Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Another comprehensive global warming study is in and profiling the headlines

It’s the sun stupid
The one thing about Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption I do not get is why anyone believes the “science”.   There is no science involved.  It always turns out that the data is just made up gobooldygook.  From East Anglia to our own NASA, they just make $h!t up.  When they get caught, like at East Anglia, they admit that, “Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption is too important” not lie about data that does not support the alarmist point of view.

I’m not a Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption alarmist, but I am quite happy to admit that I do not know what effect man’s activities are having on global climate.  If I had to guess, which is no more than what the Global Warming, Cooling, Change, Disruption alarmist do, I’d say the effect is local at best.  Weather changes year to year, decade to decade.  Look at the Farmer’s Almanac.      

Okay there you have as complete and authoritative study as the London School of Economics conducted and got paid millions for NOT doing.  Where do I sign up the government grant money?

Profiling the headlines
I saw this over the weekend, but there were no photos and the article of course would never point out a gang of 100-200 feral black “youth” hunting whitey for sport to confirm my suspicions, so I suspended judgement.   Now it is all too clear.  100-200 vermin black teens riot in an organized “hate crime” and there are 4 arrests.  YGBSM!  The authorities spared no expense in ruining the Duke Lacrosse team over a lie.  Now they turn a blind eye to this massive “hate crime” caught on video – because the perps are stupid idiots who film their crime with their Obamaphone and post it on Facebook.

Call in the FBI to investigate.  No.  Wait.  The FBI is as crooked as a grape vine.  This is another case of affirmative action gone wrong.  Poor black youth needs to be given a break from whitey’s racist laws.  It’s racist to expect black youth to follow the law and act civilized in public particularly when they are in a gang of other black youth.

Now I’m sure Temple being a good lefty Lib institution of “higher” learning, it is also a “gun free zone”, which makes it a perfect target for this type of criminal activity.  Until a couple of these punks get shot in the face we will have these things.  When one of them does get shot, the MSM will flood us with news of how the victim was an “honor student” at a failed inner-city school that houses delinquents until age 18 on his way to Princeton to study physics.  They will ignore the perp’s absenteeism, extensive past criminal record, the 17 car stereos and 10 pounds of pot found in perp’s bedroom.  Instead they will portray the perp as a gentle giant trying to make good in the rough and tumble of inner-city life.  Also being ignored by the MSM will be the fact that the rough and tumble life has been visited upon the black community by voting exclusively Demo-Dope for the last 50 years.

When I see things like this I think, wow lucky thing we elected a half black know-nothing slacker to occupy the Rainbow House for the last 7 ½ years, because now we have all of this racial healing going on.  Well at least we do when black youth aren’t out stalking whitey on college campuses.

The next thing I think of is - *uck reparation.  WE ARE PAID IN FULL with late fees, processing fees, convenience fees, user fees, surcharges, local, state and federal taxes, advance payments, back payments, current payments, cost living adjustments and other penalties doubled for good measure. 

Prediction:  To ensure Shrillda the Hutt’s second term, Dopes will start seriously pushing for reparations if they win in Nov.

Law enforcement cannot or will not protect whitey.  Look at Trump’s rallies in the inner cities.   Demo-Dope’s encourage this type of behavior by their feckless response to it.   Have I mentioned that you need to check your ammo supply before Nov 9th?   

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