Friday, August 29, 2008

New Orleans: America's three year old child

Hurricane Gustav is churning and burning its way toward US landfall somewhere between east Texas and west Florida. That’s a lot of landfall exposed. So where would you put your Secretary of Homeland Security and your FEMA Director? New Orleans of course.

Why New Orleans? Well there are the levies of course and the fact that sits about six feet below sea level. There’s also the fact that the good people there – a great many of whom were not smart enough to get out of the way of a cat 5 hurricane moving at 12 mph with five days notice - reelected Mayor Ray School Bus Nagin. Nagin presided over the Katrina disaster. Also, three years and billions of tax payer dollars later, Crescent City leaders and dwellers are still bitching about the government not doing enough for them. And, NO that’s NOT after they acknowledge and thanked the American people for their generosity.

I was supporting the local Class A minor league team one night not too long ago. I sat down with Lex jr and heard the couple next to me talking. I turned to them and said, “It doesn’t sound like you’re from around here. Where you from?” They said, Louisiana. I said, “Oh New Orleans.” They were offended. “No! We’re not from down there. We can take care of ourselves.”

So yeah, focus on New Orleans and take care of the people who have demonstrated time and again that they can’t take care of themselves. It’s probably cheaper. It’s like if there’s a fire in your house. You have two teenaged sons and a three year old daughter. Your first reaction is going to be to help the three year old first.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Hey everybody, there’s a toga party at Invesco field tonight! Dems have decided to role the B-HO out on a stage resembling a Greek temple. What were they thinking? Let’s reinforce the B-HO’s “citizen of the world” image by building a Greek temple for the stage. What “smart guy” thinks Joe Sixpack is going to buy into 70,000 people cheering at a football stadium made up to look like the Acropolis?

Aside from saying “ya see” 5,000 times, what was the point of Ma O’s speech? The lie Ma O tried to convince us of was, “Ya see, we’re just like you.” That is aside from my $317,000 a year affirmative action job, the Ivy League educations, the scummy house and land deals, listening to a pastor G-D America for 20 years, ain’t never no how bein’ proud of this down right mean country, hanging out with unrepentant domestic terrorists, and giving a speech at Invesco on a stage that costs more than your whole damned neighborhood, other than that, we’re just like you.

Sure showing up to give a speech at a Greek temple, that’s what we “typical white” people do. What a load of bovine excrement.

I’m not going to watch. I have people – Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham - to do that for me, but this could blow up right in their faces. The guy getting off his shift de-greasing machinery down at the plant is more likely to think “what the hell” than to think it’s cool.

This presents a great opportunity next week for Republicans.

First stay on message:
Drill here drill now.
The surge worked. B-HO’s so stupid he doesn’t even know it yet.
Be positive about America and our future if we allow the America people rather than the American government to guide that future.

Last, we don’t need no stinkin’ Greek temple. Use photos of the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and the Capitol Building as backdrops.

Now, I gotta go look for an old bed sheet and something to make a laurel wreath out of for the toga party tonight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pete Rose Home Run King

Hey try this some time. While you’re talking to a pro baseball player say, “Well Pete Rose is baseball’s home run king! Yup, he’s hit more dingers than anyone – ever.” Then listen as nearly everyone within ear shot corrects you.

Then after being corrected loudly and publicly by everyone from Barry Bonds to the guy who maintains the Baseball Almanac to your son’s little league coach that you’re wrong, cite some guy on ESPN who said in 1972, “If Pete Rose was a bit bigger, a lot stronger, a great deal more powerful, used a larger bat, improved his bat speed and got the right pitches, he might be the home run king ” as proof that your statement is true.

If you’re currently the second person in succession to the president, Nan’ Pelosi, this will all make sense. The queen of ditz said Catholic writings are not clear as to when life begins. Then after being excoriated by bishops across America, including Bishop William Lori, chairman of the bishops' Committee on Doctrine (I guess that Lori would be to Catholic Catechism what the guy who maintains the Baseball Almanac is to baseball.) she just keeps yapping something about St. Augustine while ignoring the 20,000 tons of pro life writings and declarations issued by the Catholic Church dating back two thousand years. Hey, Nan’ ever heard of something called the preponderance of evidence?

