Friday, March 30, 2012

Do the P-BO and his cowardly AG want a race war?

Rare UPDATE:  Girl who looks like the P-BO's daughter beats white girl. 

                                 Is this what the P-BO's son would look like, if he had one?

Last April a man, who looks like the P-BO’s son if he had one, Shawn Tyson shot and killed two British tourists in FL. There has been very little outrage. As noted below, if you and your children are white or even “white Hispanics”, they are about 10,000 times more likely to be assaulted by a black male than vice versa.

It’s common. So common, the P-BO and his jackass dope of an Attorney General have pretty much yawned throughout the entire embarrassing ordeal. I can’t find anything on the Shrilldabeast or office of Sec State offering anything either. Thinga about the Shrilldabeast have a tendency to disappear from the web, like the photo of her holding a NY newspaper on the floor of the Senate with the blaring headline BUSH KNEW after 9-11. Gone. It was scrubbed as if Mr. Clean himself used the project as an advertisement for his new and improved web scrubbing product.

The sad fact of the matter being ignored by everyone is that for every one person who is shot that looks like the P-BO’s son there are ten cases of a guy that looks like the P-BO’s son pulling the trigger on someone else. Yet, there’s no outrage. No press conference where the P-BO says, “I wish people who look like my son, if I had one, would stop all of this senseless violent crime, particularly against white tourists.”

                                                      I wonder who these kids look like?

James Cooper and James Kouzaris murdered last April in FL by a man who looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one - RIP.

The New Black Panther bounty on George Zimmerman has been increased to $1 million dollars even as the facts surrounding the Trayvon Martin killing begin to suggest “the child,” as Rev? Al NOTso SHARPton referred to Trayvon, may not have been so innocent after all.

As with everything associated with Liberals and other brain dead organisms, truth, facts and common sense have absolutely no bearing on their narrative. They ruined the lives and a promising season for the Duke lacrosse team on the word psychopathic crack addict. No matter how quickly or completely the woman’s story of rape fell apart, the Liberals and other brain dead organisms held tight to the story that they actually wish were true. The lie they perpetrated fit their template and promised notoriety and a big payday if they could just convince us that the lie was the truth and the truth was a cover up by the white man.

As is always the case with Liberals and other brain dead organisms, once the story falls apart, there is no need for apologies or restitution to those harmed by their lies. It is as if every Lib comes with a Emily Lattela pull string that just says “never mind” when their destructive narratives fall apart. Half a billion flushed at Solyndra: Never mind. More millions wasted at Fisker: Never mind. A trillion wasted on a jobs stimulus: Never mind. Watching Afghanistan, Iraq, and Israel slip into an abyss: Never mind. New Black Panthers offer a dead or alive bounty on a US citizen: Never mind.

One Lex’s dozen or so conspiracy theories says that the P-BO and others want to cause so much trouble ahead of the election that the P-BO will call for the suspension of elections until order can be restored. OWS loons are gearing for a May throw down. The nation’s #1 coward Eric the wad Holder is slow to use the Justice Dept against “his people” or anyone who might look like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, setting the stage for 1960s style race riots.

Call me crazy but my newest conspiracy theory is that all of this being coordinated through the White House.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon's teachable moments

Here are a couple of things on Trayvon’s unfortunate death

It’s sickening that anyone would be trying to make money off the tragic circumstances of this young man’s death. Yet, a pretty good merchandizing market is emerging for “I am Trayvon” hoodies. Even the P-BO's campaign has jumped on the bandwagon now offering a P-BO 2012 hoodie as a campaign fund raiser.  It’s a bit more sickening when the parents go to the trouble to trademark their son’s name for merchandizing purposes. But then again, if anyone makes money on the boy’s name, it probably ought to be the family.

There is a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head placed there by the New Black Panthers. An untrained legal mind might think that such a bounty might violate George Zimmerman’s civil rights, be seen as intimidation, encouraging violence, akin to murder or kidnapping for hire and would have those offering the bounty in serious trouble. The untrained legal mind would be wrong. As far as I know the Feds under the “leadership” of cowardly light skinned Negro idiot Eric the wad Holder have not paid a visit to the New Black Panther for offering the bounty. The FBI hasn’t bothered with the NBP probably because the New Black Panther’s are the wad’s “people” and the wad doesn’t want the FBI poking around in “his people’s” business.

The P-BO cravenly politicized this tragedy and injected race into equation when he told the world, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Maybe, but I doubt it. I have no idea what happened. But I’ll bet the Griffin’s next pay check that if the boy had been respectful and polite that night he’d be alive today. It’s unklikely that the shooting went down like this:

Z: What are you up to punk?
T: Oh good evening sir. I’m just picking up some Skittles. How are you?
Z: Don’t bad mouth me punk. I know you’re up to no good because you’re black and in a gated community.
T: No sir. I’ll just get my candy and be on my way. Thanks you for watching out for the community.
Z: Why you little bastard. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

If America is as bad as the race baiters make it out to be, shouldn’t the race baiters be teaching their children how to avoid confrontation? It seems to me, from the safety of my compound, that they are more interested in stirring up confrontation than avoiding it.  Case in point, George Zimmerman is as much a Latino as the P-BO is a black man. Yet Zimmerman is referred to by race baiters as a “White Hispanic.” Does that make the P-BO a White Negro?

Now, the P-BO, the wad and the rest of the race baiters for profit crowd would never point this stuff out:
Blacks are 12% of the population but commit 52% of violent crime.
Blacks also commit over 90% interracial black white crime.
Blacks are way more likely to be a victim of black on black violent crime than a white on black crime. 43% of all murder victims in 2007 were black, 93.1% of whom were killed by other blacks.  Yet, Revs? Jessie hymietown Jackson and Al notso SHARPton never show up when blacks shoot blacks.  Those apparently are NOT teachable moments.
Hispanics are a hate crime victim category but not a perpetrator category. Hispanic offenders are classified as whites, which inflates the white offense rate and gives the impression that Hispanics commit no hate crimes.

If the cowardly light skinned Negro Eric the wad Holder wants to have a discussion about race, why doesn’t he start by investigating the NBP and addressing the FBI crime statistics about “his people” with Revs? Jessie hymietown Jackson and Al notso SHARPton?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

P-BOcare, let's face it, it's only a matter of time

Conservatives should not start a victory lap if the Supreme Court acts rationally and strikes down the federal mandate portion of P-BOcare. The mandate is only how the thing is paid for. No doubt the P-BO and his cohort of brain dead Demo-Dopes can find a way to add the costs of P-BOcare to the deficit. Or they can continue to implement portions of the monstrosity that do not require funds. They can order the insurance companies to provide coverage for free. Or they can foist it off on employers.

One thing we know for certain is that Demo-Dopes are relentless in their pursuit of taking from people who earn money and giving it to people who do not. You can bet Demo-Dopes are conspiring right now on how to implement the program if the mandate is struck down. The P-BO Affirmative Action Press or AAP (aka AP) says this:

President Barack Obama's health care law would not automatically collapse if the Supreme Court strikes down the unpopular requirement that most Americans carry medical insurance or face a penalty.

