left rather than black Vs. white.  99.9999% of the bizarre headlines of black mobs stalking whitey are in areas exclusively controlled by the Demo-Dope for the last 60 years.  That’s the point.  It’s GWB’s soft bigotry of low expectations that the Demo-Dope party has engaged in for the last 60 years that has set the trap for blacks in these inner city hell holes.  It is 60 years of social policy of victimhood and entitlement promoted by one party - not the color of anyone’s skin – that has set the stage for the disasters of the black family, schools, job opportunities, incarceration rates, illegitimacy etc.   Government as the sole provider has not worked out well for the black inner city youth of America.  Jason Reilly wrote an entire book on this subject entitled Please Stop Helping US

When you are reduced to arguing that you are not a racist, you’ve probably already lost the argument.  So I’ll leave you with this inspiring Twitter feed which contained the inspiring photo above as an example of my point.  It’s about right Vs. left not black Vs. white.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

School teacher absenteeism crisis

This is story about teacher absenteeism in America's public schools.  Well who do the Teachers’ Unions habitually support?  They are only absent because they can get away with it.  Besides, teachers who pull this kind of crapola are probably doing everyone a favor by NOT showing up. 

I seem to recall that there were fairly strict rules for student absenteeism at Lex jr’s school.  If those rules do not apply to the teachers as well then every lefty Lib should be up in arms before retreating to their safe spaces.

I find the whole attendance thing for students a bit puzzling.  If Johnny is getting straight A’s and wants to take Wednesday afternoons off to help on the farm, he should be allowed to do so.  If Billy is a D student and wants to take Wednesday afternoons off to work a Mel’s garage he should be allowed to do so. 

I do not think that there is a logical argument against either case.  Johnny obviously is a high achiever and can handle the load.  Billy obviously is not and might be better off learning a trade than being frustrated trying to learn Pathagoras Theorem.

America has done a disservice to the trade industry by expecting every child to go to college.  Now Shrillda the Hutt plans to make you pay an exorbitant cost to send your neighbor’s lay about slacker kid to college to learn Social Justice Theory as a major and beer pong as a minor.

Kids are wasting four years of earning potential for the opportunity to get mired in debt learning stuff that will in the end make them unemployable.  Like the High School Teacher who quit his job to get an advanced degree in puppeteering only to learn that there were no jobs in that particular field.  He might have looked into that BEFORE quitting his job to plunk down huge sums of money to go to college to get an advanced degree in what is essentially a hobby.

My theory:  The college push is line nonsense being pushed by lefty Libs to keep young people in the lefty Lib indoctrination mill for an additional 4 years.  Then have them so  mired in debt as a result that they have no place to turn except Uncle Sugar for relief.

Now back to the original stream of thought.  I know about this.  If I could have gotten a decent job as a model railroader I’d have been all over it.  Unfortunately, that skill is largely a self-taught hobby confined mainly to a spare room, the attic or garage of your home.   So model railroading was out as job opportunity. 

I’m still trying to figure out how to make sleeping until noon Monday thru Friday, eating too much and otherwise wasting the day away pay a decent wage.  Except for the Caligula, D.C. crowd, there’s no market for such skills, and I’d rather be a male prostitute at the end of the NY City metro green line than a Caligula, D.C. ruling class azz weasel.  After all, I still have minimum standards and a bit of self-respect left.     

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Another comprehensive global warming study is in and profiling the headlines

It’s the sun stupid
The one thing about Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption I do not get is why anyone believes the “science”.   There is no science involved.  It always turns out that the data is just made up gobooldygook.  From East Anglia to our own NASA, they just make $h!t up.  When they get caught, like at East Anglia, they admit that, “Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption is too important” not lie about data that does not support the alarmist point of view.

I’m not a Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption alarmist, but I am quite happy to admit that I do not know what effect man’s activities are having on global climate.  If I had to guess, which is no more than what the Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption alarmist do, I’d say the effect is local at best.  Weather changes year to year, decade to decade.  Look at the Farmer’s Almanac.      

Okay there you have as complete and authoritative study as the London School of Economics conducted and got paid millions for NOT doing.  Where do I sign up the government grant money?