Calling this windbag an idiot is an insult to idiots everywhere. Yet she persists. As if saying, “oops that was a mistake” would somehow make her look dumber on the issue than telling every Catholic Bishop in the nation that THEY don’t know what THEY are talking about. We have gotten what we deserve, Nan’ Pelosi and Harry Reid. Will we double down this Nov with Slow Joe and the B-HO?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! The sun rose in the east this morning!

How did the angry one – Ma Obama – do last night? I don’t have clue. I refuse to watch. And to be fair, I won’t watch much next week either. What great revelation is going to come out of these conventions? B-HO will be nominated this week with Slow Joe as his running partner and John McCain will be nominated next week. The MSM will fawn all over the Dems and find every single loon at Rep convention offering them an open mic.

So why watch? I’m sure Ma Obama did a 180 on her “I ain’t never no how been proud of this down right mean country – America” meme. I’m quite certain the Dems made sure Ma Obama didn’t come off like the frustrated affirmative action queen that she is.

Taking a page from Kobe, Ma O was probably all sunshine and light - telling us how proud she is of America and how much she loves this country for the opportunities it has provided for her family.

Sorry, it’s too late honey. Your unscripted moments provide a window into your soul that a smooth reading of a text prepared by your handlers cannot cover up. You were a mean angry woman who didn’t care much for this great land two months ago. What’s changed?

Reports are that Chris Matthews got that tingle up his leg again and Keith Olbermann openly declared himself in the tank for the Dems. The sun also rose in the east this morning, is anyone surprised by any of it? So why watch?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The VPs

Rumor has it that B-HO has made his VP choice, but won’t tell us who it is. Brilliant! Boy am I ever on the edge of my seat. Now we get another day-and-a-half of a hundred thousand talking cable heads telling us who it’ll be or who it should be. Thanks B-HO. That’s one more reason not to vote for you.

Besides, everyone knows that B-HO has selected Newt Gingrich so why doesn’t he just say so. Newt is a pro-life, win the war Republican. By choosing Newt, B-HO has demonstrated to moderates and independents that he can reach across the aisle to do what’s best for America.

Anyone believing that? B-HO isn’t even considering one of a half dozen or so RINOs - Hagle, Snow, Collins, Specter et al - to be VP. No one in the MSM is encouraging such move. Why? You cannot listen to radio or TV for ten seconds without some melon head talking about what a great move it’d be for McCain to pick Joe Lieberman for his VP.

Why do you suppose it’d be good for McCain to sell out his base in the name of appealing to moderates and independents but not good for B-HO to do the same? Because the MSM knows it’d kill McCain and that’s what they want.

Oh by the way, other than Dick Cheney, Newt is the most qualified man in America to be VP. A qualification I’m sure that hasn’t crossed either candidates mind.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Under Pressure

There’s a question people want to know the answer to about a leader. What’s he like under pressure? Well we know McCain has been under extreme pressure as POW. He weathered that and went onto successful careers in the Navy and as a Pol.

The most pressure B-HO’s been under is when a floodlight burned out at his midnight basketball round robin when he was a “community organizer.” Now, with the pressure building, it’s the B-HO telling John McCain that McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against. B-HO's cracking up.

I suppose with that warning McCain has convened an emergency meeting of his closest advisors seeking advice on how to pull out of the race gracefully. I expect a Fox News Alert any minute followed by McCain standing nervously at the podium sweating and in near tears admitting that he just can’t win. So why go on?

I think McCain and much of America is beginning to understand exactly what they are up against. That’s why B-HO is falling like the Ford Thunderbird at the end of Thelma and Louise. It's a selfish shame they ruined that car while doing the world a favor. They should have just thrown themselves off the cliff.

America is beginning to learn something about the know nothing, do nothing, be nothing community organizer married to a mean spirited ever grouchy affirmative action queen and they don’t like it.

As far as McCain not knowing what he’s up against, that may be true. B-HO may prove to be a bigger, more arrogant dolt than any of us ever imagined. It’s hard to believe that a guy who spent years in a Vietnamese prison camp routinely being beaten, can have anything but a chuckle for the Chicago community voter fraud organizer who issues such a warning. You can almost hear McCain, "yeah kid, I'm real scared because I've never been in a tight spot before."