The overhaul could still lurch ahead without that core requirement, experts say. But it would be more like a clunky collection of parts than a coherent whole.

That would make an already complicated law a lot harder to carry out, risking repercussions for a U.S. health care system widely seen as wasteful, unaffordable and unable to deliver consistently high quality.

Premiums could jump for people buying coverage individually, and for small businesses. That's because other provisions of the law require insurance companies to accept people with health problems, and limit the premiums that can be charged to older adults.

If it’s even imaginable, P-BOcare would be whole lot more convoluted if the Supremes stuck down the mandate and let the remainder of the bill stand. Our only hope is that the thing is struck down in its entirety. Even then you can imagine Demo-Dopes have P-BOcare 2.0 already on the shelf and ready for unveiling in the 2012 campaign. The slogan will be – They stole your healthcare. That would be the same healthcare that you never had. That would be the same healthcare that you wouldn’t buy because the new ipad came out. That would be the same healthcare you never intend to buy because it’s not fair that you have to spend your money on something that is a “human right.” Besides, if it’s free, nobody really pays for it, right?

Now the Republicans are a different bunch. If the mandate is struck down they will try to cooperate with the Demo-Dopes to enact the remainder of the bill. If the bill struck down in its entirety, the RepubliRats will cooperate with the Demo-Dope to fashion a new bill. If the Supremes do nothing and let the bill stand the RepubliRats will shrug and say that they did their best. The Supreme Court has spoken. There is really nothing we can do.

So to recap. The Demo-Dopes will be relentless in their quest for socialized medicine. The RepubliRats will resist them only insofar as necessary to win their next election.

Bottom line, unless we throw 90% of the bums out, we’re screwed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A gaff: When a politician accidentally tells the truth

We know that the P-BO is the most dangerous man in America. And we know, left unchecked by having to stand for another election, his current pace of assaults on the US Constitution will accelerate.

Until yesterday, I thought that our biggest problem with an unaccountable P-BO in a second term would be uncontrolled redistribution of money through higher taxes and fees. And he’d continue his assault on established organized religions that preach the Gospel instead of the Rev? Jerry Wright type hate. And he’d continue to run the US military into the ground with foolish social experiments, reductions in force and crippling budget cuts. And he'd continue to waste hundreds of billions of tax dollars in search of fairy tale things like Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Big Foot and sustainable green energy.  In addition to all of that, now we know he’d also unilaterally disarm America in the face of a resurgent Russia that means us no good.

Yesterday, during a conversation with Russian President Medvedev, the P-BO let the cat out of the bag for all to hear.

The P-BO: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense this can be solved, but it’s important for [incoming president Vladimir Putin] to give me space.”

Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

The P-BO: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Yes by all means transmit that which he already knows to Vladimir. Putin knows it and people with brains in America know it. But then there are far too few people with brains these days. And of the “with a brain” class, there are too many of the Volvo, Prius driving sorts that would like to see America get cut down to size.

It’s truly odd. They want the system that funds all their hare brained social BS destroyed. They don’t mind a less secure America even if it means a less secure environment to do business which means less tax money to divert from producers to lay abouts.  OWS scum and their types want all manner of free stuff but want to destroy the very system that produces the free stuff they want. Weird huh?

The P-BO is and always has been one of the crowd. He wants to use America as the world’s ATM while at the same destroying the very mechanisms that fund his BS projects. Yesterday he got caught making his intention for cutting America down to size known.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Watch out for trigger happy white Hispanics and light skinned Negro presidents

What’s important this morning? The death of a FL teenager at the hands of newly minted terror group – “white Hispanics” is grabbing all the headlines.  Isn’t “white Hispanic” just a little racist, sort of like “light skinned negro”? White Hispanic? WTF (win the future)? Hey, this is a real tragedy for everyone except for the New Black Panthers, Revs? Jessie Hymietown Jackson and Al Notso SHARPton. For them, it is an opportunity.

Thank goodness the P-BO got involved in this one, telling us that if he had a son, he’d look like Tryvon. Five kids were gunned down in Indy a couple of weekends ago during a St. Patrick’s Day “celebration.” Not a word from the president to date on that issue. I think I read something about 17 shootings on a single weekend in Chicago a while back, but the president hasn’t said anything about who those victims “looked like.”

I haven’t commented on this thing because I remember the Duke rape case where white, white guys who played the ultra white game of lacrosse were accused of raping a dark skinned black “exotic dancer.” Everyone including Duke profs, the county prosecutor, the national media and race baiting Revs? across the country piled on and had the white, white boys guilty before one shred of evidence had been produced. Then it turns out that the dark skinned black woman was lying and more than a touch unstable.

So, before producing one shred of evidence the left wing race baiting machine destroys the white, white boys lives, has the university lacrosse coach fired, ruins the teams legitimate shot at a national lacrosse title, after running a total Lib BS factory for months and months on the issue, when the dark skinned black woman turns out to be an unhinged liar, the natural Lib reaction for everyone involved in the smear is: Well ok then. Our work here is done. Move along nothing to see here.

So before saying that the neighborhood watch guy acted stupidly, or that were Trayvon a white, white kid, not wearing a hoodie, not involved in this trouble, he’d look like my son, I’d like see if I might actually find out what happened. But hey as long as the dark skinned negro Trayvon looks like what the light skinned negro P-BO’s son would look like, let’s hang white Hispanic George Zimmerman right now.

Not to worry, light skinned negro Eric the wad Holder has the civil rights division of DOJ looking to see if dark skinned Negro, Trayvon’s civil rights were violated by the white Hispanic George Zimmerman. I think we should we should get swarthy skinned Hispanic to mediate the whole thing.

“White Hispanic” is TOTAL race baiting BS. First, it shouldn’t make any difference what color the shooter or shootie are. Sadly with this (g)assbag president and his incompetent AG, it may be the ONLY thing that matters. Next, how many ways are they going to divide us? Now it’s not just along race lines it includes deepness of the tones within the race. Ironically, white Hispanic George Zimmerman is as much a Hispanic as the P-BO is a Negro.

Oh, before anyone goes ballistic about the light skinned Negro references, it was coined by NV Sen. Scrawny Harry the land baron Reid about the P-BO.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be affirmative action babies - they never grow up

Lex was noting before it was cool that the P-BO is and has been an affirmative action pass through all his life. When great thinkers like Victor Davis Hanson and the writers at American Spectator got on board - the latter calling in the P-BO “the greatest affirmative action baby in history” - the point was made by greater minds than Lex.

The P-BO’s great accomplishment before running for the presidency was to have written two books about himself. That is a pretty good description of a self licking ice cream cone. Then when running his campaign he noted running his campaign was his chief qualification for the highest office in the land. That’s an even better description of a self licking ice cream cone.