Profiling the headlines
I saw this over the weekend, but there were no photos and the article of course would never point out a gang of 100-200 feral black “youth” hunting whitey for sport to confirm my suspicions, so I suspended judgement.   Now it is all too clear.  100-200 vermin black teens riot in an organized “hate crime” and there are 4 arrests.  YGBSM!  The authorities spared no expense in ruining the Duke Lacrosse team over a lie.  Now they turn a blind eye to this massive “hate crime” caught on video – because the perps are stupid idiots who film their crime with their Obamaphone and post it on Facebook.

Call in the FBI to investigate.  No.  Wait.  The FBI is as crooked as a grape vine.  This is another case of affirmative action gone wrong.  Poor black youth needs to be given a break from whitey’s racist laws.  It’s racist to expect black youth to follow the law and act civilized in public particularly when they are in a gang of other black youth.

Now I’m sure Temple being a good lefty Lib institution of “higher” learning, it is also a “gun free zone”, which makes it a perfect target for this type of criminal activity.  Until a couple of these punks get shot in the face we will have these things.  When one of them does get shot, the MSM will flood us with news of how the victim was an “honor student” at a failed inner-city school that houses delinquents until age 18 on his way to Princeton to study physics.  They will ignore the perp’s absenteeism, extensive past criminal record, the 17 car stereos and 10 pounds of pot found in perp’s bedroom.  Instead they will portray the perp as a gentle giant trying to make good in the rough and tumble of inner-city life.  Also being ignored by the MSM will be the fact that the rough and tumble life has been visited upon the black community by voting exclusively Demo-Dope for the last 50 years.

When I see things like this I think, wow lucky thing we elected a half black know-nothing slacker to occupy the Rainbow House for the last 7 ½ years, because now we have all of this racial healing going on.  Well at least we do when black youth aren’t out stalking whitey on college campuses.

The next thing I think of is - *uck reparation.  WE ARE PAID IN FULL with late fees, processing fees, convenience fees, user fees, surcharges, local, state and federal taxes, advance payments, back payments, current payments, cost living adjustments and other penalties doubled for good measure. 

Prediction:  To ensure Shrillda the Hutt’s second term, Dopes will start seriously pushing for reparations if they win in Nov.

Law enforcement cannot or will not protect whitey.  Look at Trump’s rallies in the inner cities.   Demo-Dope’s encourage this type of behavior by their feckless response to it.   Have I mentioned that you need to check your ammo supply before Nov 9th?   

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

#NeverTrump makes little sense at this point

The choice


This is the perfect photo essay for the #NeverTrumpsters.  I’ll concede that I’m not 100% sure what Trump will do as President of the United States.  I’ll even concede that Trump probably doesn’t even know what Trump will do as President of the United States.  What I do know is what Shrillda the Hutt will do if she gets her fat crooked azz to the White House. 

That’s enough for me.  Sadly many of the #NeverTrumpsters and the Demo-Dope hipsters probably don’t even understand the picture.  “What???? I don’t get it???  It’s two guns. They will both kill you and 10s of thousands of others in one shot and should be banned by a caring, all-powerful, globalist compassionate government looking out for the children, LGBTQUKGYJHDFGXCHVJKMKJLKGYU, the poor and women.

Hell yeah the system is rigged and even the Demo-Dopes admit it
The FBI is now rigged and weaponized against the people of the United States.  So when the massive fraud occurs, who is going to investigate it?

Why Trump will win
I would have said Trump will win because WikiLeaks will drop the kitchen sink on Shrillda the Hutt’s fat ugly azz at any moment.  Now I’m convinced that unless there’s a video of the Hutt pulling the trigger on Vince Foster and then her and her baboon azz ugly daughter having a three way the dead body, the MSM, the Hollywood swells, the “entertainment” glitterati, the pamper pro athletes, the Demo-Dope party will not pay a bit of attention of anything coming out Wiki.  They already know she’s a lying, thieving, corrupt to the core “nasty woman”.  WikiLeaks is just confirming a know, known.

Definition:  Nasty woman:  Any woman who condones, facilities and covers up rape.  Any woman who marries and then stays married to a rapist to further her fortune and ascend to power.  Usage:  Shrillda the Hutt is a nasty woman.      

As long as Shrillda the Hutt is under 50% in the polls, Trump has a good chance of winning.  The Hutt is essentially the incumbent in this race.  Standard political thinking is undecideds usually break against the incumbent.  Even in the most optimistic crooked poll out there the Hutt cannot crack the 50%.  Even as the steaming walking talking pile of crapola that she is, she cannot draw flies to one of her rallies.  Trump has 10s of thousands turning out outside a venue they cannot get into in the hope of catching a glimpse of the candidate. 

