Thursday, October 20, 2016

Epic beat down of the Hutt will end with the only story being: Trump refuses to accept results

In an America that understood the constitution, the debate and the election should have been over after the first question.  Wallace asked the candidates to comment on their philosophy for appointing Supreme Court Justices.  Shrillda the Hutt went on for two minutes about how the court ought to stand up for the little guy.  That from a trained lawyer and supposedly the world’s smartest woman.  Uh, no the court shouldn’t be expected to stand up for the little guy.  The court ought to stand up for the rule of law as expressed in the US Constitution irrespective of the economic or social status of the litigants.

Sadly a lot of criminals are also poor.  Their economic circumstances often is what drives them to crime.  Their victims tend to be rich or at least richer than they are.  So is the court supposed to ignore victim’s claim that he was hit in the head and robbed by a certain ne’er do well  because the ne’er do well is a “little guy” as compared to the victim?  Is the little guy trying to defraud an insurance company supposed to be rewarded because the insurance company is so much bigger than the little fraudster? 

Trump - a business guy not trained in the law - got it exactly right.  He would appoint justices that would interpret the constitution as written by the founders or as he put as they intended. 

Sadly they did not call the debate after that question where Trump sent the Hutt reeling into a corner to collect her senses.   The fight ref let the bout continue.

Trump pummeled the Hutt on abortion.  Focusing in on the disgusting late term or partial birth abortion that about 75% of Americans find abhorrent.  When the Hutt insisted that no one had the right to choose for a woman, Trump countered with no one has the right to take a baby’s life 1, 2, 3 days before it comes to term.  That is an undeniable truism.  On the sticky issue of abortion, by focusing on the partial birth abortion, Trump carried another round.

In an average year those two answers would have been enough to get Trump 98% of the conservative vote.  But the #NeverTrumpers will not budge preferring instead to let the Hutt pack the court, increase the national debt, let anyone in the world stroll across an unsecured southern border, further deplete an already depleted military and continue to display the poor judgments that have turned everything this woman has touched around the world into either smoldering ash heaps or raging infernos.  Bush, Kasich, National Review et al ought to wake the hell up and look at what they are proposing for America’s future.

Trump then smacked the Hutt around on the Second Amendment.  Who knew the Hutt was such a supporter of gun right until last night?  I was waiting for her to pull out her NRA Lifetime Membership card for the crowd.  As much as she is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, the Hutt nonetheless insisted we need “common sense” gun “safety laws”.  Trump beautifully juxtaposed the most regulated city in the world with regard to guns – Chicago – with an astronomical murder rate and other gun related crime and violence in that city.  The lesson?  Laws do not apply to criminals.

Trump blew the Hutt out of the water on her open borders comment, the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, ISIS, Libya, the economy, jobs, jobs, jobs and the closing argument.   

Trump clobbered the Hutt last night.  So the MSM has to find a way to deflect the beat down.   
Here’s the Demo-Dope MSM azzbag’s story for the next three weeks:   Donald Trump refuses to accept the outcome the election!!  First he didn’t say that.  He said he’d look at the process and then make a determination at that time.  That is not an unreasonable position given the Dope’s history of rigging elections.  Just ask yourself why do Dopes cry foul over voter ID laws?  Why do Dopes insist that the voter rolls not be scrubbed of dead people and those who have long since left the precinct?  There is no good answer to those two questions other than the fact that opposing them facilitates election fraud.

The Hutt’s own campaign manager advocates for illegal aliens using a driver’s license -that they shouldn’t have but Dopes insist makes us all safer – to vote in this election.  Why would a sane person need any more proof than a Dope campaign official advocating for illegal aliens to break the law and vote in this election that Dopes engage in widespread voter fraud?

My question is: Why should anyone accept the result of an election when Dope voter fraud is as rampant as the Project Veritas videos proves that it is, when Dope campaign officials advocate breaking the law and when the federal government does not one damned thing about it because the government is as crooked and has been politically weaponized by The Empty Suit?

What the Dopes and their MSM buttboys want Trump to do is what every Republican heretofore has done - ignore the fraud and insist that the Titanic that is our election system is fine and dandy.  When Trump refuses to play along and instead points out the gash in the side of the ship that the Dopes use to flood the voter rolls, the Dopes and the MSMS cry foul.  They act all aghast that anyone would question the integrity of system that everyone but children under 3 knows is corrupt.

My sense is that because the Republicans know the system is rigged because they can see it and read about it, and the Dopes know the system is rigged because they are the ones doing the rigging, pointing out the obvious shouldn’t hurt Trump.  Remember he was the only one on the stage at the first debate that wouldn’t take that loyalty pledge.  That kept the RNC and some of the other candidates in line for a time.  Pointing out the obvious will put the issue front and center for a while.  Maybe the threat of a pitchfork and torches reaction to ANOTHER rigged election will be enough to keep the Dopes from burning down the house they hope to lord over.  I doubt it, but maybe.

Why should Trump or anyone else have to commit to a system that everyone knows is rigged?  If an investigation proves widespread voter fraud in several states sufficient enough to sway the election and the FBI outlines the fraud with a 15 minute long list of charges followed by “however we do not recommend an indictment or prosecution” why should anyone accept the outcome of the election?   

Trump has gotten where he is by being unconventional, politically incorrect and telling uncomfortable truths.  What he said about the election procces last night was unconventional, politically incorrect and true.  Dopes don’t like it because it exposes their 50 year scam on America.  Rat establishment Republicans don’t like it because it might upset their cozy lovefest with the Dopes.  You can count on the usual suspects crawling out from under their rocks today to condemn Trump for his comments on a rigged system and refusal to accept the results before they are even in.  Trump will double down this morning and there is ample proof that he is right.

It's about the children.  Uh, no.  It's not 

It's about adults playing monkey see, monkey do instead of ding the right thing, and in the process ruining for the kids.

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