But since he’s half black, he is passed through at every level with “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” ANY criticism of the poor baby is met with charges of racism rather than a critical review of his atrocious record, his disregard for people faith or his all too often tendency toward untelepromted flip and remarkably ignorant remarks like: No I don’t know all of the facts, but one thing I know must be true is that “the cops acted stupidly.”

It is akin to another high level affirmative action baby in the administration, Eric the wad Holder. When asked dif he’d read the 10 lousy pages of an AZ immigration law before he spoke out against it, the cowardly SFB Holder had to admit that he had not. The Liberal logic goes: He shouldn’t be expected to read it right? After all he’s black. Can’t expect “those people” to do their due diligence can we? It just looks good to have a few of “them” in high places so we can feel good about ourselves.”

So, after being passed through his entire life, would you expect there to be accountability for the P-BO now? Yeah, you reasonably would expect that the P-BO and his administration would be held to some level of accountability. You’d be wrong.

What teachers, professors, associates and colleagues used to do for the P-BO – that is move him along and pass him through to his next level of incompetence – is now being done by our 4th estate, our media watchdog turned lapdog. The AP (Associated Press) might as well be the AAP (Affirmative action Press). They are that deep in the tank for the P-BO.

As gas soared past $4 a gallon in Ft. Wayne, IN this week, the AAP was running stories about how more drilling has never lowered the price of gas at the pump and how little the president can do to affect the cost at the pump.

What is clear now and will be become clearer as the campaign proceeds is that affirmative action babies never grow up.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shake the Etch-a-Sketch and laugh it off Mitt

This why politics is sooooo much fun. A campaign worker makes a gaff about resetting for the general election is kind of like shaking an Etch-a-Sketch and the political world goes berserk. No matter that in a sense it is true.

The primaries are about contrasts with not only the P-BO but your party rivals as well. When the primary is over everyone, except possibly Newt, will shake the Etch-a-Sketch move on to what dangerous and complete morons and idiots the P-BO, Slow Joe and their entire @$$clown circus are.

So now Newt and Santorum have taken to carrying the sketch toy with them wherever they go. OK Mitt will have to live with it. The really hard thing for Mitt is that it does have a grain of truth in it. He has, let’s not say flip flopped, that is an ugly term in politics. Let’s say adjusted his opinion on occasion.

But you have to be quick in this business. If Gingrich is going to be carrying around an Etch-a-Sketch, I’d deliver a line like: I’m so disappointed in my staffer’s poor choice of words am sending him to be my campaign manager on Newt’s moon colony. These things happen during a long campaign. Let me tell you what’s important. On day one of my administration P-BOcare will end, the Keystone pipeline will be approved and there will be a new respect for America around the world.

Then there’s this

The P-BO's answer to American energy requirements

The P-BO has been traveling around talking as if he has been this big oil exploration guru. He takes credit for the oil being produced by Bush era grants and private development. And he is stuck on “I think you are so dumb I can tell this BS lie about America having 2% of oil reserves while it uses 25% of the world oil resources.” First off, so the hell what? Who in this world has done more good for the plant with the resources they have developed? Next, we’re paying for them @$$bag. The P-BO’s meme is like saying Jay Leno produces 0% of the world’s cars, but he has dozen’s of them. He paid for them.  They are his. STFU. It’s called capitalism or if that’s too dirty a word, commerce. Last, we’d have about 3 5% of the world’s proven reserves if you’d pull your head out of your back side and get started developing those resources.

So while gas soars past $4 a gallon the P-BO
blocks an international pipeline,
denies off shore drilling,
won’t issue permits for oil exploration on federal land,
won’t look at ANWR,
won’t do one damn thing to improve PROVEN reliable energy production in this country,
but he will dump hundreds of billions of dollars down the crapper on failed wind, solar and electric car (aka coal burning car) technology.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rick!! Stop whining!!

Romney won IL in convincing enough fashion last night. Santorum, absent any real effort from Newt or Ron Paul, under performed. Yeah, Santorum who has said in the past, if Newt would just clear field for a two man race he’d be able to take on Romney. In IL anyway, he can’t.

So what was Rick’s response to his drubbing last night? Blame the voters. They are all moderates. On Greta he whined like a baby about the money he can’t raise. He whined even louder about the money Romney can raise. He said stupid stuff like, “I don’t have friends who are billionaires.” Sure Rick, you have friends who are like Arlen Specter.

Then something quite amazing fell out Santorum’s mouth. He said that Romney could not connect with people. Now this is a reference to the guy who is kicking his – Santorum’s -@$$ in the delegate and popular vote count. You’d think a professional life-time politician like Santorum would be able to quickly run a stupid statement like that through the logic mill and reject it. Not so.

There was a Romney guy on with Greta as well. She hammered him on Romney care. That’s the one note symphony that the media will be playing from the time Romney secures the nomination to the election. Just saying he’ll repeal P-BOcare by issuing waivers to all 50 states won’t be enough. He’ll have to come with something like:

There are two candidates in this race. One foisted the abomination known as P-BOcare on the American people against their will, and if re-elected he will continue to implement it against their will. The other, no matter what was said in the past, will repeal it on day one as the first order of business. Those are your two choices.

Then there’s this:

A picture/painting says a 1,000 words.  Check Mcnaughton's other stuff here

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Biden ever the dumb@$$

While the nation’s real bitter clingers cling to the notion that the P-BO is a really smart guy, most all Americans can agree on one thing. Slow Joe Shovel ready Biden is an epic dumb@$$.

From his college days of copying his buddies homework to the days of lifting (aka plagiarizing) whole paragraphs from British labor party favorite Neal Kinnock’s stump speech, to a failed vain attempt to transplant hair follicles from his @$$ to his head, the guy is a walking talking punch line if ever there was one.

Sir dumb@$$ laid this one on us last night giving the P-BO credit for SEAL Team Six’s heavy lifting in sending bin Laden to hell:
You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there.

Are you sure it was 48% Joe? Whose paper did you copy that information from? Might it have been better stated as range? Like 30-48%? Could it actually have been 53%? Idiot!

Go back 500 years? How about going all the way back to June 1976 to the Israeli’s lightening raid on Entebbe? Israelis flew 2,500 miles to rescue 103 hostages being held by 7 early day Islamo-Terror-Fascists. The Israelis used a ruse of driving a Mercedes look alike of Ugandan leader Idi Amin to catch the terrorist off guard. All 7 ITF went to hell that day. Three hostages and one soldier were also killed. The lone soldier killed was Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother Yoni.  As a side note, the Israeli air force also destroyed the entire Ugandan air force in one well timed and coordinated strike.

If you would rather go way, way back, try 1943. That is when the German raid during WWII into the Italian Apennine Mts to rescue Mussolini took place. The Germans used gliders to catch the Italians guarding Mussolini off guard. They rescued Duce without a shot. Before the day of reliable helicopter flight, the Germans exfilltrated using sophisticated – for the day – short landing and take off aircraft.

