Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Of course the election is rigged and only an idiot would say otherwise

The Demo-Dope party, their lapdog MSM acolytes and the usual spineless Rat establishment Republicans have their shorts in a wad because Donald Trump insists on pointing out another truism.  To wit:  The election system is rigged.  How can anyone with even half a brain deny that Trump’s statement is 100% true? 

Let’s start with the last presidential election.  The US government in the form of a weaponized IRS obstructed political free speech by hassling right leaning groups by denying them tax free status.  A practice that continues to this day at the IRS.  Case closed.  The US government is rigging the system.

Does the name Melowese Richardson ring a bell to anyone?  She is the Ohio poll worker who voted 6 times for The Empty Suit in the last presidential election.  No!  There is absolutely no fraud there.  Case closed.  Poll workers are frauds.
Election officials in Franklin County, Ohio are investigating the discovery of tens of thousands of Ohio ballots already filled out for the Hutt and other Dope candidates.  Case closed.  The fix is in.  Does anyone think that this is an isolated incident?

Dopes peddling “early voting” (in some cases for weeks) and their opposition to voter ID, purging voter rolls of dead people and those who have moved are nothing more than methods to facilitate their voter fraud programs.

Ohio postal workers are destroying Trump absentee ballots.

Since 1968 American have known that there are several key Demo-Dope constituency groups: blacks, women, felons, free loaders, the dead, and the brain-dead.  Were they to lose 5% of the vote from any of those groups, a Dope could not be elected dog catcher. 

The election is rigged.  The only hope is to show up in overwhelming numbers.  To channel Hugh Hewitt, If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.

Once there is no confidence in the vote, the only thing left is Sherriff Clarke’s pitchfork revolution

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