Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Idiot proves point that only idiots say election isn't rigged

Just hours after the post under titled, Of course the election is rigged, and only an idiot would say otherwise, hit this page, The Empty Suit comes out and proves the point.  TES came out stuttered his way through a presser where he called Trump claims of a rigged election irresponsible.  Well there you have it Mr. and Mrs. America an idiot who sicced the IRS on his opponents says it’s irresponsible to tell the truth about Demo-Dopes stealing elections.  Al Franken would never have gotten to the senate without Dope fraud.

Dope voter fraud is as real as the sunrise and just as predictable.  It is not dangerous or irresponsible to point it out.   In fact it’s quite the opposite.  It is dangerous and irresponsible not to point it out lest people think that their vote actually counts for something in this country and that the government actually represents the people. 

Now, not only is TES on the wrong side of Lex, common sense and history, the idiot made his idiotic statement just as Project Veritas dumped the video proof of how the Dopes rig elections on the country which the Dope’s MSM henchmen - like the WikiLeaks bombshells - dutifully ignore.

Debate predictions
Trump will attack Shrillda the Hutt’s record and policies.  The Hutt will attack Trump’s personality. 

When confronted with the mountain of damaging WikiLeaks drops, the Hutt will deflect to blaming the Russians.  So Wallace will say, “There’s proof in the leaks that you are without doubt a lying, thieving POS.  Why would anyone vote for you?”  The Hutt will respond, “Well Donald Trump is in bed with the Russians…blah, blah, blah”

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