And not to put too damn fine a point on it, we might not be here clinging to our freedoms today were it not for George Washington’s daring raid across the frozen Delaware River in 1776.

I love the SEALS. But Biden’s remarks had nothing whatever to do with them. He’s an idiot whose sense of history begins with whatever he read or copied aka plagiarized out the morning newspaper. His whole point was to make the jug-eared weasel who hired him look good. A tough task given that the P-BO’s first major decision was to put a jackass like Biden one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Ever the slower Joe went on to say:
Do any one of you have a doubt that if that raid failed that this guy would be a one-term president? This guy is willing to do the right thing and risk losing.

Wow! There’s a real profile in courage. Do what’s right saving your own @$$ in the process to win an election. What’s next? People willing to work for money?

Here’s another idea. Drop 8 2,000 lbs bombs on the compound, skip the drama and be done with it.

While Biden’s dope of a boss slanders his predecessors near (Bush) and far (Hayes), both far better men than he, this embarrassment of VP we have concludes that, because it happened on his watch, the raid on bin Laden was the greatest raid since slowest of all Joes and his frat buddies ran a raid on Phi sisters panties but ended up getting hogtied, branded and jockstraps placed over their heads when they slipped into the all black Delta fraternity house by mistake.

There is no end to this man’s douche baggery.

Monday, March 19, 2012

We are turning into a creepy country

You know you’ve finally arrived as country when the federal government can direct that all student health plans must cover the full set of cost-free women’s “preventive services” (aka abortion, sterilization and birth control including those that cause abortions). During the usual Friday night document dump that is what HHS, under the stellar leadership of “Catholic” Kathleen Babies? We don’t need no stinkin babies Sebelius, ordered last month.

Too dumb to get into an American university? That’s hard to believe, but don’t worry. Women of college age who do not attend school will also get free sterilization coverage whether they are insured through an employer, their parents, or some form of government-subsidized plan.

Does anyone recall way back when the P-BO assured us that P-BOcare wouldn’t fund abortion? MI Rep Bart Stupeck served as the P-BO’s useful idiot during debates in congress on that issue. Bart wouldn’t just go along to get along if P-BOcare included federal funding for abortion. He raised a big stink. Solid as a rock principal would not let Stupak vote for P-BOcare if it funded abortion. So the P-BO called him in and assured Stupak that it wouldn’t. Stupak, took a jackhammer to his rock solid principals, compromised, then voted for the bill. We haven’t heard much from old Bart the malleable since those good old days.

If Stupak were to have stuck to his principals in this day and age he would be a frontline soldier in the war against women. Now DOJ has an office dedicated to enforcing the Violence Against Women Act passed and signed by the act’s chief violator Billyboy better put some ice on that Clinton in 2000. The VAWA was reauthorized in 2005. Because we have made no progress reducing violence against women since 2000, re-reauthorization is being debated in the senate right now.

As it turns out the Supreme Court got one right when it ruled parts of VAWA unconstitutional but inexplicably let the funding for an unconstitutional law stand. So there’s a fully funded office in the DOJ enforcing an unconstitutional law. And we wonder why we’re broke.

Republican hand wringers, ever afraid of being lampooned on late night tv, do not know how to handle the debate for re-reauthorizing the VAWA. Try this:

We are opposed the VAWA. We propose a Violence Against Anyone Act instead. VAAA or VA cubed is a law that will treat all Americans equally and dispose of violent criminals equally. Sort of like what the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment was set up to do. This is a radical idea certain to inflame the passion of the special interests who insist on being treated specially. It flies in the face of Animal Farm logic that says some animals are more equal than others. But we think that the rather novel idea of turning to the Constitution might be the best course in this day and age.

Besides do parents really think that violence against their sons should be tolerated more than violence against their daughters? Oh, Johnny got beaten up again today by a gang of bullies at school? How nice. What’s for dinner? As opposed to: What!!!? Sarah got de-friended by that b*tch Suzy! This is clearly violence against women! We’re going to sue their @$$es off!

Friday, March 16, 2012

First, get their guns

As seems to be the case more and more these days, there are way too many BS things happening at once than is possible to cover.

First, here’s something near and dear to my heart. A Marine Gen, Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus, ordered his Marines to disarm themselves in a combat zone to listen to Def Sec Leon Panetta. I cannot see great warriors of the past agreeing to be disarmed in a combat zone while some second rate politician from their OWN COUNTRY gabs on about such and such.

Gen Gurganus claimed that he wanted his Marine to look the same as their Afghan counterparts who are not allowed to be armed at such events. Well guess what Gen? They are not the same. If they were, the shooting spree by the Staff Sergeant would be hailed as a great accomplishment and would be a common occurrence.

The absolute proof positive that they are not the same is the fact that the Gen didn’t decide to give his “Afghan partners” their weapons. He DOES NOT TRUST THEM. So instead he sunk to the lowest common denominator, let’s give all the boys trophies option. He took his own troops’ weapons and proved to them that he doesn’t trust them either.

Mission accomplished in true Lib fashion. Instead of making people more equal by lifting them up, make them more equal by bringing excellence down. Beautiful. No doubt Marine Commandant, Gen Amos, was against this until the political wind blew in the face of his ambitions.

Then there’s this.

42% of college graduates say they plan to move back home after graduation. If ever there was a solid argument against a college education, that’s it. Overall about 13% of adult children up to the age of 42 move back home. That’s the Obama economy and frankly there’s nothing wrong with it - moving back home that is.

While most parents want their children to grow and move out, they are willing to lend a helping hand during troubled times. After all, it was not that long ago that there would be three generations under a single roof. We’ve since outsourced the care of our aging parents the old folks homes.

But I think we’d agree the goal is to get adult children out on their own. Part of that is teaching the children to work. Now the government is getting involved. As with everything the government does, they are 180 degrees out of phase with the goal of teaching children to be self reliant.

In the mindless bureaucratic mills of the federal government’s Deps of Trans and Labor, they are working overtime to regulate family farms out of business. Last year Dep of Transportation numbskulls were trying to regulate farmers out of business by demanding that anyone who operates farm machinery undergo the same rigorous testing and certification as over the highway tractor trailer operators. BS. It should be the other way around. The goal was to get farm kids off the family tractor.

This year the Dep of labor is making a run at the family farm. In spite of advances in farm safety, the new rules proposed by the busy bodies in the Labor Dep would limit the amount and type of work mom and dad can ask jr. to do on the farm. After all, who knows better what jr. is capable of, mom and dad or Sec of labor Hida(bag) Solis? Why the bureaucrat of course.

It’s insane. What the government wants is to destroy the work ethic of farm families. The government wants us living in the government’s basement so speak. They want us dependant on then fearful of losing a government benefit.

