Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The pope, Putin and evil

Is the pope really this out of touch?
Yes.  I believe he is.  While riding back to Europe, Pope Francis declared to reporters on his plane that walls are not the answer to the waves of illegal migrants flooding Europe and I guess the US.  Now recall the wall that surrounds the Vatican (Pics several posts below.)  While firmly ensconced behind the Vatican’s massive and ancient wall, Pope Frances proclaimed that “all walls fall.”  Walls are not the answer.  OK what is?  Well according to the pope “dialogue among different nations will find the solution” to the current migration. 

Dialogue with whom?  Syria?  Who in Syria?  Assad?  Why would he have any interest in stemming the flow of military aged young men who might return to Syria to throw him out?  With ISIS?  That’s nuts.  With Syrian rebels being hammered by Assad’s Russian backed troops on one side and ISIS on the other?  Hey there’s a great idea.  I’ll bet the rebels would love to have a few 10s of thousands of refugees join up to stem their dwindling numbers.   Too bad this administration is too inept to get them any equipment to defend themselves. 

I do not really think that the pope is speaking about dialoguing with anyone in Syria to get the refugees back from which supposedly they came.  I think he’s speaking about dialoguing with the EU and the biggest sap on the stage - the good ol’ US of A about getting the “refugees” a new and permanent home.  Never has an invading army so obviously bent on changing Europe been welcomed in to do their work.  I’d call the “refugees” a Trojan horse, but the Trojans had disguise their army as gift.  This Muslim invasion is openly walking into Europe, and this pope instead of acting as past popes have, raising an army to fight the Muslim invaders, wants to dialogue about how best to accommodate the invaders. 

When the Vatican accepts a representative number “refugees” within their confines and deals with the massive food riots and Muslim refugees attacking Christian refugees, I’ll pay attention.   Until then, my response is, “Mr. Pope tear down your wall!” 

Putin is figuratively kicking The Empty Suit’s azz
We can still hope that soon he will literally be kicking TES’s azz – a good ol’ fashion Harry the roach Reid azz whippin’ requiring TES to sport sunglasses and an eye patch for about 6 months.  Actually it is probably more likely that TES’s hectoring nag of a wife will kick his azz for sneaking the last piece of pie and then they’ll try to blame it on Putin.

Beating Putin it seems to me wouldn’t be all that hard even with a TES inspired military in near ruin.

First, encourage oil and natural gas exploitation across America. 
Next, build or rent a fleet of tankers.
Then undercut the Russian economy by shipping energy to Europe.

At the same time, export all manner of defensive and offensive weapons to Ukraine, the Kurds and anti-Assad Syrian rebels.  Kill as many Russians troops in Ukraine and in the Middle East by proxy as possible while destroying his energy driven economy at home.  When he pulls out of the Middle East and stops harassing Ukraine and begs to normalize relations tell him, “fine just as soon as you get the hell out of Crimea.” 

This model worked for Reagan during the last years of the Cold War.  With a strong economy, it will work again.

A favorite Bible reading
Yesterday’s daily reading included Revelations 12: 7-9

War broke out in heaven;
Michael and his angles battled against the dragon.
The dragon and its angels fought back,
but they did not prevail
and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.
The huge dragon, the ancient serpent,
who is called the Devil and Satan,
who deceived the whole world
was thrown down to Earth,
and its angels were thrown down with it.

When this passage was read at a meeting recently, the speaker followed it with, “Brothers, do you know what that means?  WE ARE LIVING IN OCCUPIED TERRITORY!”  So when the pope made a plea to relativism by asking our congress not see things as black or white, good or evil, righteous or sinner, I’m reminded of two things Monsignor John preached.  First he said, “If you believe in good, you must also believe in evil.”  Next, “The biggest trick the Devil plays on us is to convince us that he does not exist.”

It’s crazy for a Johnny come lately to faith to get into a theological peeing contest with the Vicar of Christ, but hell yes the Devil is real and there is nothing wrong with calling evil – evil and not shading it to stay PC or avoid offending the evil doers – I’m thinking of Planned Parenthood, which truly is the work of the Devil, right now but there are plenty of other examples.  Think about it.  We are birthing live babies and chopping them up to sell their parts and this country will not even go so far as to withhold federal dollars for funding that activity.  And don’t even try the “The federal money does not go toward that activity” BS argument.  Money is fungible.  That’s like giving a welfare recipient $100 for food and then watch him load his groceries into a Ferrari.  If he tells you that he’s not using the food money to make his Ferrari payment, are you still inclined to give him the $100 for food?  Only if you are an idiot or a Demo-Dope, but I repeat myself.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trump's plans prove he's a serious candidate

Full disclosure, like nearly everyone else talking about it, I did not read Donald Trump’s tax plan.  Like nearly no one else talking about it, I’ve told you that I have not read it.  That said, I did catch parts of his roll out of the plan and the endless line of talkers who have not read or bothered to understand it but nonetheless are giving their opinion on the plan.

Here’s what I think I’ve learned about the plan.

It makes people who criticized Trump for having no substance look foolish.  The crowd at National Review, to quote their girly man editor Rich Lowery, have just had their balls cut off by Trump with the skill of a surgeon and they know it.  These buffoons have attacked Trump endlessly as a summer side-show with no substance.  Now Trump has released two detailed plans, one on immigration and now one on tax reform.  You do not have to like every word of either plan or any part of either plan for that matter, but you ought to STFU about Trump not having any plan or substance. 

Supposedly 50% of working Americans will pay no taxes in Trump’s plan.  I do not like that idea.  Everyone ought to pay something so that slimy Caligula, D.C. azzbag pols cannot boost taxes without hitting the “working poor” that they supposedly care so much about while not giving a flip about the rest of us.  Everyone ought to pay what they can afford to pay even if it’s just $10 so that when pols start talking about the need to raise taxes, the working poor have enough skin in the game to tell the corruptocrats to go to hell.