This is petty cool, death threats to the artist from Black Thugs Matter in 3, 2, 1...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Quizzes, questions, splainin', corruption, predictions, obesity and Catholic idiots all on one Monday morning post. I'll have to charge double today.

Profiling test
A quick Monday morning quiz.  See if you can profile the perps from this headline:  Teens steal over 13K in iPhones From Natick Apple Sore in “flash mob” robbery
Hint: It’s not Mormon kids taking a break from their missionary work.  Hint: It’s not Amish kids out wilding.  And the answer is

There was another about “teens” beating a 62 year old man, but it’s just too easy.  Check your ammo supply.  If Shrillda the Hutt wins, all of this stuff is likely to become legal as long as the victims are white men.

Question:  Why is Slow Joe acting like a 6th grader?  Answer:  He’s not acting.
Dopes question Trump’s “temperament” to be president but ignore the boorish temperament of our current VP a 73 year old self-proclaimed tough guy - Slow Joe Biden - who apparently wants to have a fist fight with Donald Trump.  Trump ought to take him up on it and knock the plugs out of Biden’s otherwise empty head.

Splain this #NeverTrumpsters
I need a #NeverTrumpster to listen to Trump’s “Gettysburg Address” and then explain to me why #NeverTrump.  The mantra to date is that he’s not conservative.  Well, he’s the most conservative candidate in the race.  Well, he hasn’t always been prolife.  Well, he’s the most prolife candidate in the race.  Well, he’s has all sort of moral problems, married 3 times, these groping allegations, his flamboyant lifestyle, etc.  Well, he’s the most moral candidate in the race.

When someone brought up a mistake in almost any context, a friend of mine used to say, “Life’s about current events.  That’s ancient history.”  It is time for the tiresome #NeverTrumpsters to stop living in the past.  The primary is over.  The things that they had hoped would be are not going to happen.  Now they need to stop their petty preening and extolling their own virtue – things on their own that are not very virtuous - and support a candidate who – if not truly a rock ribbed conservative – promises to govern more conservatively than the last two Republican presidents.   There is no virtue in letting Shrillda the Hutt pack the Supreme Court.   There is no virtue in letting a lying, thieving, pay to play Caligula, D.C. ruling class crook ascend to the highest office in the land without so much as a word about her vile nature. 

Corruption in politics since politics began
There’s an old political adage in Ohio that is at least as old as I am.  When asked how many Demo-Dope votes there are in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), the Dope answer is, “That depends on how many we need.”  Like most good humor, it’s funny because there is an element of truth in it.

Now the Dope swells are all in high dudgeon because Donald Trump has said what everyone knows:  Demo-Dopes try to fix elections.  Why that’s impossible!  They lecture us.  Why questioning the election process is downright un-American!  They insist. 

In Philly uniformed Black Thugs Matter, New Black Panthers with clubs will be “monitoring” polling places.  In California as many illegal aliens are likely to vote using the driver’s license they should not have as the total vote in the state of Wyoming.  In VA Clinton Crime Family buttboy Gov. Terry McAuliffe has authorized tens of thousands of felons to vote in that key battleground state.   In the battleground state of FL the Dopes have been importing thousands of Puerto Ricans to tip the scale in that election.  In OH tens of thousands of votes for Shrillda the Hutt and other Dope candidates were discovered in boxes ready to drop on Election Day – depending on how many they needed.  In IN and TX voter registration fraud investigations are ongoing against a Soros funded registration group that has taken the place of ACORN.  Also in IN thousands of registrations already on the books have been tampered with changing the first name and/or address of the voter. 

Well there is nothing but everyday proof, common sense and history to indicate that the Dope swells are full of $h!t.  But there is also this.  The US government is now warning that hackers, ooops, make that Russian hackers, because as the Hutt points out at every opportunity the Russians are the only ones in the world capable of doing such things except of course for the Dopes, might try to undermine the US election.  Seems to me the US government is making Trump’s case.  Seems to me everyone agrees that there’s voter fraud.  It’s just a question who you blame.  So, the election can be and probably already is rigged.  Now, ask yourself this, if Trump wins, and in the process carries a state like say New York, are Shrillda the Hutt and the Dopes going  to gracefully concede? 

Prediction:  If Trump wins those Dope pretenders who don’t kill themselves or immediately leave the country as promised, will be rioting in the streets.  Have I advised you to check your ammo supply before Nov 8th recently?

