Monday, October 17, 2016

Hooray for global warming, Homer the dope on being unchristian, Dopes should channel Haitians

Global Warming a boon for the corn belt
In fabulous Ft. Wane, IN where winter temps often dip into teens, teens below zero that is, I’m always confounded by the alarmist who insist a little warming will be the end of the world as we know it.  Who says so?  How do they know?  The next couple of day are supposed to unseasonably warm.  Hurray!  Farmers can get their crops out the field and the ground prepared for the spring.   Booo!  I can get some of the outdoor painting done that I’ve put hoping for colder weather that would suspend the job until next spring.  

No doubt in a couple of months NASA and other BS “scientific environmental research organizations” will be releasing fixed and phony data showing 2016 “the hottest year on record” by a scorching .00000000000000000000000010th of a degree.  Egad turn up the AC.  Unless you’ve got some unfinished painting projects, why is warmer weather necessarily a bad thing?

Take this year’s corn, soybean and wheat production for example.  What is more significant than the made up BS about global warming is its effect on the food supply.  2016 will be a record year for corn, soybean and wheat production.  Higher yields equal lower prices per bushel, which is ironically is off-set to some degree by higher yields.  The higher yields equal lower feed prices, which lead to lower prices for meat, poultry and dairy.  Gosh, so far this all horrible stuff, right?

Dope Homer: Unchristian to reject refugees
Okay fair enough.  Is it unchristian to reject terrorists posing as refugees?  Is it unchristian to invite terrorists bent on killing you, your wife and children into your home?  If it is impossible to distinguish between a terrorist and refugee, would creating a safe space for refugees outside your home be a Christian choice?  Is it unchristian to be wary of people who advocate for the murder of just about everyone who does not share their 7th century world view?  Is it unchristian to be suspect of people who have declared war on you?  Is it unchristian to be skeptical of a refugee population that done nothing but cause chaos and trouble everywhere they have shown up in the world?  Is it unchristian to reject refugees who teach children that it’s okay to kill gaypeople?

Until there is a reformation in the religion of peace, it is unchristian to do anything but treat them with suspicion and skepticism.  So, not surprisingly Dope Homer got it wrong again. 

Haiti already knows what about 40% of the American electorate should learn
The *itch Glenn Beck described as the “moral choice” in this election and her rapist husband are “common thieves who should be in jail” according to the former Haitian Senate President Bernard Sansaicq.  Yeah, well duh. 

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