As for the rest of it, hell I don’t know.  If the middle class is going to get a tax cut, I guess I’ll be square in the middle of that cut.  Reducing corporate taxes to 15% makes sense to me, mostly because Corps. just pass their taxes burden on to whoever buys their products.  As for closing “loopholes” I don’t have any, but it’s a good idea.  Loopholes are not loopholes at all.  They are the law expressly passed by corrupt a-holes and put into place to pay off their donor class buds.   Then the Caligula, D.C. corruptocrats rail about the very “loopholes” that they put into place.  It’s complete BS.

I’m beginning to think that the only way to go is the fair tax or national sales tax.  It gets everyone.  Everyone decides how much tax they are going to pay by their consumption habits.  It is graduated because rich people are the biggest consumers and will therefore pay the most taxes.  It eliminates every “loophole” (AKA Caligula, D.C. payoff).  It ends the most corrupt and hated federal agency in America – the IRS.

But we have to be realistic.  We will be nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt by the time The Empty Suit removes his feet and bony azz from the Resolute Desk, packs up his nag of a wife and exits the Rainbow House for the last time as president.  Tax policy, no matter how pro-growth, will not be sufficient to get us out of the gigantic chasm the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azz weasels have put us in.

What’s required is a trident of pro-growth tax policy, fiscal responsibility that extends to every rat hole of the federal budget and entitlement reform. 

We should start by stop digging the hole any deeper.  There should be a balanced budget amendment passed by congress and approved by the states.

Then, I would end the VA, IRS, EPA, Dep of Education and NEA as we know them.  Vets would receive a card upon discharge that would allow access to any doc in the box or hospital in America.  VA equipment and buildings would sold or leased to private healthcare providers.  The IRS would disappear as a result of simplified tax policy that would make it obsolete.  The EPA would be reduced to one office that suggests regulations to congress that would have to be voted on by the people’s representatives.  Education responsibilities and funds would be block granted back to the states based on needs and performance.  Spending for the “arts” NPR and PBS would end.  A country 20 trillion in debt doesn’t need to be paying for crappy “art” that no one wants to buy or lefty lib propaganda on the radio and tv.

There would be a 98% freeze on hiring of any replacement federal employees.  I would force a smaller more efficient federal government by simply not allowing any further hiring of federal bureaucrats to f up our lives.

I’d also propose a 5 cent tax on gasoline earmarked 100% to service the national debt.  That tax would require re-approval by congress every 6 months.  At the same time I’d make it cost effective for all manner of energy exploration and development, including nuclear.  Once the debt hits zero, the gas tax automatically ends and requires a 2/3rds vote of both houses of congress to reinstate it.

I’d advocate for term limits for congress to remove the necessity to buy votes with taxpayer dollars.  Term limits remove the need for pols to buy votes to stay in office.     

Then, over a 10 year period I’d reorganize the military to cut down on waste, redundancies and increase warfighting capabilities.  Everything associated with the military would be centered on winning battles and the nation’s wars.   Anything and anyone superfluous to projecting America’s power abroad would be eliminated.  Social engineering of America’s fighting forces would end on day one.

But sooner or later you have to go where the real money in the federal budget is – entitlements.

For the next 20 years I’d means test Social Security.  Then I’d make it voluntary to opt out of receiving SS payments for 10 years.  I’d increase the age of SS eligibility over 10 years while at the same time allowing recipients to invest a % of their SS payments in their company retirement plan or an approved SS exchange.  After a 25-30 year period, if the system is solvent, the wealthy could opt out of making SS payments after contributing a minimum sum.  They have to contribute something in case their fortunes turn and they end up having to rely on the system. An insurance SS insurance if you will.

I would also means test Medicare.  I would establish lifetime individual private and portable medical accounts phased in over XX# of years.  Then I’d end Medicare.  I would do everything possible to phase employers out of the healthcare business.  Healthcare reform has to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines.

Medicaid would be ended over XX# of years.  Replacing it would be private insurance companies providing low cost/no cost insurance to the working poor based on their market share in certain regions of the country or states.  Payments would also be made directly to hospitals who treat the homeless and other uninsurable categories.  Any doctor or hospital that is caught defrauding the system faces a mandatory $10,000 fine for the first offence and a mandatory $20,000 fine and mandatory 2 year prison sentence for the second offence.

All of this said, I know there will be a grassroots movement to nominate Lex for president.  So let me be clear, if nominated, I will not run.  If elected, I will not serve.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Marty and Rich

Rich Lowery and National Review
Recently Lowery used a vulgarism on Megyn Kelly’s I hate Trump hour show on Fox, which is indistinguishable from the 4 or 5 other I hate Trump hour shows on Fox, to juxtapose Trump’s resent debate performance to Carly Fiorina.  Except for leading the “destroy Trump at all cost” movement at National Review I don’t know much about Lowery.

I still don’t get NR’s obsession with destroying Trump.  There must be a million dollar reward offered by NR backers for the guy who can cause Trump’s downfall by convincing us that Trump is not a conservative.  I guess it has never occurred to the brilliant minds at NR that we know Trump’s not conservative and do not care.  Trump is not of Caligula, D.C. so he is popular.  It’s as simple as that. 

In his 57th, 157th or 57,000th article and/or comment on the demise of the Donald, George Will tells us Trump is NOT rich or at least not as rich as he might have been if only he’d taken Will’s 2015 investment advice in 1989.   I too would be awash with cash if, straight out of high school, I’d only bought up all of that now handsomely developed land at Gender Rd. and Rt 33 in Ohio.  But alas Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine is still malfunctioning and I’m still not awash with cash.  And we can be sure of Will’s investment strategies because, after all, he’s 10 times richer than Trump…right?

But taking another gratuitous shot at Trump is not why I’m POed at Will.  Who in the Rat establishment hasn’t trashed Trump every other day?  I’m POed at Will because he tells us with certainty that the fall of Trump will redound to Cruz’s candidacy with disastrous results in the general election.  If ever there were clear evidence that NR is in the tank for Jeb! and is interested in nothing more than clearing the field one by one to for Bush that’s it.