But don't take my word for it. Here’s the Griffin’s take:

I watched the tube last night and a read a Drudge report on Obama attacking/going after McCain just before the Dem Convention. Call me silly but a young, angry, tall, black guy attacking an old, short, white-war-hero grandpa will not play well here in Ohiya. I don’t think this will work in West-By-God, or Pennsyltucky either.

When some people come under a lot of pressure their character changes and I think Obama is beginning to crack . His handlers are cracking too. It is like my aunt Louise realizing she needs one number to win bingo. She will go into a near faint then cuss like a truck driver when someone else yells BINGO! All this happens in a matter of seconds. This is the same women that will backhand you with a flyswatter for saying “heck” in her presence.

I hope Mac shows his cool under pressure while the Dems defile him next week. He will come off as calm and cool while the Dems are running in circles like the Japanese in a Godzilla movie. The MSM will be throwing palm fronds ahead the anointed one. I would like to see Mac select Fred “Hound-dog” Thompson as VP but it will be Mitt.
The Griffin sends

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do not question this man's patriotism

At his VFW speech yesterday, B-HO said he would not let anyone question his patriotism. I question his patriotism. I also question his mental acumen to be president. Hold on. The B-HO patriotism police are at the door. It seems they are serious about not letting anyone question the B-HO’s patriotism.

Well here’s the list of particulars re B-HO’s patriotism.

He’s running for president – he says – because America is not the country it once was or could be. Of course that is vintage B-HO, a vacuous thought with no particular meaning. As far as not being the country it once was, tell that to your race hustling buddies. America has progressed a long way from the days of Jim Crow, though your race baiting buds never acknowledge that fact. Tell your open borders idiots in the Dem party that America is not what it once was and it’s due in part to their insane open borders and immigration enforcement policy.

With regard to America not being what it could be – who or what ever is? In spite of dopes like B-HO, America remains the freest, most prosperous, most innovative, most creative and strongest country ever. But yeah sure we could be better. We could have recognized what a buffoon the B-HO was six months ago.

Then there’s the long list of shady associations. Associations with creeps like the flag trampling unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers. But of course one would never question Billy Ayers patriotism either – right?

And how can we forget the right Rev Wright? No one could ever question the patriotism of someone who G-Ds America now could they.

Then there’s his affirmative action queen wife. She’s never been proud of America because America’s a down right mean country. There’s nothing unpatriotic in any of that.

Then there’s sleezbag Tony Rezko who bought B-HO’s house or at least arranged a sweetheart deal and a reduced mortgage rate on it.

Then there’s B-HO’s wife getting a huge pay raise right after B-HO gets to congress and steers grant money to the hospital where she happens to work.

In all of this the B-HO will claim as he did with Ayers, Rezko and Wright, “well I didn’t know anything about all of that” or as in his new dodge “that’s above my pay grade.” So he’s either a dope or an unpatriotic liar. He’s probably equal parts of both.

Then, as if anyone with a brain needs more evidence what an utter smarmy dolt this guy is, when asked at Rick Warren’s forum on Sat who he would seek council from in a crisis, B-HO said his wife and grandmother.

Oh great. I can just see it. “Granny the Russians invaded Georgia. What do we do?” As “typical white person” granny answers, “Let it go. I can’t stand all of those damned darkies in Atlanta anyway.”Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wind, projects and forums


Turns out Nan’ Pelosi and T. Boone are couple of windbags. These two of late have been vilifying oil and everyone involved with it from the guys who bring it out of the ground, to the refiners, to us for using too much of the stuff.

Well it turns out the two are heavily invested wind – natural not their own – and natural gas as well. So guess who stand to profit if gas remains at $4 a gallon. That would be correct - T. Boon and Nan.

Now if T Boon wants to tilt at windmills, that’s his business – literally. But a Pol holding up a vote on lifting the federal ban on drilling – while she stands to make millions if oil would just go away or at least remain unaffordable - is criminal. I’d say the House Ethics Committee – insert any oxy moron joke here - needs to look into this.

