Thursday, August 06, 2015

Let Trump react to TES's comment about Republicans being like Iranians shouting "death to America"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, The Empty Suit is a weak, sail eared, lying, classless, walking talking load of crap.  We already know that.  So why is anyone surprised that the crap head would link Republicans with Iranians shouting “death to America”?  All that comment proves is what we already know about TES.   If Republicans are like Iranians shouting “death to America,” TES is like a 14” trophy turd left in the toilet at a Detroit bus station.  They look alike.  They smell alike.  They have about the same intellect – though the slight edge would have to go to the turd. 

Of course no Rat will respond to TES thereby leaving the impression that what he says is true.  More than anything that is why Trump is on the rise.  Had TES made some off-handed remark like that about Trump, the Donald would have fired back raising every issue from TES prying open sealed divorce records to win elections to being in bed with a mobster - Tony Rezko - to buy his house to allying himself with another “death to America” religious zealot - Rev? Wright, and Trump would have called TES a $h!tty golfer to boot – that would cut TES the deepest.  Call Moochell an overweight, freeloading, hectoring hag and…well the truth hurts.  But make fun of his golf game and that means war.

Trump on TES’s golf game:  He’s a horrible golfer, just horrible.  You’d think someone who invested so much time in something would be good at it.  He’s horrible.  I’m a fantastic golfer.  I could spot him three shots on a par three and beat him by five strokes.  He’s that horrible, and I’m that good.  I’ll win the golfer vote because I'm a great golfer and I build fantastic golf courses, the best in the world.  But even I couldn’t design one that would get that cheating hacker off the course in less than 8 hours after losing a bucket of balls for 9 holes.  He’s a disaster.  He’s a cheater too.  I hear the secret service drops balls in the middle of the fairway for him when he slices one into the rough two holes over.  He’s a total disaster on the golf course – like everywhere else I might add.

If any Republican ever bothered to express some outrage about such outrageous comments like comparing them to Iranians shouting death to America, or some lying sac-O-crap Dope saying Romney didn’t pay his taxes, or claiming a war on women or a 100 other Dope lies - if even once someone on the Rat side would take objection and fire back with both barrels - maybe the Dopes would think twice about opening their sewer slits to utter such nonsense.  Rats don’t, so Dopes do.

Trump's willingness to shoot back is one reason some Republicans like him.  That's why ratings will be through the roof for tonight's debate.  It's all about Trump.  Will the other candidates learn anything?  Idunno.  We'll see.

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