Also a bit irritating is Will’s dismissal of Trump’s immigration plan.  Will equates it to Nazis and Commies ratting each other out and turning the US into a police state.  Hmm, enforcing the law to these Rat bastards is akin to creating a police state.  That sounds a bit like the Dope’s demagoguery.  The fact is, doing something is better than doing nothing.  The fact is, it’s been so long since we took our border and immigration laws seriously, we don’t know what will happen to the 11 million illegal aliens when we start to enforce our laws.  I am foolish enough to think it will begin to have an effect on the number of illegal aliens in the country.

I like a lot of the guys at NR – Kevin Williamson in particular – but their kill all of the outsiders primary strategy is BS.  When NR axed Ann Coulter for making an off-color remark about a Dope pol, Coulter called the NR editorial staff a bunch of girly men.  I’m coming around to Ann’s way of thinking.     

Wannbe General Marty Dempsey
The wannabe general retired in a moving ceremony last Fri.  All manner of lapdog MSM hack, military azz sniffers and the wannabe’s civilian bosses heaped great praise on Dempsey.  I’m sure Dempsey is a nice guy.  I’m sure he’s a great military thinker.  But let’s face it, as a CJCS, he was a total failure.

Need proof:
Iraq was a stable enterprise when Dempsey took over.  Today it’s a smoldering excrement hole with far tighter allegiances to Iran than the US.

ISIS did not exist when Marty raised his right hand to become CJCS.  Today ISIS controls large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

Syria’s Bassar Assad was challenged by a credible rebel force.  Today that force is a ghost being hammered simultaneously by ISIS and now a Russian assisted Assad.

Assad was threatened with a “redline” if he used chemical weapons against the rebels.  Assad did.  The “redline” was ignored.

Dempsey was given half a billion dollars to train Syrian opposition fighters.  After spending nearly 50 million of the funds allowed, the US taxpayer got less than 50 “fighters” who immediately surrendered or switched sides.

When Dempsey took over Ukraine had the Crimea and an uneasy peace with Russia.  Today both are gone.

Ukraine, the Kurds, Egypt and Jordon have all asked for military assistance to fight ISIS.  None has received a helping hand.

In a final effort to kill what is left of the military that he watched deteriorate during his term as CJCS, Dempsey now advocates a policy of lowering the standards for women in combat before endorsing the next logical step - ignoring the results.  When faced with the overwhelming and intuitive evidence that women do not perform as well as men in combat situations, Dempsey opined that if women were not meeting the standard that, “the burden is now on the service to come back and explain ... why is it that high? Does it really have to be that high?”  When the standard is lowered for women a flood of men who previously would not have qualified will suddenly make the grade.  Congratulation America!  The “give all the boys a trophy” mentality has now infiltrated the US Army.  Way to go Marty.  You’re doing a heck of job.

I’m not saying Dempsey is responsible for the long list a failures.  But they all happened on his watch.  At what point is a military man obliged to walk into the Oval Office and say, “Not on my watch Mr. President,” and throw his stars on the Resolute Desk?

Dempsey may be a nice guy with a ton of military strategic wisdom inside a brilliant mind.  The fact is that he failed to demonstrate any of it during his term.  If George Patton were alive today, I believe he’d slap the $h!t out of Marty Dempsey.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Is the pope Catholic?

That once self-evident question can now be answered with certitude – maybe.  I do not have a problem with 99% of what the pope said during his speech to a joint session of congress.  I am sadly disappointed by what he did not say. 

The pope did not open or close his remarks with a blessing.  Stunning.  Every single meeting I’ve ever attended at St. Vincent’s opened with a prayer and a blessing.

On immigration the pope never mentioned the 1.7 million legal aliens the US allows in every year.

The pope never mentioned that Vatican City is surrounded by a pretty impressive wall.  NOTE:  After the pope's call to view illegal aliens as "pilgrims," the Internet was flooded with pictures of the wall surrounding the Vatican.  Above are mine.

The pope never said he’d have the wall removed.

The pope never advocated for an orderly process for allowing immigrants into a country.

The pope never advocated for nation’s right to sovereignty.

The pope never addressed the political and economic systems that forced people to flee their native lands and flock to the US and Europe.

The pope never embraced the US political and economic system that has been the Siren’s call to the world.

The pope could not muster one line in his address for congress to end infanticide, but spoke at length calling on congress to end the death penalty in the US.

The pope asked us not see things in the extremes of good versus evil.  A call, I suppose, that allows one to ask for mercy and rehabilitation for murderers, rapist and terrorists while ignoring babies born alive and then dissected to sell the body parts during a 60+ minute address to congress.  If one can rationalize away Planned Parenthood’s body parts business as anything other than evil, then truly evil does not exist.

The pope praised Dorothy Day a radical leftist who worked for the poor, but again failed to utter a single word in defense of the economic system that has lifted millions upon million out of poverty and IS THE PRIMARY REASON IMMIGRANTS WANT TO MIGRATE TO AMERICA IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The pope did not mention that 50% of the US budget is earmarked for entitlements and welfare payments for the poor.

The pope did not address radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists committing genocide against Christians in the Middle East or radical homosexuals and Dope pols willing to strip Christians of their livelihoods here at home.

Make no mistake about it, the lefty libs will use every word the pope uttered to advance their agenda, which ironically includes destroying Francis’s church.  The pope’s silence on these issues is deafening.  In the artillery there is a maxim: Silence is consent.  In order to process missions quickly the only thing the Fire Support Coordinator wants to hear from his team are objections to various targets submitted for engagement.  If no one objects, it is assumed that the target is OK to be engaged.

I do not for one second believe that Pope Francis thinks the issues addressed above are OK.  But by his silence he allows the lefty libs maneuvering room to ignore them while giving them top cover for a whole host of political issues outside the pope’s purview. 