China’s Project 119

Well we finally found something Communism is good at. The Chinese have something called Project 119 that identifies children who show potential to be Olympic athletes. The state then takes control of the children and trains them like a circus animals to perform at sporting events.

Is that cheating? If it’s not against the letter of the Olympic law it’s against the spirit. But who cares? Commies have been doing this stuff forever. Just go whip their butts and the athletes have the perfect out. It’s not my fault! It’s the states’ fault. Hmm, on second thought better not go around blaming the state for anything in China.

So what if the US government got involved in such a program. Disaster that’s what. Let’s call ours Project BR549 - the number for Jr. Samples’ Hee Haw Used Car dealership. Mickey Rooney would the center on the men’s basketball team. Every relay team would have to have a black guy, a woman and disabled person on it. Shooting events would be forfeited as a stand against gun violence. Michael Phelps would be allowed to keep only one of his gold medals. The others would be confiscated by Project BR549 officials and redistributed to athletes who slept late rather than train. After years of utter failure, the Project BR549 committee would claim that more money is needed for the next “five year plan” if the US is ever going to be able to seriously compete in the Olympics.

The Saddleback forum

I missed the forum. I was in a bar in Angola, IN waiting for Michael Phelps to swim his last event. Trust me a request to switch the channel over to the forum in this place would have caused some problems.

Anyway, it seems Mr. Smooth and articulate the B-HO was a stumbling bumbling– and yes even lying - boob and was smoked like a slab of ribs at a Texas Bar-B-Q by old white guy John McCain. What to do? Well if you’re B-HO the last thing you do is say, “well I hope to do better at the next forum.” No. That would take a man. Instead, B-HO calls his opponent a cheater. Well played guys. We all know whitey got where he is today by cheating everyone from the Indians to his own mother.

The Griffin, as usual, succinctly puts the whole thing into perspective:
McCain smoked BHO last night at Rick Warren’s church. A liberal associate professor versus a Navy fighter jock. Not a difficult choice for us in Ohio.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Philly Libs and Kobe Bryant

A few last notes about the family’s Philly trip. Philly is a Lib city. This sad fact was made apparent at every turn. Our first stop was at the old city waterworks, which had been turned into a museum – of sorts.

Included in the museum display were enlarged editorial cartoons by Tony Auth the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial cartoonist. Every one of the cartoons was a slap a t George Bush for causing or worsening global warming.

OK even if you believe the global warming hoax, AlGore tells us the planet has been warming for the last 100 years. Bush has been president only for the last 7+ years. George Bush therefore, contrary to assbackward Lib thinking cannot be the proximate cause of global warming. Also, the global warming hoaxsters - aka scientists with global warming grants – tell us that there has been NO appreciable warming in the last ten years. Oh buddy but watch out for the next ten, they warn. Two years ago, AlGore told us we’d all be dead in ten years from global warming.

Lemmesee, two from ten that’s almost eight. Just eight lousy years left. I’m taking Lex jr. out of school. He might as well enjoy his last few years on the planet before it turns into a cinder.

Next. At nearly all of the historic spots and tours some apology was made for the United States’ involvement in slavery. This is sort of like John Edwards starting each day apologizing Elizabeth. If the apology is accepted, there’s no need to go on apologizing. If it’s not, there’s no need to go on apologizing.

Only once was the point made that slavery at the time was a worldwide business. And never was the point made that African tribes participated in the business and profited from it. Sort of like a druggie and drug seller relationship. Law enforcement usually comes down harder on the seller. So, should Africa be made to pay reparations?

NEVER was the point made how revolutionary the idea of government by the people was in the late 1700s. It was totally new. It was the boldest thinking in centuries. And even harder to believe was the government that the founders cobbled together to support this idea. At the time, it had to look like the biggest unwieldy Rube Goldberg contraption ever.

Three co-equal branches of government? It’s never been done - what foolishness! One of three co-equal branches itself divided into two co-equal houses? A House of Representatives AND a Senate! Yougottabekiddingme! What were they thinking? Powers enumerated to LIMIT government? Unheard of! It’s doomed to failure! All other rights reserved for the several states and the people? It can’t be! It’ll never work! It can’t work!

