Monday, October 10, 2016

How Trump could drop out, the debate summary

If Trump were to “quit the race” here’s how it could be done
In a rare Sunday post just under, Lex points to three Trump options with regard to the presidential race at this point.  Two of them involve Trump dropping out.  As a practical matter, it’s too late for Trump to quit, but there is a way to move forward if Trump decides the movement is more important than who actually leads it.

Okay, here’s how it works.  Trump says he’s never dropping out and plans to be elected President of the United States.  BUT, he promises to resign the office within 24-48 hours of being sworn in.  In addition he promises the next VP will be (Gingrich, Christie, Cruz or Giuliani pick one).  This overcomes all the problems of getting the new candidate’s name on the ballot in all 50 states, early votes, etc.  Pence and Trump could campaign together on behalf of “the movement” while the potential VP heads out on another trail.  McConnell convenes a special session of the senate to enact Harry the roach Reid type rules so that Pence’s VP choice can be waived through without a single Demo-Dope vote.  Problem(s) solved.

Spoiler alert!  Trump’s stellar performance last night notwithstanding, anyone who thinks that, after 20+ years of filming reality TV, there’s only one tape of Trump saying things outside the norm of acceptable public behavior by a politician needs to come to grips with reality.  Trump’s everyday persona is outside the norm of acceptable public behavior by a politician.  That’s why he’s so popular.  Of course there’s more.

The Dopes will not be stupid enough to release the next batch before a debate where Trump can turn the tables on Shrillda the Hutt on a national stage.  The option outlined above would work no matter when the Dopes drop their next bomb.

Debate comments
Trump won.  No really.  He won.  Not only that, he won big.  Freddy Kruger lives on (see post under for Freddy reference).

First, he dealt with the elephant in the room by dropping a huge bomb on Shrillda the Hutt and deflecting his bad behavior by pointing to Billyboy and Shrillda’s own bad behavior which “was much worse”.  At that point, Shrillda the Hutt and the - in the tank for the Hutt - moderators dropped the subject.  After all, they could not have Trump trashing a Demo-Dope icon by pointing out the bare truth about him and his rape enabling wife of convenience.

Trump tried to warn them off at the end of the last debate and with a pre-debate presser with 4 of Billboy’s victims.  The take away from that event was this comment by Kathleen Willey:  “This is no longer about infidelities, indiscretions, girlfriends, sex, interns — none of those. This is about a serial rapist, a predator, and his wife who has enabled his behavior all of these years.”

Given the across the bow warning shot Trump fired before the debate, Shrillda the Hutt might have considered taking the high road on the tape, “Donald has apologized.  We should accept that and move on to the important issues affecting our country.”  Taking the high road has NEVER been in the Hutt’s character.  She and Billyboy paid the price on a stage with a nationwide, worldwide audience.

In the YGBSM moment of the night, Shrillda the Hutt tried to excuse her lying while maintaining “public and private” positions on issues blaming it on a movie about Abraham Lincoln.  Wut?  Trump pounced juxtaposing Honest Abe with Crooked Hillary.  Trump could have exploited it further.  I kept waiting for him ask, “Is that your public or your private position?” when the moderators came to him on an issue after the Hutt had spoken.

Trump also had the zinger of the night.  When the Hutt said she was thankful that Trump wasn’t in charge of the laws, Trump crushed her, “Because, you’d be in jail.”

It’s pointless to complain about the moderators.  We know the moderators are in the Hutt’s camp.  Trump pointed the obvious out a couple of times.  That’s that.  That’s as much as you can do.

Here’s a weird one.  The Dopes tried to destroy Trump with an audio tape.  The effect of that tape was probably to boost viewership of last night’s debate where their candidate was steamrolled.  I have a mental picture of Shrillda the Hutt as Wile E. Coyote ready to cut the thread holding an Acme anvil hanging over her own head.

I happen to agree with Trump on Syria and Allepo.  Sad but not as sad Boko Haram snatching hundreds of young school girls and evoking a hashtag response The Empty Suit.  An old Marine Corps axiom is that you can only have one #1 priority.  That’s the effort that gets the focus and resources.  We should destroy ISIS and a lot of other problems will take care of themselves.

Oh yeah, on issues Trump won as well.  He nailed Shrillda to wall on issue after issue, Benghazi, the 3am call, taxes, tax laws, "extreme vetting" etc.  She’s been there for 30 years and has proven to be all talk and no action and if there has been any action it has been bad action.

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