Way to go Francis.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Francis not a lefty lib

While in today’s America, house Dopes voted against providing a baby born alive after a botched abortion the constitutional protection of life, senate Dopes opposed a 20 week ban on abortions, our government spends half a billion taxpayer dollars to prop up America’s largest abortion provider, baby parts seller and a major Dope financial backer and as #shoutyourabortion trends on twitter across the fruited plain, Pope Francis, among other things, chose to lecture us on the hoax of global warming.  That’s akin to the captain of the Titanic ordering the first mate to stop loading the life boats to go wind the eight day clock in the wardroom.  

It’s hard to be against this pope.  He rails against war.  He champions the poor and down trodden.  He preaches love and tolerance.  Etc.  Etc.  Sure, he infuriates when he goes off on political tangents, but I believe him when he says he is not a lefty lib.  Why do I believe that?  Well, he is a humble example of everything that he teaches.  You have a better chance of safely landing a 747 on an aircraft carrier than finding a lefty lib pol who is not also an arrogant, raging hypocrite, lying to you straight faced while stuffing every lose dollar into his pocket or the pocket of one of his cronies.  Think of the Clintons here.

It is sad for me to see this pope being used by The Empty Suit to advance his BS political agenda.  The pope can balance his message today.  My hope is that the pope will use his address before a joint session of congress today give voice to the unborn and to Christians being persecuted by Islamo-Terror-Fascists abroad and by the Gaystapo and lefty lib government officials here at home.  Unlike the wholly political issues of global warming and immigration policy which, at best, are on the periphery of the pope’s expertise, these are issues that are right in the wheelhouse of his moral authority.

When I see Pope Francis before the corrupt and dysfunctional body we call congress, I will be reminded of Mark 2:17.   When the Pharisees criticized Jesus for dining with sinner and tax collectors Jesus replied:  Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.  I did not come to call the righteous but sinners. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The mission is to destroy the force

When the two gal heroes “graduated” from the Army’s Ranger School, Lex opined that that he was “skeptical” that two met the same standards as the men, but offered congratulations to the two.  Apparently I’m not the only skeptic in the crowd.  After receiving whistleblower information from inside the Ranger School that the gal rangers got special treatment, OK Representative Steve Russell has asked the Ranger School to turn over all of the documentation on the school’s first female graduates.

Will the left hail the whistleblowers as heroes or are their careers over.  We know the answer to that question.  The perpetrators of the hoax will all be promoted and reassigned to cushy jobs.  The whistleblowers will be passed over for promotion and/or drummed out the Army.

This situation is not unlike The Empty Suit’s reaction to the Skip Gate “beer summit” situation, the Trayvon Martin the punk could be “my son” situation, the Ferguson, MO the punk could be another one of “my sons” situation, the Eric Garner the punk could be yet another one of “my sons” situation, the Ahmed Mohamed the BS “cool clock” maker situation, in all of these TES has publicly taken the side of the perpetrators of a hoax while at the same time railing against the authority that tries to hold the hoaxters responsible. 

The Army screwed up here.  What usually happens is that the standards are lowered then the results are ignored.  So 3-4 Ranger Classes before the gals showed up, instead of requiring 6 pull ups to pass, the Army should have lowered the standard to three.  Then when the gals show up and do one good one and two half ones, the Army could more easily ignore the lowered standard and say that’s good enough. 

I cannot say with certainty that the gals didn’t meet all of the requirements.  I can say with certainty that if they did, the Army might want to reconsider their standards.   It’s not a slam on the gals.  Hell if I could make it, I’d question the standards that failed to weed out 59 year old one eyed fat man.  I’ve met a number of real life Rangers.  Two of the guys were involved in Operation Urgent Fury the assault on Panama.  Others were involved in the Blackhawk Down scenario in Somalia.  I don’t think Ronda Rowsey or the US women’s soccer team as fit and macho as they are could perform the sustained high level required for those operations.  I just don’t.

Yes, yes, I know.  All I’m proving is what a womaphobe I am.  But if you cannot make it through the training without “special attention,” the real life combat portion of the test is going to find you wanting.

Now don’t forget the Marine Corps spent an exorbitant amount money to prove that combat units comprised of all males consistently outperform mixed sex units.  Hmm, maybe that explains why sports, even at the Olympic level, are divide into male and female categories.  Ever see a female center fielder play for the Yankees?  A female guard in the NBA?  A female free safety in the NFL?  A female soccer player on a men’s team during the World Cup?  Why is that do you suppose?  But women somehow can make the varsity of America's most elite fighting units?  I don't believe it.  Again, if they can, the standards for those units need to be revisited.  

But SecNav, some double d- bag named Ray Mabus, said he don’t need no stinkin’ study to demonstrate mixed sex units are inferior.  TES is on a mission to destroy the armed forces and Mabus, being a good political hack, is quite willing to scuttle the very forces he’s charged with preparing for combat to prove he’s worthy of some post administration job somewhere in the DNC hierarchy.

What will the wannabe generals do in response to the whistleblowers and Mabus’s cowardice?  My guess is that to a man, commissioning oath be damned, they will lay low waiting for calmer seas after the election or grab their pensions and head for the door and a cushy lobbying job.     

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Not advocating for someone is not the same as saying that they cannot be president

Ben Carson, like Donald Trump, is in trouble for something that he did not say.  I keep hearing people recite Art. VI of the Constitution: “…no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States” to refute Carson’s comments made on a Sunday talk show about a Muslim president.

I do not believe that Carson ever said that a Muslim could not or even that a Muslim should not be President of the United States.  What Carson said, I believe tracks with an overwhelming majority of Americans, that he would not advocate for a Muslim president.  I wouldn’t either.  Even if he renounced Sharia law.  I say “he” in this case because Muslims certainly wouldn’t stand for a female candidate.

Muslim stoning of women and homosexuals for “sex crimes” of course can be ignored when the BS religion trapped in the 12th century can be used as a sharp stick to poke a non-establishment Republican candidate in the eye.  But not even that quaint bit of BS Islam is the main reason I’d never consider voting for a Muslim.  After all who hasn’t wanted to stone his wife or a homosexual at one time or another?  The main reason I wouldn’t vote for Muslim is their belief in Taqiyya - or a Muslim's ability to lie to nonbelievers in order to advance their peculiar brand of BS religion without sanction from that BS religion.