At least it’s a diverse obesity
Here’s another case of lowering the standards and ignoring the results.  Do you suppose any flag officers are in trouble or at risk of losing their jobs as a result of an ever weakening of the force?  Doubt it.  Not long ago I recall the Navy “adjusting” weight standards to accommodate a fatter – make that even fatter – Navy.

Lex wastes two stamps

What's wrong with this picture?
After the Alfred E. Smith dinner, Lex fired off letters to his bishop and pastor condemning Cardinal Dolan’s cozy relationship with an abortion fanatic on the dais of that event:

Is the Catholic Church prolife or even pro Catholic?   “That’s a weird question”, you say.  Well consider this: less than 24 hours after Hillary Clinton advocated for the abortion of a child right up to the very second before that child comes to term on national TV, and a week after her campaign was exposed to be populated with anti-Catholic bigots with not a word of repudiation from the candidate, not one firing or even a reprimand for the staff members involved, there’s Cardinal Dolan yucking it up and fawning over an abortion fanatic on the dais of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner.

Cardinal Dolan seated at the Alfred E. Smith dinner next to a winner of the Planned Parenthood Margret Sanger award legitimizes her extreme position on abortion with Catholics and creates a moral equivalency with the prolife candidate also in attendance.  It is a disgrace. 

If the Catholic Church in America will not stand for life during the two months before a national election, when it will do the most good, it should drop the fa├žade of being prolife the other 46 months as well.

While we’re at it, of course the Catholic Church has been useful idiots for the Dopes for 40 years
Here’s the latest example on the Iran deal.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump is a result of Rat establishment Republicans more interested in themselves than the country

Here’s a piece by the great Mark Steyn that pretty much lays out the state of America.  Note where Steyn mentions, “…to prevent Trump all you had to do was convey that same sense of outrage” about immigration.  That was sort of the Lex advice to the Republican primary candidates.  Channel Trump on the issues that he was clearly resonating with the people on rather than attacking him.

Those candidates foolishly did not listen.  Now some of them are going to support late term partial birth abortion, gun grabs, destructive economic policies, destructive immigration policies and the rest of the crooked as hell Shrillda the Hutt agenda to prove their disdain for Donald Trump.  Way to go #NeverTrumpers.  You’re doing a heck of a job burning the American house down to assuage your wounded egos.  Steyn notes as has Lex that there will be nothing left for the #NeverTrumpsters to pick up and put back together after Shrillda the Hutt grinds what is left of America as founded into dust.  Yet the #NeverTrumpers persist. 

As the campaign winds down these smug Rat establishment *ucks sit back and gloat, “I told you so.”  What is downright infuriating about #NeverTrumper’s glee in the MSM, Dope establishment, Hollywood and the entertainment industry’s treatment of Trump is that they actually believe it would be different if one their guys had wised up took Lex’s advice and won the Republican nomination.  The issues of the smear might have been different, but there still would have been an all-out coordinated smear of the Republican nominee. 

Trump was one of maybe 2-3 Republicans that would have fought back against the effort rather than immediately and for the remainder of the campaign been apologizing for whatever manufactured BS the Dopes came up with. 

Take Marco Rubio – a typical scared of his own shadow Republican.  Marco says Republicans should not use material found in the WikiLeaks because - hey at some point it will be our e-mails being exposed.  Well does Marco seriously suppose that the Dopes and the MSM won’t use embarrassing e-mails from Republicans just because Marco is setting himself up as the righteous one?  You are where you are Marco because you clearly are an idiot.   

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Epic beat down of the Hutt will end with the only story being: Trump refuses to accept results

In an America that understood the constitution, the debate and the election should have been over after the first question.  Wallace asked the candidates to comment on their philosophy for appointing Supreme Court Justices.  Shrillda the Hutt went on for two minutes about how the court ought to stand up for the little guy.  That from a trained lawyer and supposedly the world’s smartest woman.  Uh, no the court shouldn’t be expected to stand up for the little guy.  The court ought to stand up for the rule of law as expressed in the US Constitution irrespective of the economic or social status of the litigants.

Sadly a lot of criminals are also poor.  Their economic circumstances often is what drives them to crime.  Their victims tend to be rich or at least richer than they are.  So is the court supposed to ignore victim’s claim that he was hit in the head and robbed by a certain ne’er do well  because the ne’er do well is a “little guy” as compared to the victim?  Is the little guy trying to defraud an insurance company supposed to be rewarded because the insurance company is so much bigger than the little fraudster? 

