Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Hutt's problems ignored, Trump's (manufactured?) problems magnified by the MSM

Holy cow more shoes are dropping in the presidential race than during the entirety of the Boston Marathon.  WikiLeaks confirms pretty much everything we suspected about Shrillda the Hutt.  She is a lying, conniving, sell her soul for power POS.  Women are coming forward to report that Donald Trump actually did the things he talked about doing is of little surprise. 

Trump first.  He makes it way too easy for them.  He’s on tape describing lewd behavior.  The Dopes get the tapes.  The Dope find/hire women to make allegations consistent with the tapes.  It’s all pretty damning.  Were it not for the fact that they all show up at the same time 10-30 years after the fact, I’d probably believe all of the stories.  Given that we’re dealing with the Clinton Crime Family, I’m suspect of all of it.  No matter.  The MSM have the “victims” they desire and will play them 24-7 until the next shoe drops.

There’s enough in the WikiLeaks documents to shred Shrillda the Hutt.  The MSM will not have any of that.  All of the “bombshell” info is ignored or, more absurdly, obfuscated by claiming that there is a Russian-Trump alliance trying to discredit our next “Dear Leader”.  I’m less concerned about who did the hacking than I am about the content of what has been hacked.

ASIDE:  Does anyone else find it strange that the Hutt still insists that there is no evidence that her e-mail server was hacked?  I think it’s a safe assumption that if you’re SecState working off of an unsecured private server – YOU’VE BEEN HACKED.

The bit about Catholics is only mildly upsetting.  Demo-Dopes treat Catholics like they do the mino vote.  Pursue it during the election cycle then ignore it.  Most Catholic bishops have been quite happy with this arrangement for the 40 years that I’ve been paying attention.  The leaks demonstrating the Hutt’s campaign advisers’ open contempt for the Catholic religion is stark even knowing for 40 years that Dopes generally cannot stand Catholics.

Donald Trump states an absolute truism: There is a problem with radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists within the Muslim religion.  He is excoriated by the MSM.  Shrillda the Hutt’s campaign staff refer to Catholicism as a middle aged dictatorship and…nothing.  Early in the campaign Trump had to denounce David Duke, what, 50 times and was still skewered for not denouncing Duke forcefully enough.  The press demanded Cory Lewandowski’s head for “knocking a reporter to the ground” – something that never happened.  I have not seen one call from the MSM for the Hutt to repudiate her staff’s remarks and fire those participating in it.  Hey it’s just a bit bigoted Catholic bashing.  Who doesn’t do it?

ASIDE:  Strange how when WikiLeaks exposes the Hutt as the Sac-O-Crap that she is, the MSM release some sex tape on Trump to divert attention from the foul odor emanating from the Hutt’s camp.

The last thing Catholicism needs is to be defended by someone as flawed, inarticulate and openly PO’d at the current head of the church as I am.  BUT, Christians are the only group in the world today that it is perfectly okay to demean, persecute, make fun of and shame.  Catholics are a distinct subset of Christians.  They get extra special treatment.  Still the church stands.  I remember a homily by Father David Mary who said not to worry about secular politics destroying the church.  He said, “The Catholic clergy have been trying to destroy it for 2,000 years and have failed, so what chance do politicians have.”  We'll see if/when the Hutt take over. 

One of two things will happen with Trump - outrage or backlash.   I do not know which will win out.  I do know it is not in Trump’s nature to just sit back and take it.  Kathleen Willey asked, “What kind of woman stays with a rapist?”  I can answer that.  A woman using the rapist’s name to gain power.  What kind of feminist relies on her husband’s name to secure a job at every level?  I can answer that one as well.  One with no particular talent that she can call her own.  So the Hutt is a no talent power hungry POS willing to do anything and say anything to grab the golden ring of power.    

Prediction: Trump will level Billyboy and Shrillda the Hutt.  Look for him to openly refer to Shrillda the Hutt as rape enabler. 

It is still a binary choice.  It’s safe to say neither candidate is going to be in the running for the Humanitarian of the Year award.  Trump is at least a guy who has made his own way in the rough and tumble world of NY real estate.  For the life of me besides marring a rapist who managed to get elected twice President of the United States, I cannot think of one thing the Hutt has accomplished on her own that has worked out well for anyone other than the Clintons.

Many, many more shoes to drop in this one.  We always have the Lex option.  Trump runs and wins only to resign and let Mike Pence ascend.  Not such a crazy scenario now eh?

Why is Earth’s axis shifting?
Well if you asked the brainy Demo-Dope science guy Hank Johnson, who once worried about the island of Gaum capsizing because the Navy wanted to add more sailors to one of it bases, it’s because the Chinese have too many people.

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