As always, it’s the conservatives asking to just be left the hell alone. It’s the liberals saying hell no.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bokered convention talk is BS

A funny thing happened Tuesday when Rick Santorum was delirious over winning the AL and MS primaries. The funny thing was that, while Santorum was high fiving everyone, Mitt Romney won more delegates than he did on Tuesday night.

The proportional splits in AL and MS divided the delegates in what was essentially a three way tie between  Santorum, Gingrich and Romney evenly. But by sweeping the little noted HI and Guam primaries, Romney actually won 6 more delegates than Santorum on Tues. As the usual pundit logic goes, because he won more delegates, Romney is weak. Weird huh?

Now if you think that’s weird, check out the nominating strategy of the second and third place losers. The strategy is to deny Romney the necessary 1,144 delegates required to win the nomination outright and challenge him again at the convention. Weird times 2, 3, 8 or 108, huh?

This strategy is one that says, let’s ignore the 5,000 debates between the 50 or so candidates engaged in. Let’s ignore the 50+ primaries and caucuses. Let’s ignore the delegate count that has one candidate with a commanding lead, albeit short of the number required. Let’s ignore the commanding lead in popular the vote one candidate piled up through the primary process. Let’s give the nomination to___________. Fill in the blank.

You can put anyone’s name in the slot at this point. If it’s not the frontrunner, it would make as much sense. If not Romney why not Jeb Bush? Why not Sarah Palin? Why not Ned the Wino? One makes as much sense as the other. And by logic, none of them makes any more sense than putting Newt or Rick’s name on the line.

And then there’s this.


 I don’t know which is more disgusting, this or the UN Human Rights Council looking into US voter ID laws. Both are despicable. Both are being done by the lowest of the low vermin to be found anywhere.

We should be out of the UN and this a more appropriate place for the P-BO’s picture.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lex's first political rally

I missed yesterday’s post because I was returning from Ohio after spending an evening with OH senatorial candidate Josh Mandel and possible Republican VP candidate Marco Rubio. The Griffin and I were among a couple hundred other patriots who paid $25 to listen to and see the dynamic duo outline their vision for America.

Mandel, the local star of the event, talked about how others in his family and in the audience had “paved the way” for him. He learned the lesson well. When it was his turn to step up, he did not hesitate. He enlisted in the Marine Corps reserve in 2000 and served two tours in Iraq’s An Bar province as an intelligence specialist. He served on the Lyndhurst, OH city council before running for state representative and then carrying 80 of Ohio’s 88 counties to become the state’s 48th treasurer. He earned a bachelors degree from The Ohio State University and a law degree from Case Western Reserve. Not a bad resume for guy who is only 33.

While Mandel talked of the sacrifices of others who paved the way for him, he noted that many were coming to him as he campaigned around the state saying, for the first time in their lives they feel the American Dream slipping away for their children. I can relate. I have noted on this page several times my feeling that for the first time ever I have a creeping feeling that the republic is truly at risk. Whatever is left after 4 or 8 years of the P-BO will bear little resemblance with what we knew to be America as few years ago as 2008.

This administration is going about turning the nation on her head and isn’t even bothering with the usual impediments to such efforts, the co-equal branches of government the judicial and legislative. They are going about it by through the gigantic onerous government bureaucracy with unelected unaccountable bureaucrats issuing on average 44 new regulations a day. The current kurfluffel with the Catholic Church was not started with some judge or elected official, it was started by bureaucrats in HHS.

Mandel is running against Demo-Dope Sherrod Brown. Brown as you might recall was the Sen that land thief Harry Reid held the vote on P-BOcare open for as Brown rushed from his dying mother’s bedside to screw America. Mandel labeled Brown the most Liberal Sen in the senate. Brown needs to go and so does the P-BO. The case being made was that if Mandel carried OH, whoever the Republican candidate was would as well. It’s unlikely, as the logic goes, that someone would show up to vote for Mandel and then vote for the P-BO.

As impressive as Mandel was, the star of the night was Marco Rubio. He gave a speech with national appeal. One point he made sticks with me. America has given many gifts to the world. We are the greatest power for good in history of the world. We give more, invent more, protect more, and provide the economic power that literally drives the world. But as great as those contributions are charity, innovation, creativity, military and economic might are not our greatest gifts to the world. Our example, with all of our faults, is the greatest gift to the world.

That’s what the P-BO and others do not understand about America.   American exceptionalism is not the notion that we’re better than anyone. It is the notion that we offer more opportunity to the individual to pursue his dreams through hard work, creativity and/or savvy pragmatism than any other place on Earth. Unfortunately, as Rubio said, there is no close second place. If we lose America, like the Truffula trees in Dr. Susses’ The Lorax, the idea is gone.

That is what is at stake in this election. Are we going to continue to be a country that places the individual above the state or are we going to slide into a Borg like collective.

NOTE:  All of the speakers noted that Ohio is likely to be "ground zero" in the election this year.  So if how goes Mandel, so goes the election, the P-BO and Demo-Dopes will be dumping tons and tons of cash on Mandel's head.  Help him out @

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ohio Senator more about getting even than passing sensible law

Some idiot named Nina Turner, a Demo-Dope of course and OH state Sen. to boot, wants an OH law requiring men to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and get a notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming impotency, before getting a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs. Nina, like most professional agitators, is upset because people on the right do not want to kill babies or pay for others who do.

As is always the case with Demo-Dopes, when they see a perceived injustice, their idea of making it fair is to inflict injustice on the rest of us. So if they see a poor person, their idea is to pick your pocket with all manner of asinine taxes and make you poor as well. If a real car crushes an eco friendly car in a crash test, instead of making the eco car sturdier, the Dopes demand that other car be made lighter and less sturdy. When a criminal is gunned down during a home invasion, the Dopes want to grab your gun to give criminals, members of one of their biggest voting blocks, a fighting chance.

So it is with this windbag. Nina thinks that because the public won’t pay to kill babies, they must be punished with some non sequitur of a law designed simply to punish and harass another group. Even though it does nothing to remedy the “perceived injustice” for blockheads like Turner, it’s mission accomplished another group has been unduly punished.

The other thing that has Mzzzzzzzzzzz Turner’s shorts in a wad is that the OH legislature is dominated by men. As such they have no business legislating anything that has to do with women’s issues. First, men dominate politics because most politicians, like men, are weasels. Most women prefer to do more respectable work, like clubbing baby seals.

Using Mzzzzz Turner’s idiotic logic you’d have to be a member of a group before you could pass any law governing that group. I was going to use an example about passing laws against crooks here, but since most politicians are crooks, that won’t work. Most laws against crooks are passed by politicians to get rid of the competition. How about smoking laws? Using Turner’s Spock like logic, unless you smoke, you could not vote to restrict smoking. Legislators could not pass highway legislation unless they’ve engineered a highway. They could not vote to build a professional sports stadium in a city unless they played that sport or owned a team.  You have to be a doper before passing laws to restrict dope - the herb type not the dolt type.