Trump - a business guy not trained in the law - got it exactly right.  He would appoint justices that would interpret the constitution as written by the founders or as he put as they intended. 

Sadly they did not call the debate after that question where Trump sent the Hutt reeling into a corner to collect her senses.   The fight ref let the bout continue.

Trump pummeled the Hutt on abortion.  Focusing in on the disgusting late term or partial birth abortion that about 75% of Americans find abhorrent.  When the Hutt insisted that no one had the right to choose for a woman, Trump countered with no one has the right to take a baby’s life 1, 2, 3 days before it comes to term.  That is an undeniable truism.  On the sticky issue of abortion, by focusing on the partial birth abortion, Trump carried another round.

In an average year those two answers would have been enough to get Trump 98% of the conservative vote.  But the #NeverTrumpers will not budge preferring instead to let the Hutt pack the court, increase the national debt, let anyone in the world stroll across an unsecured southern border, further deplete an already depleted military and continue to display the poor judgments that have turned everything this woman has touched around the world into either smoldering ash heaps or raging infernos.  Bush, Kasich, National Review et al ought to wake the hell up and look at what they are proposing for America’s future.

Trump then smacked the Hutt around on the Second Amendment.  Who knew the Hutt was such a supporter of gun right until last night?  I was waiting for her to pull out her NRA Lifetime Membership card for the crowd.  As much as she is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, the Hutt nonetheless insisted we need “common sense” gun “safety laws”.  Trump beautifully juxtaposed the most regulated city in the world with regard to guns – Chicago – with an astronomical murder rate and other gun related crime and violence in that city.  The lesson?  Laws do not apply to criminals.

Trump blew the Hutt out of the water on her open borders comment, the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, ISIS, Libya, the economy, jobs, jobs, jobs and the closing argument.   

Trump clobbered the Hutt last night.  So the MSM has to find a way to deflect the beat down.   
Here’s the Demo-Dope MSM azzbag’s story for the next three weeks:   Donald Trump refuses to accept the outcome the election!!  First he didn’t say that.  He said he’d look at the process and then make a determination at that time.  That is not an unreasonable position given the Dope’s history of rigging elections.  Just ask yourself why do Dopes cry foul over voter ID laws?  Why do Dopes insist that the voter rolls not be scrubbed of dead people and those who have long since left the precinct?  There is no good answer to those two questions other than the fact that opposing them facilitates election fraud.

The Hutt’s own campaign manager advocates for illegal aliens using a driver’s license -that they shouldn’t have but Dopes insist makes us all safer – to vote in this election.  Why would a sane person need any more proof than a Dope campaign official advocating for illegal aliens to break the law and vote in this election that Dopes engage in widespread voter fraud?

My question is: Why should anyone accept the result of an election when Dope voter fraud is as rampant as the Project Veritas videos proves that it is, when Dope campaign officials advocate breaking the law and when the federal government does not one damned thing about it because the government is as crooked and has been politically weaponized by The Empty Suit?

What the Dopes and their MSM buttboys want Trump to do is what every Republican heretofore has done - ignore the fraud and insist that the Titanic that is our election system is fine and dandy.  When Trump refuses to play along and instead points out the gash in the side of the ship that the Dopes use to flood the voter rolls, the Dopes and the MSMS cry foul.  They act all aghast that anyone would question the integrity of system that everyone but children under 3 knows is corrupt.

My sense is that because the Republicans know the system is rigged because they can see it and read about it, and the Dopes know the system is rigged because they are the ones doing the rigging, pointing out the obvious shouldn’t hurt Trump.  Remember he was the only one on the stage at the first debate that wouldn’t take that loyalty pledge.  That kept the RNC and some of the other candidates in line for a time.  Pointing out the obvious will put the issue front and center for a while.  Maybe the threat of a pitchfork and torches reaction to ANOTHER rigged election will be enough to keep the Dopes from burning down the house they hope to lord over.  I doubt it, but maybe.

Why should Trump or anyone else have to commit to a system that everyone knows is rigged?  If an investigation proves widespread voter fraud in several states sufficient enough to sway the election and the FBI outlines the fraud with a 15 minute long list of charges followed by “however we do not recommend an indictment or prosecution” why should anyone accept the outcome of the election?   