Now we’re the oldest democracy in the world and still the freest people. In the comfort and safety of the modern day and without context, today’s race baiters look back on the giant leaps the founders took in 1787 and call them inadequate.

They need to look at what has been accomplished since 1787. They need to listen to Kobe Bryant in an interview with Chris Collinsworth:

Collinsworth: Where does the patriotism come from inside of you? Historically, what is it?

Kobe: Well, you know it’s just our country, it’s… we believe is the greatest country in the world. It has given us so many great opportunities, and it’s just a sense of pride that you have; that you say ‘You know what? Our country is the best!’

Collinsworth: Is that a ‘cool’ thing to say, in this day and age? That you love your country, and that you’re fighting for the red, white and blue? It seems sort of like a day gone by.

Kobe: No, it’s a cool thing for me to say. I feel great about it, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I mean, this is a tremendous honor.

And that’s not the first time Kobe has made the point that escapes, Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, Rev Wright and Jesse Jackson. In an interview with Jim Rome before the NBA finals, Kobe told Rome that the Olympics were very important. He said – paraphrasing – Our guys are over there fighting doing what they do and that’s the real sacrifice. But this is what we do and maybe we can pick America up a little bit by wining the gold.

I don’t know Bryant’s politics. I suspect he’ll be a B-HO man. I don’t care. I like Kobe Bryant.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Philly's a mess

Philadelphia could be a great city. It has a wonderful skyline, great historic sights to see, sports teams and is the home of the word famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Were it not for the filth and the human debris that litter the city – even at some of the most famous places in American history - Philly would be great.

Sadly, today it’s not. You cannot take a single step – even in the historic district – without stepping over or in gum, trash or a cigarette butt. Garbage is piled up in front of business on the sidewalk for pick up. Bums – ah er the homeless – use many of the park benches in the most inspiring locations for their afternoon nap to sleep off last night’s excesses or when they are not picking through the trash in front of the businesses.

Trash is the easy part to correct. Pick it up. Fine the beejeezers out of anyone dropping anything that didn’t grow there on the ground. The human problem is a bit more difficult. I don’t know when we decided that it’s more humane to these poor souls – many alcohol and/or drug dependent or mentally unstable - to let them wander the streets than to police them up, clean them up, give them a bed, hot meal, clean clothes and professional help with their “situation.”

I do recall in the 70s a court decision somewhere telling state and local governments that they no longer could simply round up bums and put them in asylums. Fair enough. How about rounding them up, professionally evaluating them and putting them into mandatory programs appropriate for what is troubling them?

But in Philly it seems it’s better to spend tax payer money on gun propaganda (see post below) than to get the trash off the street or easy human suffering. But this is what Libs do. They harass law abiding citizens with idiotic bus ads while handing out condoms to the human wrecks lying in the street. That is their compassion. Weird huh.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The gun I buy may kill a criminal

Posted by PicasaWhile sightseeing around Philadelphia I saw several bus posters like the one pictured here. “The gun you buy for a criminal may kill my child.” That is absolute horse manure.

Problem number one is that the poster is sponsored by the State and City Attorney’s offices. Who the hell are these dopes to spend the people’s taxes to lecture anyone on gun rights in such an underhanded way? The ad doesn’t say, “Secure your firearms to prevent tragedy.” Or “With gun rights come responsibility, lock your weapons.”

The language chosen, by people who make a living using language, makes it sound as if any weapon you might purchase, for whatever reason, is ultimately being purchased for a criminal to kill someone’s child. Bull! These people know better but are hoping the B-HO crowd and other Lib public school grads can’t figure out what is going on here.

I have a handsome gun collection. I have not bought a single one of them FOR a criminal. I might someday use one of them on a criminal, but I haven’t bought them FOR criminals. The scheming attorney’s who put this ad together know how deceitful its language is but are betting little Johnny and Sally who learned everything there is to know about sex in the public schools in third grade won’t have a clue what’s being perpetrated upon them in this ad.

More on the mess in Philly tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Lex has an impromptu Scout outing today.

