Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Debate night

I flipped over to FNC last night after I wrangled Ty – the compound’s crafty equine – back into his stall last night.  Seems when Ty was put up the back gate was left open.  He’s gotten lose before and never gets farther than the first patch of grass.  But locating a roan horse after dark proved a bit challenging for this one eyed fat man.

Anyhoo, I flipped on FNC and there was the Donald wowing a crowd in CA ahead of today’s debate.  I don’t know how long he’d been talking, but I picked it up at the point he was telling the crowd that he’d restore the military making it so powerful we’d never need to use it.  Then talked about dismantling the VA and allowing Vets to use the public and private healthcare systems to be reimbursed by Uncle Sam.  There were a few other things but nothing that I could disagree with. 

Lex has advocated for the dismantling of the VA since Indiana 3rd District Congressman Mark Souder vowed to keep the Ft. Wayne VA hospital open.  Why?  Ft. Wayne is blessed with a number of better, newer more conveniently located hospitals.  What makes the broken down VA hospital special? Why can’t a vet take his discharge ID to nearest doc in a box or hospital and be treated.  Why do the American tax payers have to fund a separate and incompetent second system?

As far as restoring the military. Now may be the perfect time for a restructuring of the force.  Gen Krulak once a told a group of us, if each of you were given a given a blank sheet of paper and an order to organize the military, no one would chose the way the US military is organized today. 

I’d consider organizing the military along strategical, operational, tactical and special op lines instead of by service.  Strategical forces would be submarines, aircraft carriers, satellites, long range bombers and the like.  Operational forces would be the long term or sustained combat units and tactical would be the forced entry capability ready to deploy on 12 hours’ notice.  Special Forces would be all of the special capabilities under one command.  Service members could transfer in and out of the various forces to reduce parochialism. 

OK I don’t know how we got down that rat hole.  Trump resonates with Americans because he is mired in common sense.  The swagger doesn’t hurt.  To quote Patton, sort of, Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.  Being rich is a plus, because none of us outside the Little Sisters of the Poor and various other religious orders aspires to the lowest economic rung.  Telling Americans what they already know or suspect about the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwipes and inside the beltway punditry BS merchants is actually a breath of fresh air for a lot of us.  

What Trump needs to do in tonight’s debate is to show up.  Yeah, that’s it.  Show up.  He needs no coaching or advice from anyone especially not anyone in the political class.  OK his wife might suggest a nice tie.  Other than that show up, and let the onslaught begin.  I actually think only the most desperate candidates with little to lose will attack Trump.

What to watch for:
Jeb!  Will try to show some energy.  He will fail because by now we all know, aside from the misplaced exclamation mark, he’s a low energy guy.  Like immigration, Trump got it exactly right.
Kasich:  Will lecture us about how much more in touch with Jesus he is than us commoners and much more than anyone who disagrees with his BS positions on Common Core, Immigration, Amnesty, Medicare expansion, willingness to lay down bow down to 5 unelected unaccountable judges legislating from the bench on most important issues of the day.  “Well the Supreme Court declared 5-4 that yanking a baby from the mother’s womb and chopping it up to sell the parts is legal, so we have to go with that.  It’s the law.”  He’s an azz.
Rand: Hopefully will lower the volume while making his case and not jump the line by shouting over the other candidates. 
Carson:  Will be the grown up on the stage with measured calm approach.
Cruz:  Will be the smartest most polished guy on the stage. Anyone forced to read the transcript of the debate will declare him the winner.
Fiorina:  Hopefully will not take the bait to attack Trump and instead will pivot to attack the Shrilldabeast.

Come to think of it, that’s excellent advice for all of the candidates.  We know the moderators will do everything in their power short of handing out pugil sticks to get the candidates to beat one another up.  They should all refuse.  Instead they should pivot to telling America what low-life PsOS the entire Clinton family is.  If they did that, the moderators, in an effort to protect the Beast, would be forced to shift to policy questions.

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