I believe we are see Taqiyya play out right now with Ahmed the clock maker.  He swears his device that looked exactly like a bomb was nothing more than a innocent homemade “alarm clock.”  I believe he and his POS old man are lying Sacs-O-Crap.  The briefcase “alarm clock” was designed to provoke trouble.  Any other explanation by the two is total BS.  They are allowed to BS us.  It's OK.  And they are BSing us right now make no mistake about that.

So I’m with Dr. Ben on this one.  Even if a Muslim renounced Sharia Law, I’d figure he’s just doing what Muslims do – lying to the infidels.  He’d have to publicly crap on a koran before burning it, draw a cartoon of Mo sodomising a camel and wear a “Looowee Farrakhan is an Azzhole” T-shirt to a Nation of Islam rally before I’d even begin to think the guy was being truthful.  So, no I would not advocate for a Muslim to be president.

The Pope’s visit
We’ll have to wait to see who shows up, Pope Francis or Frankie the pope.  When it come to this pope I’ve adopted this attitude:  The relationship between capitalism and the people and the temperature of the Earth have been studied by better economic and scientific minds than Francis.  As such he should consider sticking to the subject he knows best – religion. 

If he sticks to the gospel that it is every man’s obligation to help the poor rather than just voting for Dopes who redistribute people’s earnings; if he speaks up for the sanctity of life; if denounces radical Islam’s march against Christianity; if he condemns the Dope’s march against Christianity in this country; if he does that he’s Pope Francis.  If he uses his time in America to lecture about our use of air conditioning as sin against the planet and/or about an economic system that has allowed us to lift millions upon millions out of poverty and from the grip of tyrants well then he’ll revert to Frankie the pope on this page.

I liked Scott Walker early on.  He never was able break out in a format where the 75 candidates each got 90 seconds to make their case.  I did not care for him trashing Trump on the way out the door.  He should have learned from Cruz.  The way to stay alive in the process is to ride the Trump wave like a rip tide not fight upstream against it.

As these candidates disappear, I think Marco Rubio as the most popular “2nd choice candidate” will be the beneficiary of winnowing field.  If that’s the case, watch out Marco.  You will become the target of the MSM Dope/Shrilldabeast lapdogs. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ahmed, Donald and Ben

Ahmed the inventor
The one question all of Ahmed Mohammed’s fawning jackass supporters will never ask the wizard of Jihadi High “inventor”:  In an age when my $35 1” in diameter Timex wrists watch has 3 time settings, will chime on the hour if desired, 3 alarms with a digital display signifying when one of the alarms is active, a stopwatch that will also store up to a dozen individual lap times, a timer; it tells me the month day and year in 5 different formats, can display standard and military time – telling me if it’s AM or PM when set to the standard setting - what in the F___ is so special about an alarm clock that needs to be carried around in a brief case?

If Ahmed’s briefcase alarm clock is an example of his engineering acumen, he probably isn’t capable of making the first move in a Jenga game without causing the tower to fall over.

Now I do not believe Ahmed or his lying POS father are Islamo-Terror-Fascist, but I do believe that they are both punk M-Fers.  As such, as birds of a feather like to flock together, The Empty Suit has invited them to the Rainbow House.  There’s very little doubt in my mind that Ahmed is a useful idiot being used by his hateful POS old man.  They are perfect fits for Today’s Rainbow House idiot PsOS.

The Donald
Donald Trump has responded to criticism for not having “shut down” a question from a DNC/Jeb! plant at one of his rallies last week who accused The Empty Suit of being a Muslim.  The Donald tweeted that it wasn’t his job to defend TES’s reputation.  He’s right. 

The fact that 1/3rd of Americans believe that TES is Muslim is TES’s fault not Trump’s.  Had TES not spent 20 years sitting in the pew of an America hating Loowee Farrakhan loving double d-bag Rev?,  we’d think of him as nothing more than a godless $h!t.  But TES has combined all of that with his Moooslim apology tour, a NASA Moooslim outreach and inviting a BS Moooslim “inventor” to the Rainbow house.  F__k TES and all of the mock outrage against anyone thinking he might be a Muslim.  Who the eff really knows?  Whose fault is that people do not identify TES as a Christian? 

Musilm presidents
Ben Carson is in trouble for saying he “would not advocate for Muslim president.”  What’s the problem?  Who would?   It’s just more PC BS and faux outrage that flies in the face of common sense.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ahmed, Jake and America's Air Force

I don't know how I missed this.  Last night at a Trump rally some DNC/Jeb! plant asked a non-question question calling The Empty Suit a Muslim, alleging Muslim terror training camps are here in America and asking about getting rid of the Muslims.  Trump didn't take the bait.  He said we're looking into it.  Now the political class and the yacking class are all over the Donald for not condemning the plant who asked question.  This will add a point or two to Trump's lead.  If TES isn't a Muslim he's certainly a Muslim sympathizer.  There probably are several jihadi training camps in America.  Like his popular stance against illeagals, advocating for the deportation of Muslim jihadis isn't going to hurt Trump.  

Ahmed Mohammed
In an age where schools are suspending 8 year old right wing militia wannabes for chewing their pop tarts into the shape of a gun, hell yeah the Islamo-Terror-Fascist wannabe Ahmed Mohammed not only should have been arrested and suspended but he should be shipped off to G’itmo for waterboarding to find out what the future pizza shop bomber knows.

Instead of facing the ridicule of the left for chewing your breakfast pastry into the shape of a hand gun, young Ahmed done hit the jackpot for bringing a briefcase full of wires and circuit boards to school.  Ahmed has been invited to the Rainbow House by The Empty Suit.  There is long list of more deserving people who have not been invited to the Rainbow House: Kate Steinle’s family, families of murdered cops, the cops who shot dead the ITF a-holes in Texas, military families gunned  down by the ITF in TN, Lex etc.

