Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Nothing is sacred, Dopes weponize history and sport

Dopes-Weaponize Smithsonian
Lefty Lib’s and the Demo-Dope party with their safe spaces (AKA assaults on free speech) at what are supposed to bastions of free speech – the university setting, the workplace, and the public square and their willingness to ignore history for the sake of protecting their narrative have become exactly like the communist who air brush their own history for the sake of the Communist Party.

The Dopes have now gone so far as to weaponize the Smithsonian Museum.  Clarence Thomas is nearly omitted except when reference in exhibits lionizing Anita Hill.  One such piece decries Hill’s treatment by an all-white, all male senate hearing committee.  So apparently the National Museum of African American History does not think white men can be accounted upon to deliver a fair judgement on a case dealing with accusations by a black woman against a black man.

Okay fair enough.  But I seem to recall when Donald Trump said he couldn’t get a fair hearing from a judge of Mexican descent all hell broke loose.  So Trump is racist but the black museum gets a pass for pretty much the same accusations.  Of course white men are the enemy and Hispanics are a protected aggrieved victim class.  

So much for free speech
Colin Kaepernick is hero for standing, or should I say, sitting on the American flag during the National Anthem.  “Free speech!” his enablers intone.  So Seattle Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger sends out tweets bashing The Empty Suit, Black Thugs Matter and Kaepernick and gets suspended for the rest of the season.

Okay class, what happened to the “free speech” defense?  It is every bit as simple as it appears.  TES, BTM and Kaepernick bash the country.  Clevenger is bashing azzwipes bashing the country.  Clevenger is therefore guilty of thought crimes and must be re-educated.  Just more airbrushing by the state.  Oh I know the Mariners are a private organization and can do what they want to protect their brand.  Nothing would risk the brand more than letting one of their players tug at the curtain of hypocrisy that covers nearly everything the left does these days. 

So Clevenger had to be sanctioned by the Mariners for the good of the club and to ward off EEOC and other government alphabet soup agencies launching hate speech, diversity, civil rights, Equal Opportunity, IRS, EPA investigations against the organization.  Just more air brushing of the daily narrative and a clear message to the players in the league not to step outside the bright broad lines of the acceptable narrative – or else. 

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