Monday, October 24, 2016

Quizzes, questions, splainin', corruption, predictions, obesity and Catholic idiots all on one Monday morning post. I'll have to charge double today.

Profiling test
A quick Monday morning quiz.  See if you can profile the perps from this headline:  Teens steal over 13K in iPhones From Natick Apple Sore in “flash mob” robbery
Hint: It’s not Mormon kids taking a break from their missionary work.  Hint: It’s not Amish kids out wilding.  And the answer is

There was another about “teens” beating a 62 year old man, but it’s just too easy.  Check your ammo supply.  If Shrillda the Hutt wins, all of this stuff is likely to become legal as long as the victims are white men.

Question:  Why is Slow Joe acting like a 6th grader?  Answer:  He’s not acting.
Dopes question Trump’s “temperament” to be president but ignore the boorish temperament of our current VP a 73 year old self-proclaimed tough guy - Slow Joe Biden - who apparently wants to have a fist fight with Donald Trump.  Trump ought to take him up on it and knock the plugs out of Biden’s otherwise empty head.

Splain this #NeverTrumpsters
I need a #NeverTrumpster to listen to Trump’s “Gettysburg Address” and then explain to me why #NeverTrump.  The mantra to date is that he’s not conservative.  Well, he’s the most conservative candidate in the race.  Well, he hasn’t always been prolife.  Well, he’s the most prolife candidate in the race.  Well, he’s has all sort of moral problems, married 3 times, these groping allegations, his flamboyant lifestyle, etc.  Well, he’s the most moral candidate in the race.

When someone brought up a mistake in almost any context, a friend of mine used to say, “Life’s about current events.  That’s ancient history.”  It is time for the tiresome #NeverTrumpsters to stop living in the past.  The primary is over.  The things that they had hoped would be are not going to happen.  Now they need to stop their petty preening and extolling their own virtue – things on their own that are not very virtuous - and support a candidate who – if not truly a rock ribbed conservative – promises to govern more conservatively than the last two Republican presidents.   There is no virtue in letting Shrillda the Hutt pack the Supreme Court.   There is no virtue in letting a lying, thieving, pay to play Caligula, D.C. ruling class crook ascend to the highest office in the land without so much as a word about her vile nature. 

Corruption in politics since politics began
There’s an old political adage in Ohio that is at least as old as I am.  When asked how many Demo-Dope votes there are in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), the Dope answer is, “That depends on how many we need.”  Like most good humor, it’s funny because there is an element of truth in it.

Now the Dope swells are all in high dudgeon because Donald Trump has said what everyone knows:  Demo-Dopes try to fix elections.  Why that’s impossible!  They lecture us.  Why questioning the election process is downright un-American!  They insist. 

In Philly uniformed Black Thugs Matter, New Black Panthers with clubs will be “monitoring” polling places.  In California as many illegal aliens are likely to vote using the driver’s license they should not have as the total vote in the state of Wyoming.  In VA Clinton Crime Family buttboy Gov. Terry McAuliffe has authorized tens of thousands of felons to vote in that key battleground state.   In the battleground state of FL the Dopes have been importing thousands of Puerto Ricans to tip the scale in that election.  In OH tens of thousands of votes for Shrillda the Hutt and other Dope candidates were discovered in boxes ready to drop on Election Day – depending on how many they needed.  In IN and TX voter registration fraud investigations are ongoing against a Soros funded registration group that has taken the place of ACORN.  Also in IN thousands of registrations already on the books have been tampered with changing the first name and/or address of the voter. 

Well there is nothing but everyday proof, common sense and history to indicate that the Dope swells are full of $h!t.  But there is also this.  The US government is now warning that hackers, ooops, make that Russian hackers, because as the Hutt points out at every opportunity the Russians are the only ones in the world capable of doing such things except of course for the Dopes, might try to undermine the US election.  Seems to me the US government is making Trump’s case.  Seems to me everyone agrees that there’s voter fraud.  It’s just a question who you blame.  So, the election can be and probably already is rigged.  Now, ask yourself this, if Trump wins, and in the process carries a state like say New York, are Shrillda the Hutt and the Dopes going  to gracefully concede? 

Prediction:  If Trump wins those Dope pretenders who don’t kill themselves or immediately leave the country as promised, will be rioting in the streets.  Have I advised you to check your ammo supply before Nov 8th recently?

At least it’s a diverse obesity
Here’s another case of lowering the standards and ignoring the results.  Do you suppose any flag officers are in trouble or at risk of losing their jobs as a result of an ever weakening of the force?  Doubt it.  Not long ago I recall the Navy “adjusting” weight standards to accommodate a fatter – make that even fatter – Navy.

Lex wastes two stamps

What's wrong with this picture?
After the Alfred E. Smith dinner, Lex fired off letters to his bishop and pastor condemning Cardinal Dolan’s cozy relationship with an abortion fanatic on the dais of that event:

Is the Catholic Church prolife or even pro Catholic?   “That’s a weird question”, you say.  Well consider this: less than 24 hours after Hillary Clinton advocated for the abortion of a child right up to the very second before that child comes to term on national TV, and a week after her campaign was exposed to be populated with anti-Catholic bigots with not a word of repudiation from the candidate, not one firing or even a reprimand for the staff members involved, there’s Cardinal Dolan yucking it up and fawning over an abortion fanatic on the dais of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner.

Cardinal Dolan seated at the Alfred E. Smith dinner next to a winner of the Planned Parenthood Margret Sanger award legitimizes her extreme position on abortion with Catholics and creates a moral equivalency with the prolife candidate also in attendance.  It is a disgrace. 

If the Catholic Church in America will not stand for life during the two months before a national election, when it will do the most good, it should drop the façade of being prolife the other 46 months as well.

While we’re at it, of course the Catholic Church has been useful idiots for the Dopes for 40 years
Here’s the latest example on the Iran deal.

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Lex- Initially I thought that the picture of swells celebrating their swellness was a promo for a new Hunger Games movie. Then I realized it was just reality imitating art...ah, make that "verifying" art.