Thursday, October 27, 2016

School teacher absenteeism crisis

This is story about teacher absenteeism in America's public schools.  Well who do the Teachers’ Unions habitually support?  They are only absent because they can get away with it.  Besides, teachers who pull this kind of crapola are probably doing everyone a favor by NOT showing up. 

I seem to recall that there were fairly strict rules for student absenteeism at Lex jr’s school.  If those rules do not apply to the teachers as well then every lefty Lib should be up in arms before retreating to their safe spaces.

I find the whole attendance thing for students a bit puzzling.  If Johnny is getting straight A’s and wants to take Wednesday afternoons off to help on the farm, he should be allowed to do so.  If Billy is a D student and wants to take Wednesday afternoons off to work a Mel’s garage he should be allowed to do so. 

I do not think that there is a logical argument against either case.  Johnny obviously is a high achiever and can handle the load.  Billy obviously is not and might be better off learning a trade than being frustrated trying to learn Pathagoras Theorem.

America has done a disservice to the trade industry by expecting every child to go to college.  Now Shrillda the Hutt plans to make you pay an exorbitant cost to send your neighbor’s lay about slacker kid to college to learn Social Justice Theory as a major and beer pong as a minor.

Kids are wasting four years of earning potential for the opportunity to get mired in debt learning stuff that will in the end make them unemployable.  Like the High School Teacher who quit his job to get an advanced degree in puppeteering only to learn that there were no jobs in that particular field.  He might have looked into that BEFORE quitting his job to plunk down huge sums of money to go to college to get an advanced degree in what is essentially a hobby.

My theory:  The college push is line nonsense being pushed by lefty Libs to keep young people in the lefty Lib indoctrination mill for an additional 4 years.  Then have them so  mired in debt as a result that they have no place to turn except Uncle Sugar for relief.

Now back to the original stream of thought.  I know about this.  If I could have gotten a decent job as a model railroader I’d have been all over it.  Unfortunately, that skill is largely a self-taught hobby confined mainly to a spare room, the attic or garage of your home.   So model railroading was out as job opportunity. 

I’m still trying to figure out how to make sleeping until noon Monday thru Friday, eating too much and otherwise wasting the day away pay a decent wage.  Except for the Caligula, D.C. crowd, there’s no market for such skills, and I’d rather be a male prostitute at the end of the NY City metro green line than a Caligula, D.C. ruling class azz weasel.  After all, I still have minimum standards and a bit of self-respect left.     

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