Just a word on John Edwards’ problems. I get no joy out of his predicament. I couldn’t think less of him after the news broke than I did before. What IS funny is that because the MSM sat on the news – something that never would have happened if Edwards had an R after his name – the Clintons feel like they were cheated out of the nomination.

There’s something poetic about that.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reaping the "peace dividend" rewards

It’s a damn lucky thing we took advantage of that so-called “Peace Dividend” back in the 90s after the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union fell like grandpa trying to navigate the freshly waxed livingroom floor covered with the grandkids' marbles in his stocking feet. Had we not taken advantage of it then, cutting divisions, squadrons and ships, we never could have.

Now as we’re engaged in a multi-front worldwide war on terror, the Russians are marching through Georgia and we learn that they really aren’t our friends – who knew. In addition to that, the ChiComs are cheating at the Olympics. Commies cheating? Say it ain’t so Joe. Both of these situations require immediate military action. But alas, due to the “peace dividend” we’re forced to urge NATO to issue a strongly worded rebuke to Russia. That and a UN resolution ought to do the trick.

Apparently this whole thing has to do with an oil pipeline that runs from the Caspian Sea to through Georgia to the Mediterranean. (Is Nan' Pelosi aware that there's drilling going on in the Caspian Sea?) Would that make this a war for oil? No. I know this because I haven’t seen even one of those left wing loons protesting outside a Russian consulate with those incredibly clever posters of oil soaked hands choking some hapless victim. It has to be something else.

Ahh, NATO. That is the very NATO vacillating on what to do about Russia invading one of its democratic neighbors. Georgia, it seems wanted to strengthen it ties to west and was interested in a NATO membership. Russia saw this as a threat. They had it exactly backwards. They should have encouraged Georgia to enter NATO. With Georgia as a NATO member, Russia could have been assured that Georgia would never do one useful thing militarily.

Lessons learned from all of this:
- This may not be a “war for oil,” but war affects oil prices. We’d better wise up and get our own supply on line.
- You cannot trust a Commie – or even a former Commie.
- If you think we’ll have peace in our time, you’d better invest in a few more divisions, squadrons and ships to maintain that peace.

Monday, August 11, 2008

B-HO dope uber alles

Some Lib named Gerald Fisher had this letter published in the Daily Punctilio (AKA the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette) on Sunday. Lex fired a letter back to the DP. I ignored the low hanging fruit in Fisher’s piece – the idea that B-HO the dope who thinks hope is a substitute for policy has wisdom. Instead I zeroed in the pompous “’combat uber alles’” BS. To answer the idiocy that B-HO has wisdom would take 1,000s of words and you only get about 300 in a letter. Here’s the response:

It’s not a big surprise that CNN loving Libs want to credit success in Iraq, not to the heroism of American troops but rather to an “Iraqi awakening.” Does anyone else find it a bit too coincidental that “the awakening” didn’t take hold until AFTER “the few extra brigades” of Americans arrived in Iraq to believe that the surge wasn’t the main catalyst for the success?

But, that’s not the real problem with Fisher’s letter. The real problem is his total mischaracterization of John McCain. He refers to McCain as a “’combat uber alles’ – type.” Wow, that’s sophisticated – very international – and it makes the writer sound so smart. It also fits into Barack Obama’s appeal for Americans to learn another language – though oddly Obama doesn’t speak one himself, hmm. If only the “combat uber alles” shtick were true.

It isn’t. Fisher probably knows it’s not true. But then if his only information sources are CNN and Mother Jones, maybe Fisher IS ignorant of the fact that when McCain made his “100 years” comment on Iraq, he went on to say – “as long as Americans are not being injured wounded and killed.”

What a “combat uber alles” phony! How can you be a “’combat uber alles’ – type” and NOT be willing to have Americans injured wounded and killed?

