Friday, October 28, 2016

Is headline profiling racist?

I’m quite certain that the usual race baiters would answer that headline with a resounding yes.  Okay try this headline:  East High basketball team undefeated in City League play for three years.  If there is a story about a basketball team that is undefeated in city league play for the last three years, is it racist or common sense to assume that a majority of the players are going to be black?

How can headline profiling be racist?  You look at a headline.  Without ever seeing the article, you make an educated guess as to the identity of the group involved in the activities described in the headline.  You click onto the link.  Suspicions confirmed.

When Lex profiles a headline it is never to prove that blacks are a shiftless, lazy uneducated lot.  That’s the Demo-Dope line when they argue that blacks cannot be expected to get an ID to vote.  Why?  Too shiftless?  Too lazy?  Too stupid?  Why?  Blacks need affirmative action from now to the end of time.  Why?  Too shiftless?  Too lazy?  Too stupid?  Why?  Blacks cannot be held to the same criminal code as whites.  Why?  Too shiftless?  Too lazy?  Too stupid?  Why?

For Lex it’s 99.9999% about right Vs. left rather than black Vs. white.  99.9999% of the bizarre headlines of black mobs stalking whitey are in areas exclusively controlled by the Demo-Dope for the last 60 years.  That’s the point.  It’s GWB’s soft bigotry of low expectations that the Demo-Dope party has engaged in for the last 60 years that has set the trap for blacks in these inner city hell holes.  It is 60 years of social policy of victimhood and entitlement promoted by one party - not the color of anyone’s skin – that has set the stage for the disasters of the black family, schools, job opportunities, incarceration rates, illegitimacy etc.   Government as the sole provider has not worked out well for the black inner city youth of America.  Jason Reilly wrote an entire book on this subject entitled Please Stop Helping US

When you are reduced to arguing that you are not a racist, you’ve probably already lost the argument.  So I’ll leave you with this inspiring Twitter feed which contained the inspiring photo above as an example of my point.  It’s about right Vs. left not black Vs. white.

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