Friday, September 04, 2015

Kim Davis: a model of committment

How does one thread the needle of maintaining a stance of supporting law and order and at the same time support KY county clerk Kim Davis who is currently cooling her heels in prison for refusing to issue homosexuals marriage licenses?    I’ve decided to use the Muhammad Ali needle.  After being drafted, Ali was jailed for refusing to enlist into the US Army during the height of the Vietnam War.  He went to jail.  Did his time.  Resumed his career.  He suffered little long-term damage to his name.  It seems America will support and respect - or at least tolerate - people committed to their principles.  Few thing say “commitment” like being jailed.

Now I’d love to see if the mayor and city council of San Francisco possess the same commitment to their cause as Kim Davis if the Attorney General of the United States threatens to jail them for their sanctuary city policy.  I’m wondering if that lying, rape enabling, slob in a pantsuit – the Shrilldabeast – will be willing to go jail for her one pig crime wave perpetrated on the American people since the lying blowhard first ambled from her sty so many years ago.  My guess is that a great many people may go to jail for the Shrilldabeast’s crime wave, but the Beast will not  be one of them.

Dopes are the most lawless organization since the Pinkerton’s busted up the Hole in the Wall gang, but rarely does one of the Dopes end up in jail.  Dopes have the luxury of ignoring the law on supposedly high-minded principle, but they do not have to pay the price for their high mindedness like Kim Davis does.  The reason is that there is no Republican Pinkerton men to the lawless Dope’s Butch Cassidy.   DoJ gun runners, IRS’s hit squad leader  Lois Learner, VA administrators, Planned un-Parenthood Dr. Frankensteins  all walk free while John Boehner staggers clueless from one hole to the next on the golf course drunk and chain smoking cigarettes. 

The bottom line on Kim Davis:  In The Empty Suit’s America, you cannot have lawless government officials unless the lawless government officials are undermining America.

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