I opened this brilliant post by referring to Nina Turner as an idiot. In keeping with my Lenten devotional of being kinder and gentler, I take it back.  That may be a bit over the top. She’s probably just a self-serving moron.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Another brilliant investment of tax dollars by the P-BO

And if you buy now, we'll throw in your very own tow truck, because you're gong to need one!  With US timulus money from the P-BO and at $107,000 a copy they can afford it. 

Solyndra and another solar company backed by the P-BO have gone belly up taking with them hundreds of millions of your tax dollars. The Government Motors Chevy Volt is temporarily out of production adding another 1,300 or so to the unemployment line.

When no one wants to buy your crap, what do you do? You get the government to subsidize it. If a $6,000 dollar subsidy per useless firetrap doesn’t work, you up it to $10,000. That’s the P-BO’s new plan. He wants to offer more tax payer money to every sap who is stupid enough to buy a Volt. It really is subsidizing the stupid and their behavior. I’m not sure that given the car’s history and the fact that it truly is a coal burning car that a 100% subsidy would improve sales.

But not worry folks. The emperor will simply mandate that the Catholic church replace its current fleet of vehicles with Chevy Volts. Then Grand Fran Nan Peloser can get some over educated Ivy League dumb@$$ to demand that the university buy her one.

And now there’s this. Remember the nation-wide outrage when it was discovered that the P-BO spent stimulus money for a luxury electric car called the Fisker? Recall the outrage when we learned it was built in Europe? Yeah, I know. There was no outrage. The sycophantic MSM pretty much ignored the whole thing. Well now we know that whatever money we dumped into the Fisker would have been better spent here at home setting up Newt’s moon colony.

Consumer Reports bought one of the $107,000 Fiskers to run through its test regime. The Fisker went less than 200 miles before ending up on a flatbed to by hauled back to the dealer more than 100 miles away. Offering a testimony to the car, and really electric cars everywhere, Consumer Reports spokesperson offered this assessment of the Fisker:

We buy about 80 cars a year and this is the first time in memory that we have had a car that is undriveable before it has finished our check-in process.

He went on to say, that at that price they probably could throw in a flatbed with every sale. Then he added, well at least it didn’t catch fire, a ringing endorsement of a new auto if ever there was one.

Your tax dollars hard at work at the P-BO administration.

The Demo-Dopes are trotting out their same song and show with regard to oil production:
It won’t have any affect for 3-5 years.
They have been saying the same thing for 30 years. Had we started then, where would we be now?

Then they argue that oil is fungible and any oil we produced here would simply go overseas to China or India. That may be, but a larger and MORE RELIABLE supply oil would drive speculation on the price of oil down. It also has the benefit of us not funding both sides of the war on terror.

And here is the $64,000,000 question:
Would we and the world be better off if we could produce our own oil in the event that the Iranians decide to close the Strait of Hormuz?

It’s a no brainer. It’s a national security issue. Instead of hammering each other, the Republicans should be hammering the P-BO like a 100 Amish men at Saturday morning barn raising on this issue.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Can we get it back?

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.
John Adams 1775

Under the guise of “fairness,” “compassion,” and because “it’s for the children” liberals have been all about stealing our liberties one by one for the last 40 years. By doing so they have changed a country founded upon individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities into some kind of weak minded dope factory where a 30 year old college co-ed can demand a Catholic University pay for her birth control and abortions and be taken seriously. Seriously enough that when people call the co-ed the whacked out idiot that she is and compare her to a $2 whore on Sat. night when the fleet is town, she receives a comforting call from the P-BO.

Because Americans inherently know when something is amiss with Demo-Dopes trying to snatch their guns, cars, land, money and babies through legislation, much of the Dopes’ damage has been done under the cover of court decisions. Just because 5 dopes in robes appointed for life by career politicians say it is so, we tend think it is all right. After all, a judge is supposed to be protecting our rights and freedoms. Often what these boneheaded judges do is heap extra constitutional rights upon one group and expect the responsibility for those newly created rights be heaped onto another group. Busing, affirmative action, abortion, hate crimes, gun control, EPA regulations, et al all give rights one group while placing responsibility for the “rights” onto another group.

The P-BO has pretty much broken all of the rules. He doesn’t rely on legislation or the courts to go about destroying the constitution and liberty. He sits in the Oval Office and decrees it by diktat. 2,000 years of church teaching, freedom of religion and right to conscience in the US is no longer valid because the P-BO has so decreed. You can be a conscientious objector and avoid military service in combat zones or all together, but you cannot obtain relief from an onerous federal government because you refuse to kill unborn American citizens. In fact now, not only can you no longer object to that obscene procedure, you MUST pay for it and facilitate it.

Standing against the P-BO’s latest over reach is an organization that has for the last 40 years been complicit in all manner of Demo-Dope over reach, right up to the point that it was their own ox being gored. The P-BO’s latest over reach has awakened a sleeping giant. In a letter to his bishops Cardinal Dolan wrote:

At a recent meeting between staff of the bishops’ conference and the White House staff, our staff members asked directly whether the broader concerns of religious freedom—that is, revisiting the straight-jacketing mandates, or broadening the maligned exemption—are all off the table. They were informed that they are. So much for “working out the wrinkles.” Instead, they advised the bishops’ conference that we should listen to the “enlightened” voices of accommodation, such as the recent, hardly surprising yet terribly unfortunate editorial in America. The White House seems to think we bishops simply do not know or understand Catholic teaching and so, taking a cue from its own definition of religious freedom, now has nominated its own handpicked official Catholic teachers.

In 2008 I was dumfounded to find “Catholics for Obama” bumper stickers in the church parking lot. The P-BO is big trouble this time around. Cardinal Dolan has asked that Catholics get more politically involved. Dolan should start by cleaning his own house of liberation theology types like Fr. Phleger.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Winning apparently isn't enough

Fox News Channel contributor Dr. Charles Krauthammer is a pretty smart guy. Last night he offered some analysis of Super Tuesday that didn’t make much sense to me. Dr. K opined that Romney was weak because he kept winning these primaries, and thereby the delegates, in such a slim fashion, sort of like a hockey game that ends 2-1.

He pointed to MI again noting that a 3 point victory there, in what was touted as one of Romney’s three home states, showed his lack luster support among Republicans. There’s one big problem. Romney won the Republican vote in MI by 7 points. It was the P-BO’s union lackeys that made an easy Romney victory a closer Romney victory. In Ohio the Demo-Dopes were at it again. 5% of the voters in the Republican primary were Demo-Dopes. They broke overwhelmingly for Santorum.

Now here’s the real problem. Had the oh so smart crowd that runs the Republican party been smart enough to not let Demo-Dopes choose our candidate, and had they been smart enough to maintain a winner takes all strategy in the early primaries, the race would be pretty much over. Instead the Republican ruling class decided that having a bunch of unwashed criminals (aka Occupussies) and SEIU thugs organize a movement to disrupt their nominating process would be a good thing. After all they are the smart people, right?  And who the hell decided on 20+ debates moderated by Demo-Dope leaning MSM hacks?
And I think it’s worth pointing out again, so I will, that Romney came from way back, double digits in both cases, to win in Ohio and MI. That might tell an outsider with no real political experience that Romney has the political (and dare I say it) managerial skill and where-with-all to get things that need to be done – done.

