Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Francis not a lefty lib

While in today’s America, house Dopes voted against providing a baby born alive after a botched abortion the constitutional protection of life, senate Dopes opposed a 20 week ban on abortions, our government spends half a billion taxpayer dollars to prop up America’s largest abortion provider, baby parts seller and a major Dope financial backer and as #shoutyourabortion trends on twitter across the fruited plain, Pope Francis, among other things, chose to lecture us on the hoax of global warming.  That’s akin to the captain of the Titanic ordering the first mate to stop loading the life boats to go wind the eight day clock in the wardroom.  

It’s hard to be against this pope.  He rails against war.  He champions the poor and down trodden.  He preaches love and tolerance.  Etc.  Etc.  Sure, he infuriates when he goes off on political tangents, but I believe him when he says he is not a lefty lib.  Why do I believe that?  Well, he is a humble example of everything that he teaches.  You have a better chance of safely landing a 747 on an aircraft carrier than finding a lefty lib pol who is not also an arrogant, raging hypocrite, lying to you straight faced while stuffing every lose dollar into his pocket or the pocket of one of his cronies.  Think of the Clintons here.

It is sad for me to see this pope being used by The Empty Suit to advance his BS political agenda.  The pope can balance his message today.  My hope is that the pope will use his address before a joint session of congress today give voice to the unborn and to Christians being persecuted by Islamo-Terror-Fascists abroad and by the Gaystapo and lefty lib government officials here at home.  Unlike the wholly political issues of global warming and immigration policy which, at best, are on the periphery of the pope’s expertise, these are issues that are right in the wheelhouse of his moral authority.

When I see Pope Francis before the corrupt and dysfunctional body we call congress, I will be reminded of Mark 2:17.   When the Pharisees criticized Jesus for dining with sinner and tax collectors Jesus replied:  Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.  I did not come to call the righteous but sinners. 

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