Last, Fisher’s idea that “the Mideast’s socio-religious reality” will not support a long-term US effort to put that region on a path toward representative government and freedom sounds a little like racial profiling. What other groups around the world is Fisher willing to condemn to tyranny because of faith? It’s not the socio-religious reality in the Middle East that prevents freedom. Tyrannical, dictatorial and hereditary governments are the real problem in that region.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Oly and the dope

Two things have me fired up this morning:

Bush @ the Olympics
Whiners who whine about everything Bush does are whining about the president showing up in China for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The crime isn’t Bush going to the opening ceremony, the crime is that the ceremony is in China, and that’s not Bush’s fault. If you’re pissed about Bush going to China, blame the International Olympic Committee for awarding the games to China in the first place.

Libs currently pushing socialism on us should look where Communism - Socialism's big brother -has gotten China. Libs who push PC speech on us should look where limiting - nay squashing - speech has gotten China. Libs who think that it’s America fouling the world’s air, should look at China. Libs who think religion has no place in government should look at where that kind of thinking has gotten China. Citizens for Separation of Church and State and dopes like Bill Mahr must be delighted with the Chinese government’s crack down on religious freedom.

I’ll be watching and rooting for our basketball team, men’s gymnastics team, boxing team and our guys and gals competing in those sports we only see once every four years. I wonder if citizen of the world B-HO will be pulling for the Americans. Or, is that the kind of thing only we bitter white people clinging to guns and religion do?

B-HO’s no hope moment
When asked by a child why he was running for president the dope with no hope came up with this:
“America is …, uh, is no longer, uh … what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, I don’t want that future for my children.”

What a piece of human fecal material.

What it “once was?” Your buddies Wright, Sharpton and Jackson (as well as your affirmative action queen wife) have made livings bitching about what America once was and acting as if we haven't made one day's progress since 1787. And while we could always be better, we’re still pretty damned good compared to everyone else on the planet or for that matter everyone who EVER was on the planet.

Most of what’s wrong with America has been visited upon us by Libs:
- High taxes forcing both mom and dad to work outside the home
- Abortion forcing us to allow illegals to do the work dead babies won’t
- Liberal education forcing us to hire legal immigrants who can add and subtract
- Environmental whackos visiting 30 years of backward energy policies on the country
- Religion forced out of every public place to be replaced by postmodern relativism were every dopey idea is deemed to have the exact same worth

Screw you B-HO! America is still the place where everyone else wants to come. It’ll remain that way until dopes like you finally ruin her.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

WAR! Huh, What is it good for?

Well it must have been a good a vacation. The proof is that our ten day vacation ran into 12 days.

We did a ten mile hike at Gettysburg as part of Lex jr.’s hiking merit badge requirement for Scouts. While we were hiking, we ran across a long haired dope smoking FM type. Consistent with the stereotype, he drove VW mini-van. We first met him at the Bloody Angle, the high water mark for the South during the Civil War. He made several comments indicating he was well read on the battle.

Later we ran into him at the base of little Round Top. We said our hellos. As I walked passed his van, I noticed the rear end was plastered with stickers. There was a “W, yer fired!” sticker and several other terribly clever liberal political think pieces like “Bush sucks.” There were two that literally cracked me up. One read “NO WAR!” The other said “Support the troops – Bring them home.”

So here’s some clueless lib dope touring the one of the bloodiest battlefields in American military history with a “NO WAR!” bumper sticker on the back of his mini-van. I was thinking I ought to ask him if the Civil War should have ever been fought in the first place. Or should we just have let the South secede from the union and allow slavery to go on for another hundred years? What about WWI & II? Should we have ever gotten involved in those?

With regard to the other sticker, I guess the dope hadn’t heard the B-HO would be sending any troops coming out of Iraq to Afghanistan for a surge there. So whenever you see one of those compelling “Support troops – Bring them home” stickers, think “Support the troops – Send them to Afghanistan.”

I also saw a young lady (18-20 years old) wearing a pink blouse with a huge peace symbol on it at George Washington’s headquarters at Valley Forge, and a little girl wearing a “Stand up for Peace” t-shirt on the Battleship New Jersey. I found the juxtaposition of the words and where they were being used stunning. I finally had to conclude that these were thoughtless dopes more interested in looking cool than thinking about the inconsistencies of their “Peace” messages and where they chose to display it.

Thinking it might make me look cool, I’m thinking about putting a “Save energy” sticker on the back of my giant SUV. That makes about as much sense.