Trump has gotten where he is by being unconventional, politically incorrect and telling uncomfortable truths.  What he said about the election procces last night was unconventional, politically incorrect and true.  Dopes don’t like it because it exposes their 50 year scam on America.  Rat establishment Republicans don’t like it because it might upset their cozy lovefest with the Dopes.  You can count on the usual suspects crawling out from under their rocks today to condemn Trump for his comments on a rigged system and refusal to accept the results before they are even in.  Trump will double down this morning and there is ample proof that he is right.

It's about the children.  Uh, no.  It's not 

It's about adults playing monkey see, monkey do instead of ding the right thing, and in the process ruining for the kids.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Idiot proves point that only idiots say election isn't rigged

Just hours after the post under titled, Of course the election is rigged, and only an idiot would say otherwise, hit this page, The Empty Suit comes out and proves the point.  TES came out stuttered his way through a presser where he called Trump claims of a rigged election irresponsible.  Well there you have it Mr. and Mrs. America an idiot who sicced the IRS on his opponents says it’s irresponsible to tell the truth about Demo-Dopes stealing elections.  Al Franken would never have gotten to the senate without Dope fraud.

Dope voter fraud is as real as the sunrise and just as predictable.  It is not dangerous or irresponsible to point it out.   In fact it’s quite the opposite.  It is dangerous and irresponsible not to point it out lest people think that their vote actually counts for something in this country and that the government actually represents the people. 

Now, not only is TES on the wrong side of Lex, common sense and history, the idiot made his idiotic statement just as Project Veritas dumped the video proof of how the Dopes rig elections on the country which the Dope’s MSM henchmen - like the WikiLeaks bombshells - dutifully ignore.

Debate predictions
Trump will attack Shrillda the Hutt’s record and policies.  The Hutt will attack Trump’s personality. 

When confronted with the mountain of damaging WikiLeaks drops, the Hutt will deflect to blaming the Russians.  So Wallace will say, “There’s proof in the leaks that you are without doubt a lying, thieving POS.  Why would anyone vote for you?”  The Hutt will respond, “Well Donald Trump is in bed with the Russians…blah, blah, blah”

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Of course the election is rigged and only an idiot would say otherwise

The Demo-Dope party, their lapdog MSM acolytes and the usual spineless Rat establishment Republicans have their shorts in a wad because Donald Trump insists on pointing out another truism.  To wit:  The election system is rigged.  How can anyone with even half a brain deny that Trump’s statement is 100% true? 

Let’s start with the last presidential election.  The US government in the form of a weaponized IRS obstructed political free speech by hassling right leaning groups by denying them tax free status.  A practice that continues to this day at the IRS.  Case closed.  The US government is rigging the system.

Does the name Melowese Richardson ring a bell to anyone?  She is the Ohio poll worker who voted 6 times for The Empty Suit in the last presidential election.  No!  There is absolutely no fraud there.  Case closed.  Poll workers are frauds.
Election officials in Franklin County, Ohio are investigating the discovery of tens of thousands of Ohio ballots already filled out for the Hutt and other Dope candidates.  Case closed.  The fix is in.  Does anyone think that this is an isolated incident?

Dopes peddling “early voting” (in some cases for weeks) and their opposition to voter ID, purging voter rolls of dead people and those who have moved are nothing more than methods to facilitate their voter fraud programs.

Ohio postal workers are destroying Trump absentee ballots.

Since 1968 American have known that there are several key Demo-Dope constituency groups: blacks, women, felons, free loaders, the dead, and the brain-dead.  Were they to lose 5% of the vote from any of those groups, a Dope could not be elected dog catcher. 

The election is rigged.  The only hope is to show up in overwhelming numbers.  To channel Hugh Hewitt, If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.

Once there is no confidence in the vote, the only thing left is Sherriff Clarke’s pitchfork revolution

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hooray for global warming, Homer the dope on being unchristian, Dopes should channel Haitians

Global Warming a boon for the corn belt
In fabulous Ft. Wane, IN where winter temps often dip into teens, teens below zero that is, I’m always confounded by the alarmist who insist a little warming will be the end of the world as we know it.  Who says so?  How do they know?  The next couple of day are supposed to unseasonably warm.  Hurray!  Farmers can get their crops out the field and the ground prepared for the spring.   Booo!  I can get some of the outdoor painting done that I’ve put hoping for colder weather that would suspend the job until next spring.  