But seriously, what do you expect?  TES is the same walking talking $h!t smear that invited a POS deserter’s parents to the Rainbow House Rose Garden to herald the second worst deal ever made – trading 5 high value enemy generals for a worthless POS deserter.  That deal has only recently been superseded by the Iran nuke deal as the worst deal ever made. 

Not only has Ahmed been invited to the Rainbow House but also MIT and Facebook.  Well done Ahmed.  Play that PC card all the way to a full ride to MIT and possible Nobel Prize for Science.  Why not - TES has a Nobel Prize for doing nothing?  Meanwhile Homeland inSecurity has the 8 year old pop tart villain and his family under 24-7 surveillance ready to pounce at a moment’s notice if the kid so much as makes a finger gun or picks up a stick, aims it another kid and simulates an automatic weapons noise.

Update:  I suspect that Ahmed was punking the school.  His interest in clock making extends only so far as a briefcase full of wires and circuit boards being lugged about by a Muslim would cause as stir.  

Jake Tapper and the CNN moderators
I figured out why didn’t care for much of the CNN debate.  First off, the first half hour was just a bad Jerry Springer episode.  The last half hour lost me because I just wanted it to end.  But overall Tapper’s entire performance reminded me of the playground snitch running from one popular kid to next telling him what some other kid had said about them in an effort to be liked and stir up trouble among the popular kids.

Tapper reminded of Unger in the movie The Longest Yard.  Unger was the low-life, loathsome inmate assigned to infiltrate the prison football team for the prison warden (Think DNC in this case.).  I am disappointed that so many of the Rat Reps took the bait and sided with Unger and the warden during the debate.  Pataki, Graham, Jindal, Paul, Jeb!, Walker and to a lesser extent Carly can all F-off for playing ball with Jake Unger and DNC.

Happy Birthday to America’s Air Force
Sep 18, 2015 marks the 68th birthday of America’s Air Force.  Happy birthday zoomies.  This day will always remind of a ceremony marking this occasion at US Central Command.  An Air Force general gathered us all into large conference room and after speechifying on the “proud history” of the Air Force led the zoomies in a rousing rendition of the Air Force song.  About half way through 3/4ths, not knowing the words, were just humming along.  But that’s not the funny part.  As we were leaving the room, cake in hand, some grizzled Marine Corps colonel groused, “47 years?  Humph! Hell Marines have been on patrols that lasted longer that.”  Anyhoo happy B-Day to America’s Air Force past and present.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Clear winner; surprise loser in debate

Contrary to popular opinion, I thought all of the pressure for a good performance in last night’s debate was on Jeb!  He's the one who has dropped like a stone in the polls. There was one big winner last night.  It wasn’t - Jeb!  So he lost.  Bush will not regain momentum until there is no other viable candidate in the Republican field.  Sadly for Bush, there are plenty of other viable candidates.


Carly:  Clear winner by any score card.  Best line was when she declined to have a woman replace anyone currently pictured on any denomination of our paper money.

Marco:  Solid performance.  Clear leader in foreign policy.  Needs the field to winnow to shine.

Cruz:  Why Cruz?  He’s my guy.  It’s my blog.  What do expect?  It was clear that CNN, like Fox, was freezing Cruz out. 

No damage:

The Donald:  All 14 other candidates were given an opportunity to take Trump out on multiple occasions.  11 took the opportunity and failed.  The Trumpsters and others like me will conclude that the first 30 minutes in total and much of what followed were set up questions asked specifically to nail Trump.  He survived.  CNN failed.

Christie:  Was engaging and plausible.  Leaning so heavily on the podium was bit a off putting.  What you can stand on feet for three hours?  No.  No I can’t.

Failed to break out:

Rand:  Had it not been for his what seemed to be an endless defense of legalized marijuana - particularly for “medical purposes” against other candidates who had already conceded the “medical use” low ground – Rand could have climbed into the “no damage” category.

Hucksterbee:  Very Smooth.  With fewer people on the stage would be a commanding presence.   

Kasich:  Nice performance for a guy running to be a vice presidential candidate.

Carson:  The only memorable thing was calling Trump an “OK doctor” and putting his mom on the $10 bill.

Walker:  Hmm, can’t recall a thing he said.

Jeb!  See paragraph one.

CNN:  WTF?  Break it up into 3 two hour debates on separate nights and shuffle the candidates.  By the end I just wanted it be over.  I’m glad I stayed until the bitter end though.  Carly had a smashing close.  But the CNN staff like the Fox staff heaped great praise on the moderators for doing such a great job giving the other candidates an opportunity to bash Trump.  Americans are fair minded people.  Any over the age of four could see what was going on.  Why did Jake Tapper have the other two on stage?

The under card:  All four plus Jim Gilmore should announce that they are dropping out of the race today.  None has a chance.  As much as it pains me, only Lindsey Graham seemed presidential.  He is of course totally wrong about demanding that every candidate pledge to put 20,000 ground combat forces into Iraq and Syria or they are not fit to be Commander in Chief.  With his demand Graham proves he’d be a bad CinC.  The answer is: “After directing the military what I wanted to accomplish, I’d commit whatever forces my military advisers recommended to me to accomplish the mission I had laid out for them.”  It may require more than 20,000.  But hell yes I’d kill every one of the Islamo-Terror-Fascists I could find over there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Debate night

I flipped over to FNC last night after I wrangled Ty – the compound’s crafty equine – back into his stall last night.  Seems when Ty was put up the back gate was left open.  He’s gotten lose before and never gets farther than the first patch of grass.  But locating a roan horse after dark proved a bit challenging for this one eyed fat man.

Anyhoo, I flipped on FNC and there was the Donald wowing a crowd in CA ahead of today’s debate.  I don’t know how long he’d been talking, but I picked it up at the point he was telling the crowd that he’d restore the military making it so powerful we’d never need to use it.  Then talked about dismantling the VA and allowing Vets to use the public and private healthcare systems to be reimbursed by Uncle Sam.  There were a few other things but nothing that I could disagree with. 

