Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump is a result of Rat establishment Republicans more interested in themselves than the country

Here’s a piece by the great Mark Steyn that pretty much lays out the state of America.  Note where Steyn mentions, “…to prevent Trump all you had to do was convey that same sense of outrage” about immigration.  That was sort of the Lex advice to the Republican primary candidates.  Channel Trump on the issues that he was clearly resonating with the people on rather than attacking him.

Those candidates foolishly did not listen.  Now some of them are going to support late term partial birth abortion, gun grabs, destructive economic policies, destructive immigration policies and the rest of the crooked as hell Shrillda the Hutt agenda to prove their disdain for Donald Trump.  Way to go #NeverTrumpers.  You’re doing a heck of a job burning the American house down to assuage your wounded egos.  Steyn notes as has Lex that there will be nothing left for the #NeverTrumpsters to pick up and put back together after Shrillda the Hutt grinds what is left of America as founded into dust.  Yet the #NeverTrumpers persist. 

As the campaign winds down these smug Rat establishment *ucks sit back and gloat, “I told you so.”  What is downright infuriating about #NeverTrumper’s glee in the MSM, Dope establishment, Hollywood and the entertainment industry’s treatment of Trump is that they actually believe it would be different if one their guys had wised up took Lex’s advice and won the Republican nomination.  The issues of the smear might have been different, but there still would have been an all-out coordinated smear of the Republican nominee. 

Trump was one of maybe 2-3 Republicans that would have fought back against the effort rather than immediately and for the remainder of the campaign been apologizing for whatever manufactured BS the Dopes came up with. 

Take Marco Rubio – a typical scared of his own shadow Republican.  Marco says Republicans should not use material found in the WikiLeaks because - hey at some point it will be our e-mails being exposed.  Well does Marco seriously suppose that the Dopes and the MSM won’t use embarrassing e-mails from Republicans just because Marco is setting himself up as the righteous one?  You are where you are Marco because you clearly are an idiot.   

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