The smart people said that MI was a must win for Romney. He won. Then they said OH was a must win for Romney. He won. Now, after two must wins, they say he’s weak. YGBSM!

Then Dr. K goes on to complain about the VA primary. Santorum and Newt couldn’t get on the ballot. So Dr. K translates that into a poor showing for Romney. Lemme ask you this Dr. K.: Who wants a president running the free world who can’t even figure out how to get himself on a ballot for an election? They can’t get on the ballot, but it is Romney who is weak in VA? Puleeeeze.

And here’s something else, for what it’s worth. Conservative icons, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sara Palin have all sided with the not-Romney candidates. Rush says he’s neutral. Then he spends three hours a day trashing Romney and touting Santorum.  Those are quasi endorsements from some Republican heavy hitters. 

I listened to Santorum’s long tedious speech last night. He touted himself as the big winner and then, as he ALWAYS does whined on for another 20 minutes or so about not having the resources Romney does. Continuing in full whine mode Rick directed his assault on Romney and let the real dope in this equation, the 5th candidate if you will, off the hook.

By contrast Romney came out looking like someone out of central casting to play the role of President of the United States. With good will, he congratulated his rivals for their efforts. Then he took direct aim at P-BO for about 15 min. He was positive, up beat and dynamic. In spite of what Dr. K thinks, Romney was indeed the big winner last night. He won the most states. He won the most delegates. He looked and sounded the best doing it. But I guess in political speak that makes him weak.

And, here's the $64,000,000 question.  If winning makes Romney look weak, what does losing make the other candidates look like?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Republican field: Let's all kill each other

I suppose if you want something bad enough, you’ll do anything to get it. Except for Ron Paul, that about sums up the GOP field’s quest for their party’s nomination. Newt does well attacking Obama but cannot or will not limit his fire in that direction. Just yesterday he sniped at Romney for being too rich to care about what gas costs. First off that is just a BS argument best used by some lefty. Next, Romney has probably given more money away than Newt has made in his lifetime so he must have some compassion for the poor and needy. Last, Newt, when you make these unscripted comments you sound like a petty, envious jackass. You have made them so often that I’m pretty sure that that is exactly what you are. Besides, you are no pauper yourself. I’m sure you could sustain your lifestyle if gas got to $6 a gallon. Were Romney’s staff a bunch of bitter whiners like Newt, they come up with a line for Newt like, “Newt’s too worried about the cost of diamonds at Tiffany’s to care about the cost of gas.”

Santorum cannot help himself either. He is constantly whining about Romney’s money. Get over it Rick. Romney has the money because he has support. In several posts under, Lex lifted data from a Real Clear Politics graph to demonstrate that Romney has had steady support since the beginning of the process. Gain support and you’ll get money. You sound like some crummy small time college, let’s say Meatchicken (aka Michigan), whining because all the good athletes want play in the SEC. STFU, win some games and eventually they may want to play at your second rate BS university. I suggest that at some point you lose the sweater vest. It worked for Jim Tressel for a while, then he crashed and burned – big time.

Romney is the only one of the three that can be counted upon not to be bitching and whining like a cut dog about the other two. Throughout the process he’s had a smile on his face while he shoves the shive into an opponent’s back. He didn’t complain as one by one the “not Romney” flavor of the month rose to the top. He just used his resources to go about regaining the upper hand. His two chief rivals think this is unfair, even though they have both done the exact same thing within their own more limited resources.

Let’s just stipulate that Romney is a rich guy. He probably hangs out with other rich guys. He’s unlikely to show up at my compound and spend an evening drinking beer and pitching washers in the barn. I'm not sure I want a guy who thinks that that is time well spent as president anyway.  But I am sure I do not want another ruling class career politician that is represented by Santorum, Gingrich and Paul as president. I want a guy who knows business, knows how to pick other good outside talent. I do not care what he did in MA with Romneycare. He has said 10,000,000 times, he’d repeal P-BOcare. That’s good enough for me. He has a plan to cut taxes, reinvest in the military and has condemned the P-BO’s overreach into the religious sector with enough vigor for me.

As smooth as he is, Romney is prone to the political gaff – my wife drives a couple of Cadillacs, probably because he’s not a career politician. And that Mr. & Mrs. America is the main point. He is not the most conservative. I am, but he is the most qualified to begin to get things turned around. That alone will be a daunting task.  Newt will be mired in battles over funding for his moon colony 10 days into his administration. Santorum will also be locked in unnecessary battles early on and look whinny doing it. Romney will focus on the fire closest to his feet and get things done. He needs a good, strong, young conservative to balance the ticket and pick up the torch in 2020. Romney/Rubio.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Apologies never work: part whatever

Providing proof to axiom that sometimes truth is not enough for your defense, Rush Limbaugh apologized for referring to a sex crazed Georgetown co-ed as a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Lex only compared her to a $2 whore on Saturday night when the fleet was in town. I’m safe. No apology here.

If you want to go before a congressional committee and make a ridiculous argument, do not cry foul when someone points out, no matter how crudely, that your argument is ridiculous. Demo-Dopes being Demo-Dopes and their lemmings in the LSM are now demanding that any Republican of note apologize for Limbaugh’s remarks as well. Instead of saying, “Take it up with Mr. Limbaugh. For now, we still have freedom of speech. Limbaugh’s comments are between him, his partners, his advertisers and his audience,” many are piling on. Which is more proof, if you needed any more, that apologies rarely are accepted with grace and the issue dropped.

For those on the left, it’s more like, “What he apologized? Now we can really get after him.” And they will. Rush Limbaugh has been a blunt ax in the side of Demo-Dopes since he burst onto the national scene over 20 years ago. They are unlikely to say, “Oh he apologized? Well then let’s just forget about it and move on.”

- while the country goes another TRILLION in debt,
- while unemployment remains stubbornly high for month after month,
- while gas cruises past $4 a gallon,
- while the Middle East spirals out of control,
- while our southern border looks more a free fire zone in Afghanistan than TX or AZ,
- while an onerous government endeavors to impose it’s will on religious institutions,
- while we cut 10s of thousands from the military and billions from the their budget

The LSM and the Demo-Dopes will obsess over Limbaugh’s accurate but crude comments about a law student on public scholarship at a prestigious university whining about the Catholic University and/or government not paying her and her fellow co-eds to have as much free sex without consequence or responsibility as they want to participate in.

As usual, the dumbest of the Demo-Dopes will be the loudest. Expect, Maxine why yes I’m still under investigation Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Chuckles outta my way there’s a tv camera Schumer and R.C. Turdbin to lead the way. Weak Republicans will pile on and media hyenas like Billyboy O’Really will talk about civility while showing up as regulars on tiny boy Billy Maher’s show.

