Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The mission is to destroy the force

When the two gal heroes “graduated” from the Army’s Ranger School, Lex opined that that he was “skeptical” that two met the same standards as the men, but offered congratulations to the two.  Apparently I’m not the only skeptic in the crowd.  After receiving whistleblower information from inside the Ranger School that the gal rangers got special treatment, OK Representative Steve Russell has asked the Ranger School to turn over all of the documentation on the school’s first female graduates.

Will the left hail the whistleblowers as heroes or are their careers over.  We know the answer to that question.  The perpetrators of the hoax will all be promoted and reassigned to cushy jobs.  The whistleblowers will be passed over for promotion and/or drummed out the Army.

This situation is not unlike The Empty Suit’s reaction to the Skip Gate “beer summit” situation, the Trayvon Martin the punk could be “my son” situation, the Ferguson, MO the punk could be another one of “my sons” situation, the Eric Garner the punk could be yet another one of “my sons” situation, the Ahmed Mohamed the BS “cool clock” maker situation, in all of these TES has publicly taken the side of the perpetrators of a hoax while at the same time railing against the authority that tries to hold the hoaxters responsible. 

The Army screwed up here.  What usually happens is that the standards are lowered then the results are ignored.  So 3-4 Ranger Classes before the gals showed up, instead of requiring 6 pull ups to pass, the Army should have lowered the standard to three.  Then when the gals show up and do one good one and two half ones, the Army could more easily ignore the lowered standard and say that’s good enough. 

I cannot say with certainty that the gals didn’t meet all of the requirements.  I can say with certainty that if they did, the Army might want to reconsider their standards.   It’s not a slam on the gals.  Hell if I could make it, I’d question the standards that failed to weed out 59 year old one eyed fat man.  I’ve met a number of real life Rangers.  Two of the guys were involved in Operation Urgent Fury the assault on Panama.  Others were involved in the Blackhawk Down scenario in Somalia.  I don’t think Ronda Rowsey or the US women’s soccer team as fit and macho as they are could perform the sustained high level required for those operations.  I just don’t.

Yes, yes, I know.  All I’m proving is what a womaphobe I am.  But if you cannot make it through the training without “special attention,” the real life combat portion of the test is going to find you wanting.

Now don’t forget the Marine Corps spent an exorbitant amount money to prove that combat units comprised of all males consistently outperform mixed sex units.  Hmm, maybe that explains why sports, even at the Olympic level, are divide into male and female categories.  Ever see a female center fielder play for the Yankees?  A female guard in the NBA?  A female free safety in the NFL?  A female soccer player on a men’s team during the World Cup?  Why is that do you suppose?  But women somehow can make the varsity of America's most elite fighting units?  I don't believe it.  Again, if they can, the standards for those units need to be revisited.  

But SecNav, some double d- bag named Ray Mabus, said he don’t need no stinkin’ study to demonstrate mixed sex units are inferior.  TES is on a mission to destroy the armed forces and Mabus, being a good political hack, is quite willing to scuttle the very forces he’s charged with preparing for combat to prove he’s worthy of some post administration job somewhere in the DNC hierarchy.

What will the wannabe generals do in response to the whistleblowers and Mabus’s cowardice?  My guess is that to a man, commissioning oath be damned, they will lay low waiting for calmer seas after the election or grab their pensions and head for the door and a cushy lobbying job.     

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