No doubt in a couple of months NASA and other BS “scientific environmental research organizations” will be releasing fixed and phony data showing 2016 “the hottest year on record” by a scorching .00000000000000000000000010th of a degree.  Egad turn up the AC.  Unless you’ve got some unfinished painting projects, why is warmer weather necessarily a bad thing?

Take this year’s corn, soybean and wheat production for example.  What is more significant than the made up BS about global warming is its effect on the food supply.  2016 will be a record year for corn, soybean and wheat production.  Higher yields equal lower prices per bushel, which is ironically is off-set to some degree by higher yields.  The higher yields equal lower feed prices, which lead to lower prices for meat, poultry and dairy.  Gosh, so far this all horrible stuff, right?

Dope Homer: Unchristian to reject refugees
Okay fair enough.  Is it unchristian to reject terrorists posing as refugees?  Is it unchristian to invite terrorists bent on killing you, your wife and children into your home?  If it is impossible to distinguish between a terrorist and refugee, would creating a safe space for refugees outside your home be a Christian choice?  Is it unchristian to be wary of people who advocate for the murder of just about everyone who does not share their 7th century world view?  Is it unchristian to be suspect of people who have declared war on you?  Is it unchristian to be skeptical of a refugee population that done nothing but cause chaos and trouble everywhere they have shown up in the world?  Is it unchristian to reject refugees who teach children that it’s okay to kill gaypeople?

Until there is a reformation in the religion of peace, it is unchristian to do anything but treat them with suspicion and skepticism.  So, not surprisingly Dope Homer got it wrong again. 

Haiti already knows what about 40% of the American electorate should learn
The *itch Glenn Beck described as the “moral choice” in this election and her rapist husband are “common thieves who should be in jail” according to the former Haitian Senate President Bernard Sansaicq.  Yeah, well duh. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Demo-Dope mantra: No one is above the law, no wait...

In two posts under Lex expresses concern for politicians advocating for the jailing of their political opponents.  At the last debate, Trump quipped that Shrillda the Hutt doesn’t want him “in charge of the laws” because she’d “be in jail”.  It has apparently become part of Trump’s stump speech repartee.

The whole thing has sent the lefty lib MSM scurrying in search of the salts and a fainting couch.  I am 100% convinced that Trump will appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into the crooked investigation of the Hutt’s e-mail crimes.  For a stable democracy there is nothing wrong with that.  Given the total corruption of nearly every arm of the federal government, it’s imperative to restore the people’s confidence in their government.  So why all the hand wringing?  Investigate the crooks.

The left is certain, given the crimes that the Hutt has committed, aided and abetted, the investigation will result in a list of charges 100 times longer than the 15 minute list that Jimmy the fixer Comey laid out before dropping his “however” like an anvil onto the head of Lady Justice and the American people.  That list will lead to the prosecution and possible jail time for the Hutt or at a minimum a frantic worldwide search by the feds to find an ankle bracelet that would fit the Hutt.  I think they make such things for elephants.  Maybe someone could somehow link two together.

But let’s be clear, there’s less than a 1% chance that Trump himself will lock the Hutt up without a free and fair trial.  Some federal judge will have that honor.

Now it’s not just the lefty libs clutching their pearls worrying about adding to the national debt funding the millions it would cost to buy enough material to keep the Hutt in orange jumpsuits for the next 10 to 20 years.  You can now count Charles Krauthammer among those worrying about the Hutt’s criminal activities being exposed by an investigation of the investigation.

If the people could trust the government, such investigations would be unnecessary.  So what to do Chuck?  Does Billyboy Billbo Clinton get a lifetime pass on rape and pedophilia because he’s an ex Demo-Dope president?  No one is above the law unless you are a Dope politician – right Chuck?  No one can evade investigation unless you are a Dope Pol – right Chuck?  Better to let the Clinton Crime Family run roughshod over the law, because laws are for the little people – right Chuck? 

The Empty Suit and his administration’s assault on the American people have led to the necessity for an investigation of the investigators.  It is the only thing that will expose the corrupt nature of the federal government and real crimes of the Hutt.  Whether or not she actually goes to jail is up to a judge/jury not Trump.  

Glenn Beck hits bottom
Glenn Beck has gone off the rails.  He actually thinks Shrillda the Hutt is the “moral” choice for president.  Huh?  My guess is that Beck is trying to rehabilitate himself ahead of what is characterized as the inevitable collapse of his media business. Hey Ariana Huffington pulled it off. 

Beck has no credibility with the right so go left.