Lex has advocated for the dismantling of the VA since Indiana 3rd District Congressman Mark Souder vowed to keep the Ft. Wayne VA hospital open.  Why?  Ft. Wayne is blessed with a number of better, newer more conveniently located hospitals.  What makes the broken down VA hospital special? Why can’t a vet take his discharge ID to nearest doc in a box or hospital and be treated.  Why do the American tax payers have to fund a separate and incompetent second system?

As far as restoring the military. Now may be the perfect time for a restructuring of the force.  Gen Krulak once a told a group of us, if each of you were given a given a blank sheet of paper and an order to organize the military, no one would chose the way the US military is organized today. 

I’d consider organizing the military along strategical, operational, tactical and special op lines instead of by service.  Strategical forces would be submarines, aircraft carriers, satellites, long range bombers and the like.  Operational forces would be the long term or sustained combat units and tactical would be the forced entry capability ready to deploy on 12 hours’ notice.  Special Forces would be all of the special capabilities under one command.  Service members could transfer in and out of the various forces to reduce parochialism. 

OK I don’t know how we got down that rat hole.  Trump resonates with Americans because he is mired in common sense.  The swagger doesn’t hurt.  To quote Patton, sort of, Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.  Being rich is a plus, because none of us outside the Little Sisters of the Poor and various other religious orders aspires to the lowest economic rung.  Telling Americans what they already know or suspect about the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwipes and inside the beltway punditry BS merchants is actually a breath of fresh air for a lot of us.  

What Trump needs to do in tonight’s debate is to show up.  Yeah, that’s it.  Show up.  He needs no coaching or advice from anyone especially not anyone in the political class.  OK his wife might suggest a nice tie.  Other than that show up, and let the onslaught begin.  I actually think only the most desperate candidates with little to lose will attack Trump.

What to watch for:
Jeb!  Will try to show some energy.  He will fail because by now we all know, aside from the misplaced exclamation mark, he’s a low energy guy.  Like immigration, Trump got it exactly right.
Kasich:  Will lecture us about how much more in touch with Jesus he is than us commoners and much more than anyone who disagrees with his BS positions on Common Core, Immigration, Amnesty, Medicare expansion, willingness to lay down bow down to 5 unelected unaccountable judges legislating from the bench on most important issues of the day.  “Well the Supreme Court declared 5-4 that yanking a baby from the mother’s womb and chopping it up to sell the parts is legal, so we have to go with that.  It’s the law.”  He’s an azz.
Rand: Hopefully will lower the volume while making his case and not jump the line by shouting over the other candidates. 
Carson:  Will be the grown up on the stage with measured calm approach.
Cruz:  Will be the smartest most polished guy on the stage. Anyone forced to read the transcript of the debate will declare him the winner.
Fiorina:  Hopefully will not take the bait to attack Trump and instead will pivot to attack the Shrilldabeast.

Come to think of it, that’s excellent advice for all of the candidates.  We know the moderators will do everything in their power short of handing out pugil sticks to get the candidates to beat one another up.  They should all refuse.  Instead they should pivot to telling America what low-life PsOS the entire Clinton family is.  If they did that, the moderators, in an effort to protect the Beast, would be forced to shift to policy questions.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trump: He - Could - Go - All - The - Way

Donald Trump drew 20,000+ to a rally in Dallas last night.  He leads the Republican field in all of the polls, and has drawn even with the Shrilldabeast in that head to head contest.  Still the Republican field and their inside the beltway talkers are saying he can’t win.  He’s too controversial.  He’s too loud.  His rhetoric is too hot.  He’s too liberal.  He’s too… (Fill in your own negative).

Every time an announcement is made by the talking heads or someone in the field that he is done, Trump rises another percentage point or two in the polls.  Talk of immigrant rapists and murderers were supposed to finish the Donald before he got started.  After Kate Stinele was murdered by a 7 time illegal alien loser, it was safe for a majority of Americans to go with their gut and common sense and agree with Trump.

Poking McCain for getting captured in Vietnam was sure to finish the Donald once and for all.  And it would have were McCain not pompous, angry, life-time Caligula, D.C. insider.  Turns out that the Republican base is tired of McCain.  They appreciate his service, but that appreciation doesn’t give McCain the right to call us “wacko birds” and “crazies” for thinking things in America are a mess and that it is largely due to the life-time Caligula, D.C. ruling class excrement heads like McCain.

The first debate finished Trump.  Just ask one of his plethora of top critics, Charles Krauthammer, who declared on FNC 10 seconds after the debate that the one sure take away from the evening was the end of Donald Trump.  Anyone with an open mind – this rules out any FNC anchor or contributor – knew FNC was out to get Trump.  We didn’t like it.  Trump rose in the polls and was declared the winner by the people.

Mocking Jeb Bush as low energy was considered unstatesmanlike by political wonks.  America watched and said, Trump’s right.  Jeb is low energy.

When the media went after Trump for commenting on Carly Fiorina’s looks, Trump turned the tables on all of them telling them, if looks don’t matter, fine, then stop talking about my hair.  You simply cannot NOT talk about the Donald’s hair. 

Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, George Patki, Ron Paul and Jim Gilmore have all gone after Trump.  Collectively, they are at less than 3% in the polls, if they haven’t already dropped out.  Former Front runner Jeb, has dropped like a rock after his one on ones with Trump.

My guy Carson is the next to drop.  His talk of it “being unrealistic to deport 11 million illegal immigrants” and his favoring “some kind of work permit for illegals” is going to hurt him.  The Donald wrote The Art of the Deal.   I’m not a deal maker, but I do know that you shouldn’t take anything off the table BEFORE negotiations begin.  You shouldn’t say, “Hey look a wall is a crazy idea” or “We cannot deport all of the illegal aliens” before you sit down to talk about what is going to be done. 

I actually do not think it would be that hard to get the 11 million gone.  Build the wall. Enforce the law.  They will leave, because it makes no sense for them to stay here.  No jobs + no welfare = no reason to be here.  Besides, say you can only get 8 million of the illegal aliens gone.  Would the remaining 3 million be better than the current 11 million?

