Monday, August 31, 2015

Can you pick out which photo shows terrorists?  The Shrilldabeast can’t.
Here’s a video of what the pig in a pantsuit - the evil Shrilldabeast – calls a terrorist.

The Shrilldabeast is incompetent and a liar.  Fortunately, unlike her slack-jawed husband, she’s also an incompetent liar.  That, I think, is the cause of her slow twisting demise and why we may be spared from ever having to listen to this miserable, unaccomplished, rape enabling POS address the nation from the Oval Office.  There is only one political party in the United States that supports the decapitation of humans.  That would be the Dope party.

I understand that abortion is the law of the land.  So was slavery.  So was separate but equal.  The Supreme Court is populated by humans. Some humans are stupid.  Some Supreme Court justices are stupid.  I accept that some people think that, for whatever reason, it’s best not to bring a child into this world.  I will not accept that I have to pay for the procedure.  I will not accept that tax dollars are used to subsidize the lopping off of a viable baby’s head for sale.

Yet somehow the pig in a pantsuit levels a charge of terrorism at Republicans for calling attention to a horrific organization that she and her party wholeheartedly support that is engaging in the exact same activity as ISIS.   Amazing!

Here’s what ISIS should do.  Next time they lop some hapless Christian’s head off they should frame it as a “women’s health issue.”  Then they should establish some kind of “bio medical research company” and ship the severed heads there for “research.”  The next thing you know the Dopes will demand that the US taxpayer subsidize ISIS’s “women’s healthcare initiative.”  How is that scenario any crazier than what we are witnessing at Planned un-Parenthood?
Fox News demands more of the same damn it!
Because they dominate the polls, Fox News’s new line of attack - snarkishly advanced by George Will and Charles Krauthammer - on Trump and other Caligula, D.C. outsiders Cruz, Fiorina, Carson etc. is that the GOP base prefers candidates with not one wit of experience in governing.   They say these things straight faced as if the country were not 19 TRILLION in debt, merrily cutting off baby heads, as divided as ever along racial and economic lines, Christians under attack at home and abroad, Islamo-Terror-Fascists on the march, every branch of government mired in some kind of scandal, 47 million Americans on welfare and another 97 million chased from the workforce by a poor economy and cheap illegal labor.  All of this brought about by the "experts."

WTF?  Could Larry, Curly or Moe really do any worse?  Why not try something new?  Is that really a crazy idea?  I think people pushing establishment candidates, thinking they will right the sinking ship that they continue to punch holes into the hull of, is a whole lot more crazy than anyone supporting a candidate who has not had a hand in destroying the country.

Russia taking azzwhipping in Ukraine
One wonders what the Russian body count would be and how committed Putin would be to annexing Ukraine had The Empty Suit bothered to send Ukrainians some decent weapons with which to defend themselves.   But, we’ll always have that reset button.

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