Friday, October 07, 2016

SOFA and tilting at Today's Catholic

SOFA? We don't need no stinkin' SOFA
Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air stumbles upon the exact same truth that Lex noted when Shrillda the Hutt and Timmy shut up and let me interrupt Kaine who both blamed a lack of a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq for withdrawing precipitously and allowing ISIS to run roughshod over much of the Middle East.  That’s such a BS answer.  Hey dumbazzes! we’ve got over 5,000 troops in Iraq RIGHT NOW with no SOFA and have for years.  So WTF?

Today's Catholic misrepresents Trump's position on refugees, incurs the wrath of Lex
In the “In Focus” section of October 9th issue of Today’s Catholic, you misstated Donald Trump’s position with regard to “refugees displaced by terrorism”.  Mr. Trump’s clearly stated position is that the US and its allies should carve out and protect “safe zones” in the region for displaced persons that would be paid for by OPEC countries.   Today's Catholic should correct its misrepresentation of Mr. Trump's position on refugees front and center of its next edition. 

As we just had our homily on “stewardship”, Today’s Catholic should also note that it is actually immoral to transport displaced persons outside the region, because that solution in fact costs twelve times more than resettling those persons in the region.

And while you are at it, Today’s Catholic and/or Bishop Rhoades should point out the totally hypocritical and incoherent position on abortion of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and Catholic - when it’s convenient - Tim Kaine.  During the VP debate, Senator Kaine – like so many other Democrat politicians who are Catholic - when it’s convenient - stated that he could not impose his personal Catholic beliefs on a democratic society by opposing abortion as public policy.  That is a totally preposterous and indefensible position no matter what his faith.   Senator Kaine, rightly, opposes the death penalty as public policy when an overwhelming majority of Americans support it.  So how is the abortion issue any different?

I understand why a religious publication wants to tread lightly around politicians at election time.  That said, it seems to me Catholic leadership is prolife about 3 ½ of every four years.  When a national election rolls around, the Catholic leadership goes silent on a signature issue of the Church.  It is perfectly legitimate for Today’s Catholic and Catholic leadership to question any candidate using his “Catholic faith” as a campaign talking point to expose that candidate’s hypocrisy when it comes to Catholic teachings. 

Such an admonition need to be no more controversial than to “remind” candidates, and by extension all Catholics, that the Church is prolife and has been since its inception.  If the Catholic leadership will not defend the faith, who will?

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AF Bro said...

Re: Refugees...and illegal aliens

Follow the money. Catholic charities and churches get federal $$$ for shepherding refugees and aliens into the American welfare state and onto the taxpayers' backs.