Tuesday, October 25, 2016

#NeverTrump makes little sense at this point

The choice


This is the perfect photo essay for the #NeverTrumpsters.  I’ll concede that I’m not 100% sure what Trump will do as President of the United States.  I’ll even concede that Trump probably doesn’t even know what Trump will do as President of the United States.  What I do know is what Shrillda the Hutt will do if she gets her fat crooked azz to the White House. 

That’s enough for me.  Sadly many of the #NeverTrumpsters and the Demo-Dope hipsters probably don’t even understand the picture.  “What???? I don’t get it???  It’s two guns. They will both kill you and 10s of thousands of others in one shot and should be banned by a caring, all-powerful, globalist compassionate government looking out for the children, LGBTQUKGYJHDFGXCHVJKMKJLKGYU, the poor and women.

Hell yeah the system is rigged and even the Demo-Dopes admit it
The FBI is now rigged and weaponized against the people of the United States.  So when the massive fraud occurs, who is going to investigate it?

Why Trump will win
I would have said Trump will win because WikiLeaks will drop the kitchen sink on Shrillda the Hutt’s fat ugly azz at any moment.  Now I’m convinced that unless there’s a video of the Hutt pulling the trigger on Vince Foster and then her and her baboon azz ugly daughter having a three way the dead body, the MSM, the Hollywood swells, the “entertainment” glitterati, the pamper pro athletes, the Demo-Dope party will not pay a bit of attention of anything coming out Wiki.  They already know she’s a lying, thieving, corrupt to the core “nasty woman”.  WikiLeaks is just confirming a know, known.

Definition:  Nasty woman:  Any woman who condones, facilities and covers up rape.  Any woman who marries and then stays married to a rapist to further her fortune and ascend to power.  Usage:  Shrillda the Hutt is a nasty woman.      

As long as Shrillda the Hutt is under 50% in the polls, Trump has a good chance of winning.  The Hutt is essentially the incumbent in this race.  Standard political thinking is undecideds usually break against the incumbent.  Even in the most optimistic crooked poll out there the Hutt cannot crack the 50%.  Even as the steaming walking talking pile of crapola that she is, she cannot draw flies to one of her rallies.  Trump has 10s of thousands turning out outside a venue they cannot get into in the hope of catching a glimpse of the candidate. 

This is petty cool, death threats to the artist from Black Thugs Matter in 3, 2, 1...

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