I suspect that Limbaugh’s apology was as much a business decision a a heartfelt apology for wrong doing. Since the uproar, seven sponsors have dropped Limbaugh. Hopefully, he’ll be announcing seven new sponsors, one a day, during this week’s shows. If I were trying to get my company going, I’d invest in advertising on today’s show. He’s sure to have the biggest audience in the show’s history. Rush your checks into Lex. I’ll try to get a spot in the first hour.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Andrew Breitbart: The lone cool conservative

Andrew Breitbart was something else. He was the kind of guy we aspire to be – fearless. I first came upon him like the nation did with his work on dismantling ACORN. I remember the videos of an over the top, stereotypical, straight from central casting, pimped out James O’Keefe complete with purple fedora, long coat and feather boa, and thought how could anyone pull this off? How could the ACORN dopes be so…well…dopey? If O’Keefe had walked onto a set anywhere else in that outfit he’d have been labeled a raging racists pig, but in an ACORN office apparently he blended in.

Then I saw Breitbart single handily confront a couple of dozen of Scrawny Harry Reid’s SEIU thugs. He waded right into the middle of them and started asking questions that the SEIU nit wits couldn’t answer or looked foolish trying. Then there was the great video of him hijacking the Tony the shlong Weiner presser.  The last great video I saw of him was after his CPAC speech where he took on OWS demonstrators single handily. He told them straight up and to their faces what bunch of filthy vermin he thought they were and then as they shouted at him, he single handily drown them out by shouting over and over again, “Behave yourselves!”

Hopefully others will study his model and step up.

Maybe it’ll be Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Since the P-BO’s DOJ is investigating Sheriff Joe, Sheriff Joe is investigating the P-BO. He has examined the P-BO’s birth certificate and declared it a forgery. Way to go Joe! When the most powerful man in the world goes after a county sheriff the normal reaction would be to cooperate and make the thing go away. Sheriff Joe just rolled up a piece of paper and stuck it in the powerful man’s eye.

Proof positive a baby is a baby at conception

When I first saw this, I thought it had to be a hoax. It is surreal.  Like Jame's O'Keefe going into an ACRON office dressed comically like a pimp.  How could anyone seriously argue that it’s ok to kill a baby after birth. Well that is exactly what the P-BO did when supported an infanticide bill while a state senator in IL.

Now, one of the authors of a peer reviewed article for Journal of Medical Ethics titled After-Birth Abortion: Why should the baby live? argued that parents should have the right to kill a new born baby for the same reason that they can get an abortion. Huh?

Now these are medical ethicists mind you. They argue that parents should be permitted to kill their baby “to prevent their child from having a difficult or painful life.” Now a cynic might make the case that all life is difficult and comes with a great deal of pain, so by this logic none of us should live.

So the argument goes, if the parents want to kill the baby in the womb, they should be able to kill the baby later for the same reasons. To my mind, by failing to make any distinction between the two, that makes the two the same. That should cause thinking people wise up. So as grotesque as the proposition of killing a live baby outside the womb is, the two ethicists’ proposal actually ratifies the decade’s old pro-life position, that a “fetus” and a baby are one in the same.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Media trying to destroy the Catholic Church

As you might expect, after taking on the P-BO, the Catholic church has come under media scrutiny:


Pictured above is, perhaps, the biggest idiot in America, Sandra Fluke. OK, in a country that includes Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, et al biggest idiot may be a stretch.  But if she’s not the biggest idiot, after being lampooned by both Beck and Rush yesterday, she is now certainly the most well known idiot in America.

By the grace of taxpayer money, Mzzzzzz. Fluke is a student at Catholic Georgetown University Law School. The cost of attending GTU is over $54K. Mzzzzzzzzzzz. Fluke is not paying that. She is on some kind of “I’m the 99%. I don’t have to pay squat for anything I want” scholarship.

But it turns out law is not the only thing going on GT law school. Mzzzzzz. Fluke is outraged because a Catholic university won’t pay for her birth control, which she maintains costs $1,000 a year. GTU used their super computer to calculate that using a condom that $1,000 would be enough for Mzzzzz. Fluke to have protected sex 2.74 times a day of non-leap years. She could have sex an indefinite number of times and pocket the $1,000 if she strolled in a planned parenthood office and grabbed up a couple of boxes of free condoms. But, Wow! 2.74 times a day. Fill in your own stupid joke about Mzzzzz. Fluke sexual activities here ____________.

What I find odd about this story though is not Mzzzzzzz. Fluke gigantic sexual appetite. What is really strange is that this is the best argument this woman could construct to get the university to pay for her BC? A law student at one of America’s most prestigious universities and the argument for bilking taxpayers or the university out of money to pay for her BC is phony baloney number made up in the mind of some dope.

Any firm that hires this idiot out of law school gets what they deserve.

Sadly, she won’t be hired by any one other than the public defenders office or of course the government. Can you imagine the first interview, “Fluke? Where do I know that name from? Oh yeah, well when we get to the compensation part of the interview, can we pay you off in prophylactics?” When she get the job and she asks about her “duties” one of the partners shows her, her “office” marked stress release facility. It’s room with low light, purple carpet, a king sized bed with red silk sheets, Barry White music and a refrigerator sized box full condoms.

Actually, aside from just saying, “Pay for it or we’ll throw a fit,” Mzzzzz. Fluke’s argument is as cogent as any other. There really is no good reason why a Catholic university or the taxpayer should be required to subsidize Mzzz. Fluke’s and her daily $2 whore on a Saturday night when the fleet is in port sexual appetite. So when you’re handed a loser of a case what do you do? Lose.

Drew Cary?  No, Barbara Johnson

Then there’s this gal. A lesbian (Yeah, I know "really, who knew"), Barbara Johnson wants Fr. Marcel Guarnizo of St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland to be booted from his post for denying Mzzzz. Johnson communion at her mother’s funeral. I wonder if Fr. Marcel bothered to tell Mzzz. Johnson before hand that he’d deny her communion? Don’t know.

What I do know is that Fr. Marcel is well within his right to deny communion to ANYONE he KNOWS is KNOWINGLY committing mortal or venial sins and thereby living outside the church’s doctrine. It’s not only his right, it’s his obligation. He also has absolute right under the 1st Amendment’s right of association and religion to conduct services as he sees fit.

Here’s the absolute truth on this. As Fr. David Mary tells our teens, “It isn’t easy being Catholic.” And as Lex noted on this page many times, you join the church, the church doesn’t join you. But just watch what the media does with this. It won’t be good. It’ll ignore everything about right of association and Catholic teaching. It’ll focus on a “homophobe” priest.

This is exactly what the Church should be doing. They should deny Biden, Pelosi and Kerry as well up front and very publicly.  And if this is your best case against the church, you have an epoch  failure.