Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Shrillary in deep excrement do to the sheer number of classified e-mails

I do not know what’s better, watching the Shrilldabeast twist slowly in the wind as her damning e-mails trickle out or seeing some dope Dope on the road with a Shrillary bumper sticker.  My hope is that this goes on until mid-October next year before the Dopes decide it’s time to dump the old hag and for oh so Slow Joe Biden to jump in. 

Here’s the really, really sad thing about this.  Were the Beast to be indicted, tried and jailed before the Nov election, 30% of Dopes would still vote for her.  You know the type.  The sweaty overweight chick with a mustache and a bag of double stuffed Oreos protesting everything from the latest thug shot dead by police while engaged in criminal activity to the racist nature of snow flurries for only coming in white.

The pig in a pantsuit is relying on the fact that “none of the e-mails were marked classified.”  That might work for one or two instances of classified material leaking out.  That argument fades when 100s – possibly more than a 1,000 by the time all of this is over - of classified e-mails are discovered.  The sheer number of classified e-mails that went across the old bag’s unsecure server will be the Beast’s undoing. 

It’ll go like this, “So Mrs. Beast, of these 1,200 classified e-mails that came across your private unsecure server, you are claiming that you are so stupid, so uninformed, so obtuse, so uninvolved, so indifferent, so completely detached from reality and the day to day functioning of the State Department that you didn’t know that any of them contained classified information?  Is that what you want us to believe?”

It’ll be proven that not only should the old bag have known, it’ll be amply demonstrated that the average Joe would have known that much the material that the Beast “didn’t know was classified” was in fact sensitive information.  In the legal world it’s known as the “reasonable man” test.   It goes like this; Even if the material was not marked classified, would a reasonable man assume that an e-mail containing the schedule and whereabouts of the American Ambassador to Libya, at an unsecure compound in Benghazi on Sep 11, 2012 be classified?  Uh, yeah, it should be.

Of course the Shrilldabeast will put on her “war on women” hat and in that voice that will make you wish for the ear-splitting high-pitched whine of a jet engine to drown it out, proclaim that there is no such thing as a “reasonable man.” 

Oh, I am not a lawyer and do not play one on TV, besides you could not afford me if I were/did. 

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