As I watch Trump weave his way through the field like Cal through the Stanford defense and then the Stanford band on the last play of their 1982 match up, I’m beginning to think that he just might pull it off, and I am now OK with that.  My big concern is that he will say something so off the wall it kills him AFTER he wins the nomination. 

NOTE TO THE DONALD:  If you're going to implode please do it before winning the nomination.

To all of the Rat/Dope life-time Caligula, D.C. ruling class insider bastards who are soiling themselves at the prospect of the Donald knocking their heads together to get things done, or as Trump puts it, to make America great again, FU*K YOU!  How could anyone screw it up any worse than you have?

Note:  I’m still a Cruz, Carson, Fiorina guy. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

What we’ve learned since 9-11

This is the absolute definitive piece on everything that we’ve learned since 9-11.  Spoiler:  What we’ve learned is much a greater danger to us than having learned nothing.  Back at T-OSU I had philosophy professor who would use an example of an evil genius who convinced us that 2+2 =5. 

When it comes to Islam the “evil geniuses” are the politically correct BS merchants who are always more interested in a “backlash against good Muslims” when an Islamo-Terror-Fascist kills a dozen or more people.  Never was this line of horse$h!t more on display than after ITF scumbag Nidel Hasan’s attack at Ft. Hood.  The bodies had not cooled to room temperature before wannabe Gen and Army COS Casey came out with a comment that hoped the murders wouldn’t set back his Muslim outreach program.  Yeah, wannbe you have 14 dead bodies at the hands of an ITF and you’re worried about the Army’s Muslim outreach policy.  He should have been fired that day.

There two points that Casey would have us believe that 2+2=5.  One is the backlash line that NEVER materializes.  The other is the Easter Bunny like presence of the “good Muslim.”  I happen to know that there are some.  But you rarely hear from them.  And, because these “good Muslims” condemn Islam, when they do speak up, they are treated like and marginalized like black conservatives by the very evil geniuses who talk about the "good Muslim."

Take the case of the young woman Hirsi Ali.  Ali is a native of Somalia.  She is an outspoken critic of the 12th century nature of Islam to include genital mutilation, forced marriages and honor killings.  Ali was to speak at Brandis University but her invitation was rescinded by that institution of “higher learning” when CAIR objected to her presence on campus.  The evil geniuses convinced an American institution of higher learning that it would be in their best interest to keep Mz Ali off their campus.  The negotiations went something like this: “Dis heres a real nice campus yoos guys has.  We’d hate to see anyting bad happen to it.”  The university weaklings in tweed agreed in this case that 2+2 truly did equal 5.

Spencer’s article is long list of the “evil geniuses” trying to convince us that 2+2=5 or 9 or 10,637.  The PC BS merchants on the left, university azzclowns, their willing double d-bag MSM lapdogs and 99.98% of the Demo-Dope party led by the sail-eared excrement smear in the Rainbow House are continually pushing the line that 2+2=5.  They may not be geniuses, but they truly are evil.  Nearly the entire Dope Party agreed that 2+2=5 when they voted to give Iran $150 billion dollars and nuclear weapons.  Now they are telling us 2+2=5 because we MUST allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country.  Sorry, no we don’t, because 2+2 really does equal 4 and everybody but the truly braindead knows it. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fly 'em high in honor of the 9-11 dead

A different kind of 9-11
It has been 14 years since Islamo-Terror-Fascists attacked America.  Demo-Dopes in Caligula, D.C. will celebrate today by putting their political party before America and allow The Empty Suit to enact a treaty that will give the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism 150 billion dollars to wage jihad on the world and ensure a nuclear Iran.  In addition The Empty Suit has declared that we take in 10,000 Syrian refugees. In whose world does that make any sense?  It is insane.

We should be bombing their miserable azzes off today.  Every terrorist in the world should looking for cover on 9-11 praying to their BS pedophile prophet that a hellfire missile isn’t shot up their worthless azzes sending them to the eternal hellfire that they so richly deserve.  Instead of declaring September a world-wide Kill a Jihadi Month and sending fear into the hearts of the enemy, for 13 years Americans have lived in fear of “anniversary attacks.”  We fly our flags at half-mast and duck and cover at the slightest out of the ordinary noise. 

The wrong people are living in fear.  Every 9-11 should be like the baptism scene in The Godfather.  There should be coordinated world-wide assassination of ITF bastards and their willing accomplices.  Every time a name is read and the bell tolls in Manhattan, a shot should be fired or a bomb dropped ridding the world another radical ITF POS.  Just like in the movie, there should be a video made, a name is read.  The bell tolls.  Cut to a radical Imam’s head exploding outside a mosque in London.  Another name is read.  The bell tolls.  Cut to an ISIS column being wiped out in Iraq.  Another name is read.  The bell tolls.  Cut to Johnny jihad moving the ball up the soccer field in Yemen when suddenly and out of nowhere he is knocked off his feet and lay motionless on the field.

I’m not lowering the flags at the compound to half-staff today.  Out of respect for the dead I prefer to leave ‘em flying high.  I think the memories of the 9-11 dead are better honored by getting POed at the people responsible for their deaths than endless retrospectives, worries about follow-on attacks and hand wringing on how we can reach out to the ITF scum who murdered them. 

Marine study finds all-male infantry units outperformed teams with women
In another study, the Marine Corps found that the sun consistently rises in the east. The telling line in the story is this one:  Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who oversees the Marine Corps, said the study would not change his mind about opening all career fields to women.  In other words: Study shmuddy, facts do not matter me.  PC matters to me.  I don’t care how many Marines get killed while enacting my politically correct soul stealing, morale crushing, combat effectiveness destroying social engineering programs that will catapult me to the top of lefty Lib politics.  Besides, they are only Marines.  It’s not as if we’re killing off a bunch of lefty Lib tenured professors or something.”  Wannbe generals and admirals will go along to get along, grab their retirement, join a corporate board or two for all the money they can grab before the ship finally sinks and say nothing.  F_ ‘em all.  Jihadist all over the world are applauding the $h!thead NavSec for his willingness to destroy the force he is responsible to maintain.