Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's really no surprise, they're still scared

Rat establishment Republicans running scared
Paul Ryan - aka Pauly Walnuts - has pulled the plug on the nominee of his own party.  Why?  Well maybe we should change his moniker on this page to “No nuts Walnuts”, which would pretty much explain Pauly’s problem in easily understandable locker room terms.

Here’s one explanation for No nuts Walnuts’ and other Rat establishment Republican Caligula, D.C. ruling class eunuchs jumping ship.  Caligula, D.C. azzwagons are an incestuous bunch.  They know each other very well.   So when Trump said Shrillda the Hutt has “tremendous hate in her heart” for the irredeemable deplorabes, No nuts Walnuts knew it was true, took it to heart and jumped ship so as not to incur the wrath of the Hutt should she win.  He knows he probably can patch things up with Trump should he win.  There will be no such opportunity with the Hutt.  

To sum it up:  No nuts Walnuts is scared $h!tless of the Hutt.

The data is in, it wasn’t close
A clear indication of just how massive Trump’s debate beat down of Shrillda the Hutt was in Sunday’s debate is the MSM characterizing the debate as vicious, disgraceful, toxic, MSNBC compares Trump to Stalin, major news outlets suspend polling and CNN had to resort to coaching its own focus group to prop the Hutt up.  It was Yuuuge!

Jailing political enemies
After seeing their boss get hammered in Sunday’s debate like a the High Striker at the county fair when the football team lines up to try to ring the bell, the lapdog MSM is grasping at straws.  One of the straws being held on to tightly in hopes it’ll keep the Hutt afloat is Trump’s double bell ringer - “Because you’d be in jail” - comment.  The comment was obviously an off the cuff quip.  But Dopes claim the comment is proof Trump will put his political enemies in jail if elected.  Not unlike the Dopes who locked up - Scooter Libby, Dinesh de Sousa, the Benghazi videographer, and those they tried to lock up - Ollie North, Tom Delay, the entire White House travel office etc.

There is something third world, communist and Demo-Dope party like about locking up your political adversaries.   Asking for a Special Prosecutor does not mean the Hutt will be locked up no matter how desperately she should and needs to be locked up.  It does mean that Shrillda the Hutt’s criminal activities will laid bare for all the world to see.

There is nothing third world about locking up the accomplices of her criminal activities.  There is nothing third world about getting corrupt people who facilitated the criminal activities out of government sans their cushy pensions paid for by the American taxpayer – Lois the leech Learner, Jimmy the fixer Comey, John Coskinin, Lowy Lynch, Fast and Furious co-conspirators, etc.

So yeah, investigate the Hutt and get the facts out about just how deep the corruption and incest in Caligula, D.C. really goes.   And if the Hutt ends up in jail, that’s probably where she belongs.

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